Pickups – $25 from COMC

Someone on Twitter is doing a ‘Better than a Blaster’ series. I recently received a $25 gift in the form of COMC credit. I thought that it would be worth sharing how far the $25 went.

I purchased $2 worth of Deathlok cards. Most were numbered. No need to show them.
Now at $23

2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate - Immaculate Gloves - Prime #17 - DJ Chark /84 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate – Immaculate Gloves – Prime #17 – DJ Chark /84
Purchased for $2.89
Now at $20.11

2003-04 Upper Deck UD Top Prospects - [Base] #55 - Lebron James - Courtesy of COMC.com
2003-04 Upper Deck UD Top Prospects – [Base] #55 – Lebron James
Purchased for $2.32
Now at $17.79
Can we pause here for a second. I picked up a Lebron rookie card for under $5, wow. I know it isn’t ‘the rookie card’ but how is this affordable?

2018 Panini Absolute – Head to Toe #HT-15 – Dede Westbrook /93
Purchased for $2.78
Now at $15.01
Helmets are not easy to put in cards. So a piece of one for a player that I think has potential; heck yes. This is a gift and I try to buy things with them that I wouldn’t normally spend money on. This qualifies.

2018 Panini Chronicles – Phoenix Signatures #PS-CT – Chris Taylor
Purchased for $1.95
Now at $13.06
I had to grab a Dodger autograph.

2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate - Immaculate Gloves - Prime #20 - Mike White /80 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate – Immaculate Gloves – Prime #20 – Mike White /80
Purchased for $4.20
Now at $8.86
I already have one of these cards but these cards are so beautiful in person. As you see, this is my second purchase from 2018 Immaculate and I can tell you that they are quality cards. Both are players that I am stocking up on for my personal collection.

2005-06 Press Pass - [Base] - Blue #B26 - Chris Paul - Courtesy of COMC.com
2005-06 Press Pass – [Base] – Blue #B26 – Chris Paul
Purchased for $0.59
Now at $8.27

2018 Panini Plates & Patches - All Hall - Blue #AH-MA - Morten Andersen /50 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2018 Panini Plates & Patches – All Hall – Blue #AH-MA – Morten Andersen /50
Purchased for $6.00
Now at $2.27
I made a point to grab an autograph that I normally wouldn’t grab. It was between Morten Andersen and Alex Verdugo. I went with the one that I have been chasing for longer.

2018 Panini Donruss - Diamond Collection - Gold #DC-AG - Amir Garrett /99 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2018 Panini Donruss – Diamond Collection – Gold #DC-AG – Amir Garrett /99
Purchased for $0.96
Now at $1.31

2017 Topps Update Series - [Base] - Gold #US254 - Amir Garrett /2017 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2017 Topps Update Series – [Base] – Gold #US254 – Amir Garrett /2017
Purchased for $0.39
Now at $0.92
Why Amir Garrett? He was supposed to play on my college’s basketball team when I was attending; that is why. Yes, I said basketball and not baseball. He has a great story.

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age - [Base] #31 - Deathlok - Courtesy of COMC.com
2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age – [Base] #31 – Deathlok
Purchased for $0.92
How is that for perfect?
This is one of the rare cards that has my uncle’s name on it. It is not shown above, but he is credited as the creator on the back of the card.

Pickups: Thanks Cards From The Attic

I won a fun contest on Twitter from Cards From The Attic. For as annoying as junk wax can be, the fun grade on it is probably my favorite versus current sets.

I actually did great in the packs. I hit a major pc card in Tommy Lasorda and pulled John Smoltz and Hal Morris rookies. I forgot about the stickers in Fleer 1989.

Pickups: more Donruss basketball rack packs

No longer titling this a ‘Random Review,’ as I have ‘reviewed’ these to death. Excuse the fact that I forgot how to spell for. I hate typing on cell phone keyboards. I am six and a half feet, more or less, so you can can imagine how big my hands are.

I collated this instantly. I felt the excitement of seeing how close I was to finishing the set. When I opened these, the very first card was a rookie that I knew for a fact I needed so I was excited.

I picked these up as a treat. I got in free to the hockey game that I went to last night and a Target was down the street. On a side note, I seriously love Division 2 hockey and enjoy the fact that my SoCal alma mater has a hockey team. Below are some of my ramblings regarding the game.


