Angry: Think for Yourself

The amount of people in this hobby that want to be told what to think instead of how to think is draining. This is why we see the rise of Youtubers and others like Ben Baller succeeding in the hobby. Newsflash: card company’s thrive on these people. Quite frankly this is what almost killed America.
When you think for yourself, you don’t need validation about what you are spending because you know. You know the value of your collection instead of worrying about getting hosed.

Angry: eBay loser reminds us world he is in fact a loser 2 years later

For avid readers of this space, you may remember a 2017 episode I had where I got scammed on eBay. You can find a long winded post about it here: Angry: Turn that frown upside down. TLDR: He filed a false claim. eBay automation sided with him. I had to call and get decision reversed. Person on phone representing eBay saw immediately, he scammed me.
Well, here we are 2 and a half years later, and the cause of that very incident has popped up. Before that, let me plug my eBay sales. I am auctioning rare Michael Jordan’s, a Scottie Pippen rookie card, and some Rodman cards this week. They end in 2 days, so take a look:

Let me preface this: I am not angry at the chain of events that I am about to show you. I am amused and feel that it is a welcome distraction to this craziness. One of my favorite shows is Cops and here we have a future Cops star in my inbox showing me his true colors.

Now onto the fun. Mr. DeadShotPokemon messaged me in February, again 2 and a half years later from the time he scammed me, on Twitter out of the blue. I present to you a screen shot of the messages. My replies are in orange.


Yesterday refers to April 23rd 2020. I did the math and that is almost 75 days apart from the message.


How random is this?

Angry: eBay

This insanity has made me more active as a seller on eBay than normal. When I sell, I take eBay up on the option and I always add a charity to help on my listings. This gives them 10% to 20% of the item listed. I don’t add anything extra in my description. I let eBay add it via there end.
I have done this for several years now. I don’t target any specific charity because there are so many places that I want to give too.
Recently, I was sent a message that caused me to remove every charity part of my listings. I posted it below. I will let you be the judge. My first thought when I got this was that it was a phishing scheme. I did an internet search of the person and charity with scam following their name.


I emailed the person and had a strong interaction with them. The interaction stopped when I sent her this message:
“I have to be honest, you are making me feel like I did a bad thing. I was using a service that eBay offered and every association I had regarding the listing with you is from that. This is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. All I was trying to do was give to a charity that I thought was good. I was simply following up because I felt the eBay message was very awkward, especially considering the spelling and grammar mistakes. This interaction is making me question everything.”


So what do you think about this? This happened almost 2 weeks ago and I am still questioning everything. I want to know, is eBay holding money from charities? If so, what is the minimum the charity has to cash out? If this isn’t a problem on there end, perhaps this is a charity worth monitoring if someone isn’t giving them said eBay money. Who is this person and are her actions doing damage to the charity consistently?

Those of you that know me, know that I more than made up for this and have directed more funds than I would have given via eBay to my local free clinic.

My eBay sellers page:

While we are at it, here is my COMC page as well:,sl,i100

Angry: Brian Gray

Yesterday, Leaf CEO Brian Gray had a Twitter meltdown threatening to sue everyone who every had an opinion against him. Low End Cards has it all covered and I am not going steal their thunder. Check their coverage at

Brian Gray lost me the second he made it known that he is Rick Probstein’s personal bag boy, reminding us of the cronyism the card community and the lack of checks and balances. I have refused to buy anything Leaf since he commented in support of Probstein. That said, his meltdown was so embarrassing it made Donald Trump’s Twitter use look normal. Despite Twitter being ethic-less hacks like Trump, Gray, and Probstein, no one deserves a public meltdown to the point that they delete their Twitter, as Gray showed. Just because Twitter meltdowns have become normal behavior in American society does not mean that this is right.

I pray that Twitter develops the balls to stop these public figures from melting down on their platform. It is embarrassing for everyone, especially the platform. There are those without any emotional intelligence or integrity who don’t see that these are humans breaking. We have this way too much and none of it is right. I don’t like Gray but I cannot stand with people who think that it is alright to see him at his worst. I purposely did not search for the name of a Twitter CEO because I have enough faces on my dart board.

