Bid Board Finds: 2 shops, 1 post


3 cards from Valley Sports Cards for $2.25. Good luck getting a triple jersey with decent players from a card shop for cheap but I pulled it off, twice. Not to mention the players aren’t trash either; well except Bargnani. Took a quarter flyer on the Unparalleled numbered card because I like the design and can’t afford to crack a box open of it.


$3.75 for 3 cards, well 2 cards and 1 ‘collectible,’ from Northridge Sports Collectibles. The Lance Kendricks auto was a quarter flyer bid. I feel Michael Carter-Williams has peaked and his card market is slipping; especially being able to grab his autograph at a reasonable $1.25.  The coin from 330 AD , the Constantine era of the Roman Empire, was a very reasonable $2. I have no idea of the value but it is a cool item that is a great conversation piece; especially among my Christian friends. That alone, is worth it to me.

Bid Board Finds: End of September ’16


Alfred Morris and Matt Davidson autographs for $2.75. I feel that I got a steal, especially in an area where there are numerous Cowboys fans. Davidson for a buck, that was numbered to 49 and cut, was worth the flyer to me. He strikes me as someone who will benefit from a change of scenery.

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Bid Board Finds: One heck of a unique item

Since I have been doing the site, ‘Bid Board Finds’ has been one of my favorite segments to tackle. I have got a bunch of cool stuff: You never know what you are going to find week in and week out on the bid board of your card shop. This haul is no exception. I scored 3 items for $7.75. None of the items are low class, and in fact all 3 would probably be the best item of most of the ‘Bid Board Finds’ that I post about. I will be honest, I may have overbid on the first item because I wanted it so bad. It is not even a card and probably worth nothing but I don’t care because of how unique- at least for me as I will never think to check Ebay an item like this, or anywhere else. An ‘authentic meteorite.’ It is tiny, just bigger than the ballpoint of a pen.


The other 2 items are patches/prime jerseys from former Dodgers. My personal favorite is the Kevin Brown swatch as it came from a time when patch pieces were not a dime a dozen, plus it’s from Fleer. I also wasn’t collecting in 2002 as I was busy in high school, and running a successful music website that saw me go to a few concerts a week. 20160826_202448

Bid Board Finds: Dollar Dodger Suspect

Very small bid board find for this week. I bid on a ton of stuff but only came away with one item, a dollar flyer I took on former Dodgers first round draft pick Chris Anderson. Judging by his stats this year, he looks like more of a suspect than a prospect. I can’t complain, it was a dollar Dodgers autograph going to a Dodgers fan in a Dodgers town.

Bid Board Finds – Finding a random card I really coveted

I am really excited for this haul. Usually the bid board offers cards that are an assortment of no names and over-hyped cards. 99% of my bidding is pure impulse. That is until this week. A card was on the board that I legitimately coveted. A card that I spent several days before scouting on Ebay, and losing out on offers and auctions. So for this session of ‘Bid Board Finds,’ I was shocked to see it on the bid board. The best part, it was hidden and part of a lot. The seller didn’t know what he had and buried it behind a card that at least to me was lesser. I also got some other cards that I truly enjoy.
So the card that I am talking about? A Nikola Vucevic autograph. I can spend days rationalizing that the card is nothing special but I see him as a rising superstars in the NBA. The Magic are a team on the rise and it was paramount to me that I get his autograph while his stock is low in the eyes of collectors.

For $4.50, I got some cards that I am excited about.
$3.25 for a 3 card basketball autograph lot. Tyler Zeller was the card covering the Vucevic card, and the final autograph being Orlando Johnson.
$1.25 for a Tom Savage booklet


Even though the autographs can be found for cheap, I love the ‘Rookie Inscriptions’ set. They are acetate and can be found in boxes of ‘Elite;’ a product that probably gave me one of my best box hits as a whole ever on my birthday –

Bid Board Finds #14

The past month, I have found myself in the Northridge area nonstop. Between graduating from college, and my friend getting married at of all places, the college, I have been able to frequent the nearby card shop a lot. I have always enjoyed the card shop because I have got a ton of steals on their bid board.
Last week I was in there a half hour before the board ended and bid on a good 15 items. I was expecting a major haul when I came in Friday, right before the wedding rehearsal. To my dismay, I ended up with 2 items. I have had better luck when I bid on a Wednesday – note: the board ends Saturday afternoon.
So 2 cards and autographs for $2.25. Dri Archer for a whole buck, and Hector Olivera for a dollar and a quarter. Boy has Olivera’s autograph fallen off a cliff. The ‘Buy It Now’ price on the autograph was $2 and no one took it.