Angry: A Random Ebay Seller

I thought that I was getting a Klay Thompson Prestige jersey lot for $4. Unfortunately, I had one of those situations that feel that it can only happen to me. Well at least they are bizarre to me.

Order of events:
– The tracking number says the package is delivered. It is not. What happened is that he sent the package to himself, or at least that is how it looked, as it never left his home state.
– I am refunded the shipping cost and seller says that he will send me the cards right away.
– I get a message saying that if I didn’t get the cards by Tuesday, he would refund my whole purchase. This makes me think that I have no chance of getting the cards.
– I don’t get the cards on the date. He asks if I got the cards. I said that I will wait it out and don’t want a refund; I just want the cards.
– I notice 2 messages this morning from him. One says thanks for the reply. The next says: “My sincerest apologies. I just received a Mail back today from the Milwaukee post office that your package was damaged and contents were lost. I’m terribly sorry for all the inconvenience, I will be refunding you right away.”
– To his credit, he refunded right away.

The lot was nothing special to most people. A Klay Thompson jersey card and an Andre Iguodala jersey card.  Nothing to cry about, as hard to find as the Thompson Prestige True Colors card is, but still enough to make me angry. I am tempted to leave him neutral feedback. I will wait a few days to calm down before doing anything. What do you think?

A nice silver lining is that it basically turned a portion of my Ebay gift card into Paypal credit.

Angry: PWE’s soaked & no top-loader

The debate on sending cards in plain white envelopes, referred to as PWEs from here on out, is endless. I have a beef regarding them for two different situations that happened this week to me:
On Thursday I got a card shipped to me in a PWE and the envelope was soaked. I got the mail right away during a day when it was pouring rain. I usually don’t open my packages right away but I always open my PWEs right away, mainly so I can send the person a message calling them out if I paid for shipping. Well I didn’t pay for shipping but I was glad that I opened it because the top loader started to get soaked. If I would’ve waited even an hour longer, the card would’ve had water damage. So I dodged a bullet on that one, and my only issue was the person didn’t put the card in a team bag and/or wrap it better.
On Friday, I had a bigger beef: the card shipped to me didn’t come in a top-loader. Is it wrong to expect at the very least to get the card in a top-loader for free shipping? Send it in one covered in tape for all I care, but send it in a top loader.

So my question, is it wrong to expect cards shipped in PWEs in a top-loader?

Site update: I normally like to spread out my posts between days, but that won’t be the case until the end of the year. I want to start the year fresh and don’t want to post about any cards that I got in 2016 in 2017. I have a few Bid Board Finds that have been sitting on my desk for a month, so expect them to be posted soon. Hopefully, I will get some Christmas cards, and I still need to open my package from COMC that recently arrived.

Angry: H2Hhits

Those of you that follow me on social media and read this site know that I don’t say ‘angry’ things lightly. As a lot of you know, I am a deeply religious person and a positive side effect of that is that I don’t say harsh things about anyone lightly.
I have spent way too much energy on this company, and have sources backing me up on my accusations. For a company that I dealt with on Twitter, I have also found myself on the phone with them, so this extends beyond an online he said, she said.
Lies from this company, however small they may have been added up to the point that I feel that I have to do this. However, you can also add some late night name calling on their part to this.
Straight up my intentions for doing this post are to protect the hobby. I am forever thankful for how collectors made me feel on my birthday. This is a community that I want to protect.

TLDR: Runs fake contests to promote Ebay sales. Messes with someone who they wanted to promote their company.

