Angry: at you

Hey collectors, can we stop glorifying garbage human beings? I am writing this at a time when America feels divided. I am sick of seeing people cater to a racist whose influence has killed people because they don’t take Covid seriously. I am bewildered that partisan politics has drawn a line when it comes to human decency. I am a registered republican and I don’t stand or condone anything Donald Trump does, has done, and will do.

It shouldn’t surprise me that there is a huge market that celebrates these garbage human beings. Collectors are a diverse crowd. You have COVID deniers, racist sympathizers; but you also have collectors from numerous races, especially now with this new basketball wave. If anyone has any demographics on collecting, I would love to see it but I can promise you that more minority collectors have entered the game this year.

I am sick of seeing garbage human beings glorified. I know that I will get tons of flack for this and even more excuses for why people collect these cards that should be nothing more than recycled paper. But at the very least, can we be a model for the new collectors? Numerous collectors have a place for murders (Aaron Hernandez), drug users (every baseball player from 90s), racists (Ty Cobb), Sandy Hook deniers (Chipper Jones), people who appeared in a gay conversion video (Drew Brees), and whatever the heck Curt Schilling is. I have to ask, why?
Why have we dismissed people like Drew Brees and Chipper Jones. Most people don’t even realize that they are garbage human beings. Those that do, have this crazy attachment and have dismissed their actions. Newsflash, by dismissing, you are enabling. I have had enough. Let’s filter out these garbage human beings out of the hobby. Lets keep these people full of hate off of shelves. I would be embarrassed if I owned a shop and someone from the LGBT community saw that Drew Brees was on the shelf. I would be embarrassed if Curt Schilling was on the shelf. I don’t know the results of the election but if I learned anything from Trump, it is that I want more accountability for role models. These pathetic losers on these cards are not role models. People that own these cards are in essence celebrating the behavior.

To show you how pathetic this is, look at the junk wax Marc Jackson Menendez brothers card. It is a junk wax card, that is not a rookie but because people that glorify the Menendez brothers have labeled it their rookie card, everyone wants it. Cards like that, should be lucky to be dime cards.

Look, I get it, you have an attachment to these athletes. I am not saying this lightly. I am a diehard Carolina Panthers fan and owned a Rae Carruth autograph. I am not proud. Carruth never appears in products now and for good reason. People like Chipper Jones does. In fact, his junk wax is probably going up in price because him being a garbage human being has been buried. Ask yourself, if losers like Chipper and Schilling came of age now, would they even have careers? Absolutely not and that is for a reason.

If this frustrates you, good. That means that I am talking about something meaningful. I hope this gets a reaction from you, and not apathy. The rise of Covid and American turmoil has to do with too much apathy, dismissal of negativity, and celebrating those who treat others like garbage. I want a better world. I hope that you do too.

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