Angry: Brian Gray

Yesterday, Leaf CEO Brian Gray had a Twitter meltdown threatening to sue everyone who every had an opinion against him. Low End Cards has it all covered and I am not going steal their thunder. Check their coverage at

Brian Gray lost me the second he made it known that he is Rick Probstein’s personal bag boy, reminding us of the cronyism the card community and the lack of checks and balances. I have refused to buy anything Leaf since he commented in support of Probstein. That said, his meltdown was so embarrassing it made Donald Trump’s Twitter use look normal. Despite Twitter being ethic-less hacks like Trump, Gray, and Probstein, no one deserves a public meltdown to the point that they delete their Twitter, as Gray showed. Just because Twitter meltdowns have become normal behavior in American society does not mean that this is right.

I pray that Twitter develops the balls to stop these public figures from melting down on their platform. It is embarrassing for everyone, especially the platform. There are those without any emotional intelligence or integrity who don’t see that these are humans breaking. We have this way too much and none of it is right. I don’t like Gray but I cannot stand with people who think that it is alright to see him at his worst. I purposely did not search for the name of a Twitter CEO because I have enough faces on my dart board.

What we can take away from his meltdown is that this magnifies a bigger problem: there the need for there to be checks and balances in places like the internet and the hobby.

Now allow me to put on my basic pre-law hat on for you. For those of you afraid to cover this because Gray might sue you, don’t worry. Gray positioned himself like a public figure and bloggers like myself who cover sports cards can talk about him freely. Public figures, especially the President cannot supersede years of law precedents. The law does not protect public figures. The law does protect media the places that put checks and balances on public figures however.