What we can take away from his meltdown is that this magnifies a bigger problem: there the need for there to be checks and balances in places like the internet and the hobby.

Now allow me to put on my basic pre-law hat on for you. For those of you afraid to cover this because Gray might sue you, don’t worry. Gray positioned himself like a public figure and bloggers like myself who cover sports cards can talk about him freely. Public figures, especially the President cannot supersede years of law precedents. The law does not protect public figures. The law does protect media the places that put checks and balances on public figures however.

Angry: ‘Interacting’ with an OfferUp guy

I don’t know about you but there are some experiences that happen as an adult that I can never get used too. One that happened to me again recently is when I am the most level headed person in an interaction.

10 months ago, I posted a bunch of items on Offer Up. I sold some but because I posted about a dozen items, some didn’t sell. After a while, I deleted the app off my phone entirely. The items have since been donated.

Every now and then I got messages on an item. Since the messages went to my lowest priority email account, this meant that days went by before I even knew there was a message. I end up removing the item off the site when this happened and said that it was no longer available.

Well about 10 days ago, a new guy messaged me on OfferUp. I Tweeted that these messages started at night. As I am going through my email, I saw that they started on Sunday morning at 8 am. By the afternoon, I had 6 of them. You guys know my Sunday mornings can be crazy as I am Vice President of a church. So I couldn’t get to my messages for a while. Even then, give people time. We all have lives.

So let’s dive into what he sent me:

8:09 am
“Hi, is this still available?”
Okay, token first message, no big deal.

8:21 am
“If still available I live in Simi Valley I would like to get them for my son thanks”
Simi Valley is my town. Okay, no big deal. He probably just wants me to know that he is legit. At this time, I am just getting up. Since this is my least priority email, I am not checking this like I am my business emails. With this being a Sunday morning, I check that inbox before I get caffeine in me.

10:21 am
“I can pick them up today”
Pushing it with the third message but no big deal to me. Regardless, church is in service so I am not getting to these messages for another hour.

10:23 am
“If available”
4 messages in 2 hours. Come on dude. Now, even if I had the item, I am not sending it. I get spelling mistakes but even then, I have enough common sense to not correct spelling mistakes if it means my fourth email in 2 hours.
At noon, I see these messages. I ignore them as I had a long day. I hope that he gets the message.

8:34 pm
“Hello my name is (name removed) are the cards still available”
They are not as I donated them. At this point, even if I had them, I would not sell them to this guy. This is the fifth message. Come on man.

8:36 pm
“My son is begging me to get them if so I’ll buy them”
This is the sixth message. My guess is that he doesn’t have a kid. The picture shows early 2000s basketball common cards. I have yet to meet a kid who likes these. I have been coaching basketball the past 2 seasons, and I can’t even give them to my players.
Look 6 messages is fine if it is over 3 days but even then, that is pushing it. 6 messages in 12 hours when I haven’t replied; crazy.

So would you have messaged tried to make a deal with this guy if you had the item? If you made it this far, you know that I wouldn’t.

Angry: The craziness in the hobby lately

There is a lot of craziness going on in the hobby right now. A lot of it involves card grading companies and backdooring. I feel that it is a missed opportunity with AngryCardCollector not saying anything about it. I worry that by not saying anything that I am falling into the trap of cronyism in the hobby, and I am kind of guilty of that. Well, lets stop that. For the most part, grading is something that has been a novelty to me; despite being a big deal to other collectors. I feel that the bigger issue is Probstein on eBay which I will discuss below as well. Before I go deeper, SportsCardRadio has been reporting like crazy on this. While, it is easy not to like the way that they are reporting these things, and I certainly don’t blame you if you do, you cannot deny the facts that they present. You can find them at Now let’s dive in.

With the grading, you are talking about trimming, grades that aren’t true to the card, and people with an uneven number of perfect cards. In one case a grader got a bunch of 10s. All of these have been proven as facts and are not baseless. Whether you like the people reporting the facts, you cannot deny that there is too much evidence to ignore.

Now as for my thoughts:
Regarding trimmed cards: with centering being such a huge part of grading, I am appalled at the carelessness of the grading companies. I do not think the grading companies let the trimmed cards intentionally; which angers me even more. People like myself, are underemployed and desperate for jobs. If card grading must be rushed as I feel that it has with this carelessness, then hire more people are up the cost of the product.

