Dear Marx Cards

A good conman is the type of person that has everyone fooled. You fooled me. I sent people to you and recommended you guys because I thought that you were great people. Were you in over your heads? Was it a con all along? Did it start out as legitimate? Is all of this fake and is the internet jumping to conclusions? I don’t know what to believe. You were inching in on becoming my favorite card shop. You were my solace for the past year, at a time when I needed my hobby more than ever. Now just like that, you are gone.

What about your brother that you named the shop after? For those that don’t know Marx was a family business and they named it in honor of their deceased brother who they clearly loved. Did you think about his name when doing this? All I felt was love for family in that shop. I am only sharing this story because it bugs me to hear people say Mark when Mark is the only innocent one in this. I don’t think the owners of the Marx would want to hear Mark’s name dragged in the mud any more than it is.

You lost me in two places. One should have been a huge red flag. Every time I was in there, you talked about going to card shows with a guy who scammed me. I should have known then, but there was doubt in my head because no one believes me on this guy because he is such a smooth talker like you guys.

The other area that you lost me was how you were anti maskers and you said that you were anti vaxxers. I showed up ten days before everything happened. I was turned away at the door by someone who was sniffling and saw signs saying the store was closed due to Covid, signs I am told are still up. Was that sniffling just a person crying over a lost business? I assumed the worker had Covid and figured that Covid worked in a karmic way with Covidiots. Real talk: I made an appointment to get my booster the next day as I will not risk myself or my family, or even you, because of people like this. My mom is recovering from cancer and I want to spend every second I can with her. So yeah: because Marx was run by Covidiots, that really bugged me, especially because they blatantly broke business rules in Ventura County where masks were mandatory.

My heart is broken. Ventura County needed a a good card shop. There is one right now but they lost me when they asked for donations on their page without anything in return; something I feel is in poor taste for a business even though I see why they did it. People currently travel to Los Angeles County to get a good fix in Ventura County and its a shame. You bankruptcy and corruption, Marx Cards, reinforces a wrong stereotype that Ventura County is a poor place for collectors.

I sent a lot of collectors to you guys. You were the only graders who I wanted to send people too. You treated me so well and talked so highly of people that I cared about that I wanted you guys to succeed. You were the closest card shop to my fiancĂ©’s place. If I recommended Marx to anyone, my intentions were pure. I meant every word about them. I thought they were great. I trusted them. I was fooled. A good conman is the type of person that has everyone fooled. You fooled me. A good conman is the type of person that has everyone fooled. You fooled me. I am heartbroken and already miss you because I care about collecting.