Angry: eBay loser reminds us world he is in fact a loser 2 years later

For avid readers of this space, you may remember a 2017 episode I had where I got scammed on eBay. You can find a long winded post about it here: Angry: Turn that frown upside down. TLDR: He filed a false claim. eBay automation sided with him. I had to call and get decision reversed. Person on phone representing eBay saw immediately, he scammed me.
Well, here we are 2 and a half years later, and the cause of that very incident has popped up. Before that, let me plug my eBay sales. I am auctioning rare Michael Jordan’s, a Scottie Pippen rookie card, and some Rodman cards this week. They end in 2 days, so take a look:

Let me preface this: I am not angry at the chain of events that I am about to show you. I am amused and feel that it is a welcome distraction to this craziness. One of my favorite shows is Cops and here we have a future Cops star in my inbox showing me his true colors.

Now onto the fun. Mr. DeadShotPokemon messaged me in February, again 2 and a half years later from the time he scammed me, on Twitter out of the blue. I present to you a screen shot of the messages. My replies are in orange.


Yesterday refers to April 23rd 2020. I did the math and that is almost 75 days apart from the message.


How random is this?

Angry: eBay

This insanity has made me more active as a seller on eBay than normal. When I sell, I take eBay up on the option and I always add a charity to help on my listings. This gives them 10% to 20% of the item listed. I don’t add anything extra in my description. I let eBay add it via there end.
I have done this for several years now. I don’t target any specific charity because there are so many places that I want to give too.
Recently, I was sent a message that caused me to remove every charity part of my listings. I posted it below. I will let you be the judge. My first thought when I got this was that it was a phishing scheme. I did an internet search of the person and charity with scam following their name.


I emailed the person and had a strong interaction with them. The interaction stopped when I sent her this message:
“I have to be honest, you are making me feel like I did a bad thing. I was using a service that eBay offered and every association I had regarding the listing with you is from that. This is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. All I was trying to do was give to a charity that I thought was good. I was simply following up because I felt the eBay message was very awkward, especially considering the spelling and grammar mistakes. This interaction is making me question everything.”


So what do you think about this? This happened almost 2 weeks ago and I am still questioning everything. I want to know, is eBay holding money from charities? If so, what is the minimum the charity has to cash out? If this isn’t a problem on there end, perhaps this is a charity worth monitoring if someone isn’t giving them said eBay money. Who is this person and are her actions doing damage to the charity consistently?

Those of you that know me, know that I more than made up for this and have directed more funds than I would have given via eBay to my local free clinic.

My eBay sellers page:

While we are at it, here is my COMC page as well:,sl,i100