I have heard from numerous people that they think grading is rigged. They think that people who put mass submissions are guaranteed a perfect grade on some cards. I am not sure if I believe this. I think this might be more of a case where one person is grading tons of cards and they feel that by nature some cards must be perfect. I think this self inflicted pressure has resulted in faulty grades. This one however is one that too many with tons of experience and respect in the hobby believe. While I don’t think this is case, I cannot dismiss the fact that people I respect in the hobby have told me this. If certain people believe it, I feel that there is some truth to it.

As for a certain former grader getting perfect cards that are definitely not perfect, well this one annoys me. They say that graders have no idea whose cards they are grading. I feel that this case proves this is total garbage. If one of your best former graders thinks cards are perfect, then I feel the person grading his card is taking his word for it. This boils down to more carelessness.

Now the backdooring of cards and selling them to employees is more carelessness. I don’t think that any hits were specifically given but the volume that was given is alarming. Furthermore, I feel it is a blatant disregard of ethics to sell cases to an employee who will sell them. Yes, Brian Gray, I am calling you out. I feel there is a huge conflict of interest to employ someone who has a side income of selling cards for a living. If we were talking about one guy who breaks every now and then, I would have no problem but we are talking about someone who probably made more from selling product for a living than he did as an employee. That is a conflict of interest to me. We don’t allow this in politics and other avenues so why should be we allow this in the hobby? There are so many layers to this and every layer reeks of favoritism and indecency to me. If a company sees no problem in doing this then I question how they would treat the average Joe who would buy the product. As for saying that you won’t sell to employees now, well too little too late. I don’t know about you but I can’t look someone in the eye with egg in their face. Leaf produced some good product this year but as of right now, I am not buying anything from Leaf until they prove to me that they care about the consumer.

For me to turn further heel on Brian Gray and prove that this hobby is full of cronyism, I would like to point out one more thing. This is a guy who publicly backed Rick Probstein on the Scammers page. Before all of this happened, I thought Probstein was the only major problem in the hobby. The fact is there is way too much shill bidding and fake cards being sold by that account connected to Probstein. Too many people take notice and yet Probstein is still being sung praises by higher ups in the hobby and eBay takes no action. The amount of evidence against Probstein goes further than Blowout forums. This is another case where the evidence is alarming. It is a joke that eBay hasn’t made any effort to clean up his account. It embarrasses me as a deeply religious person, like Rick Probstein is, that this stuff happens. I feel that he must practice what he preaches. I would never put my name on anything that has to do with these proven accusations, it is a shame that Probstein has. Furthermore, he has done nothing to eliminate it other than some basic codes of conduct. Criminals don’t adhere to a code of conduct, and those that enable criminals are criminals themselves.

People worry that all these scandals will put eyes on the hobby. Here are the facts, there are eyes on the hobby to begin with. Just like every online culture, there is intelligence done to make sure things are on the up and up. As a big Twitter person, I can confirm that one or two hobby accounts have an agent behind them; confirm. In one case, I know of someone who was investigating and fell in love with the hobby, and became a huge part of it. The eyes are there, don’t discount it. People think that no one is watching their sleazy activity but they are. I know of one person who is actively building a case against someone who has a history of scamming others in the hobby. Every wrong step is a step in the right direction towards their prosecution as it establishes behavioral patterns. Behavioral patterns, something that we can look at with Brian Gray and Rick Probstein as being guilty of.

In the hobby we see too many times where companies prioritize and play blatant favorites with people who spend money. This needs to stop. It needs at the level with companies that product cards. It also needs to stop at the merchants who sell a mass amount of cards like eBay, Dave and Adams, and Blowout. If you want to have an exclusive promotion with them, then so be it but don’t play favorites. I started this site because I am sick of the cronyism in this hobby and I will continue to call it out until it is remedied.

TLDR: My opinions are that I feel that trimming and grading is caused by carelessness and something must be done, Brian Gray of Leaf has lost my business, Probstein needs to be shut down.

Angry: 2019 Contenders Draft Picks blaster…a points rant


I was originally going to have this be a few sentence ‘Random Review’ like past ones but this took a life of it’s own. Instead, you are getting a rare ‘Angry’ post. I am so Angry that you aren’t getting a picture of the box because I destroyed it.