Do not trust:

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Angry #2: PWE mailing discussion

Last week, I triggered a Twitter discussion on receiving cards in plain white envelopes, note: for the rest of the article I will be referring to them as ‘PWE.’For the most part, I have no problem with receiving cards in PWEs. Most of the time they are protected and  shipping is free. My opinion has only been swayed because I saw first hand the dangers of PWEs, as seen in a previous post: Danger of Plain White Envelopes. If you are too lazy to click, here is a picture:

Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay
Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay

What I hate it buying from sellers who are misleading about it. If I have to pay any form of shipping over the price of a stamp, I am ‘angry.’ Most of the time, I begrudgingly do it because my budget forces me to be thrifty and I really want the card. Most of the time sellers are very transparent about sending cards in PWEs.
What triggered the Twitter discussion was the fact that I paid a dollar for shipping and the seller didn’t say anything about the card being shipped in a PWE.

I was also angry when the next day, a card that was free shipping arrived like this20160721_122827

That may seem like nothing but you could fit a finger through it. The point is, I am getting to the point where I am over PWEs. Most people that send them don’t know how to protect the cards. The few that do charge for shipping. If it is for a contest, fine. For the most part, I send cards in heavily protected PWEs, but if you are selling a card and I get an envelope like above, I am not buying from you again. PWEs are bad for sellers as much as buyers.

The discussion triggered a lot of responses. They ranged from: ‘I have no problem as long as the card wasn’t damaged” to “Block that person.” I am curious what you think?
I personally left the person that triggered the discussion good but nasty feedback. How would you have reacted?


For being an ‘angry card collector,’ I have been pretty calm. Thankfully I haven’t had a reason to be angry. Unfortunately, I now have a reason.
As you can see below from the picture, I had a mail day that never was. I am livid. This is clearly not the sender’s fault. There is a clear cut under the adhesive seal. USPS has a problem on their hands as this looks to me like an inside job on their part. My mail-man said that I can’t do anything because it was not insured.
Thankfully, my understanding is that only base cards were in the package.  This was from a free Twitter break from Bad Boy Box Breaks. The offered to make it to me but I politely declined because I freeloaded enough. They are worth checking out though, and it is clear that they do business the right way. I am sorry that they wasted their money on shipping.

I am expecting three mail days. There have been a few contest winnings that I haven’t received from a while ago, and I am now curious. I hope that all of my ‘misery packs’ that I sent out have been received because I certainly mailed them.
The past six days have been awful as I have been battling a massive PTSD trigger. My mail days are a nice distraction.

In happier news, check out the post before this for the 1 year and 1,000 contest. If you are too lazy to find it, here is a link: Happy 1 year Site Anniversary & 1,000 Twitter Follower.


Danger of Plain White Envelopes

Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay
Plain White Envelope Danger-Daniel DuBay

As a card collector on a budget, I personally never minded plain white envelopes. I knew that cards could get damaged but I have never been one to be anal about the condition of cards. I can handle a small ding here and there if it means that I get an awesome card for my personal collection at a good price. As a college student on a limited income, I know that cards are excess so I can’t spend a ton of money when I do buy them. The $2 to $4 difference that most sellers give you for shipping cards in plain white envelopes-from now on referred to as PWEs- has always been helpful because little things like that are the difference between eating at Taco Bell after class or eating the better food on campus. I always thought that people that complained were a little obnoxious about it, until something happened to me. (No, I am not referring to the people who charge you $2 to $4 for shipping and still send you card to you in a PWE. There is a special place in hell for those people.)
As you can see from the picture, my opinions were about to be changed. That is the picture of a PWE that was supposed to have a card that I paid for. The card was missing because the envelope got so damaged during the shipping process. Thankfully the seller refunded my money when I sent him the picture, all $2 of it for a Greg Monroe jersey card.

This got me thinking, what can be done if you ship a card in a PWE. (Full disclosure, when I run contests in the near future, I will be shipping the cards in a PWE, unless the winner wants to pay for a bubble mailer.) In the past, I always wrapped the cards in a piece of paper but I know that is not enough. The best answer that I could come up with, would be to wrap the majority of the envelope in clear tape. This would allow for the address area to be still be legible and you can make it not get in the way of machines reading the stamp. If anyone has a better way to improve shipping in PWEs, I am all ears and would love to hear suggestions-snarky comments about well just use a bubble mailer will be ignored.