Angry: eBay loser reminds us world he is in fact a loser 2 years later

For avid readers of this space, you may remember a 2017 episode I had where I got scammed on eBay. You can find a long winded post about it here: Angry: Turn that frown upside down. TLDR: He filed a false claim. eBay automation sided with him. I had to call and get decision reversed. Person on phone representing eBay saw immediately, he scammed me.
Well, here we are 2 and a half years later, and the cause of that very incident has popped up. Before that, let me plug my eBay sales. I am auctioning rare Michael Jordan’s, a Scottie Pippen rookie card, and some Rodman cards this week. They end in 2 days, so take a look:

Let me preface this: I am not angry at the chain of events that I am about to show you. I am amused and feel that it is a welcome distraction to this craziness. One of my favorite shows is Cops and here we have a future Cops star in my inbox showing me his true colors.

Now onto the fun. Mr. DeadShotPokemon messaged me in February, again 2 and a half years later from the time he scammed me, on Twitter out of the blue. I present to you a screen shot of the messages. My replies are in orange.


Yesterday refers to April 23rd 2020. I did the math and that is almost 75 days apart from the message.


How random is this?