Readers of this site know that I love Contenders Draft Picks football. In 2017, I put together all the non auto sets. I also have a healthy chunk of the autographs down as well. This year, I really liked the design of the product. I wanted 2 of those autographs in my collection like the box promised. I would have much rather pulled a redemption than points.
This leads me to the following: I like pulling autographs of random people. That is a selling point for me. This is a time where a lot of hits sell for cheaper than boxes, and even packs. If I wanted an autograph of a certain player, I would have bought it. I am not pissed that I missed on a Daniel Jones card, okay I am mad about not pulling him because I like him, but I am not mad that I missed on Joey Bosa or Dwayne Haskins; I am mad that I was robbed of a player to cheer for. Even if I did pull a Bosa or Haskins, I would now have a reason to cheer for them. Fact is, the average collector is like me and doesn’t flip cards anyway. I would much rather get a redemption for a random player, and not just because I don’t want to pay the shipping cost that you have with points. Heck in most of my cases, the shipping cost more than what I paid for the points.
Also let’s focus on the production run. Contenders has a ton of autographs in it’s checklist. I get that athletes don’t always send in their autographs in time for production. However I have pulled redemption cards specific to a player in Contenders before. So what does it say that Panini puts in points? My takeaway from this is that maybe they are making too many of these.

Now normally, I really like points. I used to love it when collectors rejected points because a bottom feeder like me can pounce on them for cheap. I have grabbed some cool stuff from the program. I grabbed a Walker Buehler autograph on there for 150 points before he became huge. I also finished off random cards for my Prestige college. However now that so many people have been exposed to points, I am finding the benefits to them few and far between. Those examples are 2 to 3 years old. I feel that points have run their course. I feel that Panini needs to do something to freshen up the market for little guys like me who don’t have tons of points laying around for the bigger offerings. They definitely need to get rid of the shipping cost because in most cases the shipping costs more than the card is worth and I hate the concept of paying twice for something.

Let me end this with rant about the offerings on points:
I don’t like the Kaboom or White Sparkle packs either. First they are too expensive for my taste. Second, I feel like they ruin something special. What used to be case hits is now dumbed down to a pack. Just because people are paying as if they are case hits, doesn’t mean they are. Who know’s how many Panini produces because they don’t release the production numbers. To me, those feel like the most blatant money grab possible. Sorry for my poor grammar in this paragraph, that is what happens when I get angry.

Angry: eBay Adventures

Worth mentioning before you dive into this: Upper Deck epack has a buy one get one free on most football. I snagged 2 Notre Dame boxes for $20.

For good measure here is a $3 coupon on eBay. Enter PERKS4ME. I just used it as of 3:05 pm Pacific on Tuesday April 30th.

Adventure 1:
Since I put together the Luminance base set, I have been gobbling up its printing plates. Now that it is in Plates and Patches, this is affordable for me to do. I bought a bunch of plates from a seller. Naturally I didn’t get any of them.

Beginning of April/End of March: I buy them
Week after: A package arrives from the seller. It has one card in it and eBay says all 5 have been delivered. I contact the seller and the seller says that they will ship items.
Week after that: I message the seller and ask what is up as I have since bought stuff and received it so clearly they didn’t ship. They ask for my address.
Week after that: eBay has a feature now that let’s seller offer discounts on products you made an offer on. The same seller offers me another plate for $5. Since I have not received my items from the seller, I decline.
Last Monday: I file cases.
This weekend: Seller never responds to the cases. eBay rules against me because there is tracking. Naturally I call them and appeal the decisions immediately. It takes them 30 seconds to reverse the decisions. They reverse 4. For the final 1, they initiate a return at the lowest value card. If seller doesn’t respond, I get refund.
Today: I got refunded and got to keep the card. I am not convinced that it was sent by mistake.

I would say the seller’s name but if you bid on someone with 92% feedback on eBay then you deserve the damage the seller will inflict.

Adventure 2:
Last week I read about how Casey Mize is tearing through the minor leagues. Out of curiosity, I check the price of his autograph and it is cheaper than a blaster. COMC has the cheapest but there are some $25 cards that I can offers on. I make offers on 2 cards.
I start with my perfect price and get rejected so I move on to a dollar less than COMC. I go back and forth with one seller in particular. In my notes, I even put that ‘if this get’s rejected, I am going to COMC.’ Seller counters with a higher offer and I reject immediately as I am ready to go to COMC.
In the minute that it took me to go to COMC, the seller messages me on an item that I have for sale saying that he never saw my message and he will do it at my price. As I got the message, I thought how odd it was to get a message on a women’s shoe item at 11 pm and that it would be funny if it was the Mize seller.
Side note: immediately after that the seller of the other card counters at a decent price point. I reject it. Sellers, timeliness is key with offers. When I make offers, I sometimes have 2 or 3 out on similar cards. With me, it does not pay to get cute. Monday: Mize pitches a no hitter. I stress if the card got shipped. By the time that I got home, the card was there.


Thanks for reading. I hope to have 2 reviews up of current products within the next 7 days.

Angry: Thoughts while helping on Scammers database

As some of you may know, I picked up a minor side gig the past few days. I was doing data entry for Sports Scammers Exposed. I added a dozen pages of from the feedback list to the searchable database. A lot of people have many ideas of them. I figured that I would share some of my thoughts that came during my data entry.
I am not affiliated with them. I do endorse them. I had limited editing power on the site and my guess is that I no longer do as my work is finished with them.

  • There were two different labels: scammer and negative feedback. For the most part, negative feedback was for people who didn’t pay for cards they claimed and people whose ethics were questionable but did not scam. For example I put people under negative feedback who were reported for calling someone’s wife to report a scam when they were not involved in the deal.
    I am sure that some of you will question this but I personally like this. If someone is stirs the pot, then I would have no interest in dealing with them. I block a ton of people who comment on entries because of how they act. One of the entry’s that I added was of someone who trolled an autistic person who was guilty of scamming.
  • I like that the listings say things like ‘kid’ and ‘autistic.’ I added a lot of kids.
  • I personally took a liberty and removed words like ‘weird guy’ when they were with someone’s accusations unless there was an example given.
  • There are some people who do a ton of reporting. So when searching the database, you should search who reported them. Some of the people who report a lot might be room administrators but they will be easy to weed out. Taking out the admins, there are a ton of people who report a lot.
  • Which leads me to this, for all the entries, there is a ton of things that would be on this list that are not reported. For example, I know that I have been guilty of not paying for a card I claimed. I know that if Dan at DMN Takeover reported everyone, the list would be longer.
  • My favorite entry that I added was this:
    Denny McClain – Former MLB pitcher for Tigers – Negative feedback for not showing up at an Indianapolis card show autograph signing event he’d promised and confirmed on. Texted the promoter on the day of the show, saying that his wife was in the ER. Then seen later that day tweeting, promoting a different show he’d gone too in Columbus. Reportedly he’s done this several times to different show promoters. (5/2/18 – Brian Mayne – SSE). Has been imprisoned for drug trafficking, embezzlement, and racketeering. Also known for gambling, and addiction. Also sells signed memorabilia from other players at shows he sets up at. (SSE).
  • Most common names I added: Brad (and variations like Bradley), Kyle, and Rob (and variations like Robby and Robert). Not as many Daniel’s as you would think. Not a scientific guess but an educated guess based off the names I entered.
  • None of my friends in the hobby were on the list. Interestingly, people that I knew elsewhere were on the list. Wrestling community, I am looking at you. Also, one relative of my former neighbor.


Sports Scammers Exposed is bashed a ton. A lot of the reservations are actually understandable. However after working with it, I see it more as a Wikipedia. For example, Wikipedia is put together by people. There will be people with certain agendas on there. The majority of people who are behind it are good people. You cannot use it as a definitive source it but you use it as a guide. You should use it as a guide.

Random Review: 2018 Topps Fire Blaster Round 2

I wasn’t going to post this but I just opened what I feel is an awful box of Topps Fire. No numbered cards or relics. While the inserts of prospects were decent, there is still no guarantee with prospects. Thankfully I am doing this for the set and chasing base but I just wanted to show you because I know that average collector is not doing the same with this set.