Well, this short post turned into a lengthy one. I have a box of cards out to open. I will do a post in the next few days, and it won’t be a Donruss basketball post.

Pickups: massive COMC mailday


Pickups: Panini Points put to good use

I have accumulated a bunch of Panini points. I finally put some to good use. I found 2 autographs that I would regret passing up on for the points. I still think that it is bullshit that we have to pay for shipping on these.

Walker Buehler – 150 points, Dodgers number one prospect just called up today. This was a steal and I am considering flipping it if I get a solid offer. At 150 points, even if he busts, I still got an autograph of a player from my favorite team.
Marc Gasol – 250 points, I am a Griz and Gasol brothers fan. I have a Pau auto and am ecstatic to finally get a Marc auto.


Pickups: Rich Buckler comics

In remembrance of my uncle, one of the first things I did when I found out that he died, after asking my mom a thousand questions like is she okay, was hit Ebay to snatch up his work that was on my want list. Random side tangent, despite being in the business, artist and their families have a bad tendency not to appreciate what they do. Drawings are just work supplies to them like does a tattoo artist keep his multiple rough drafts, no he tosses them. Well that is what comic book artists have had a tendency to do and that is why original artwork from back in the day is so scarce. (My experience relates to hearing a bunch of these stories second hand and also experience with my dad Bill DuBay, not my Uncle for the record.) My family wishes that we kept all of my dad’s old stuff. Tangent over. Although that does lead me to one of the pics. I thought that I was getting a steal and buying original artwork but in my haze regarding my uncle’s death, I realized that I overpaid for a print. All is well that ends well though as I will definitely hang it up.

As a low budget spender to begin with, I didn’t have much to but I bought a few things. I mainly bought what I would regret passing on, if in hindsight said comics don’t turn up for sale again. Thank you credit.

So 4 comics, 1 print. I spent about $30 and don’t regret it, even if I thought I was getting something better than I actually did.

I had to grab a bunch of his Ninja Turtles work. They were a special part of my childhood. I had no idea then that my uncle worked on these until very recently; interestingly my mom didn’t either because if she did, I would’ve had these around as a kid. These comics predate the Turtles phenomenon as they were made in 1986 so it is cool that my Uncle got in at the ground level of one of something so relevant to me. Seeing his name next to Kevin Eastman is as cool to me as him working with Jack Kirby is to most comic book lovers; seriously though my uncle worked with greats and I am so proud to share the same blood as him because he was great himself.

I took a $2 flier on a Ninja Turtles parody type deal that he did. Below is the artwork that will be up on my wall soon. I regret not getting an original piece of his when he was healthy.

Pickups: 6 month old package I never opened

Quick one off post: I had this sitting on my desk since the end of last year and never opened it. What is that, six months?
This is an Allen Robinson signed hat compliments of Vizio from their Fandemonium program. It was one of those programs where I paid attention to it for a few months then off and on every few weeks. The points added up though. It didn’t come with a certificate of authenticity or anything. No big deal.


Here is my refferal link: https://www.vizio.com/customer/account/login/register?_cts_=0V8rOknc
Program isn’t exciting but it added up. If you buy Vizio products, I do recommend it though. Robinson has turned himself into a heck of a player.

Pickups: Thanks again Deb

Meant to post this a few days ago but I have been fortunate enough to be busy this week. Two job interview, a meeting at an employment office, as well as Deacons duties. I celebrated my busy week by opening two boxes of cards. I opened my 2 Prestige 2013/14 boxes. I still have my GoGTS Christmas box sitting on my desk.
So lets take a look at the boxes that were given to me by someone amazing, This is what’s great about the hobby: Thanks Deb

4 hits per box. 2 autos and 2 jerseys

Box 1:


The way that it worked out, is that what is seemingly the worst hit of the box is actually the best hit in my mind. I needed the Al Jefferson jersey card.
Other hits were Tyson Chandler & Isaiah Canan autographs. While I have the Chandler auto, I am so versed in Prestige boxes that I know that there is only 2 or 3 Distinctive Ink per case. That card was the only numbered one as it is limited to 50. Otto Porter rookie jersey is the last hit.
This box also yielded 2 silver Bonus Shots parallels.
Not a bad box one bit considering the product. For what the product is, this box is probably above average.

Box 2
Despite beating the odds and getting 5 hits, this box was nothing special. It was as if Panini knew that fact and threw in an extra autograph to make up for it. Corey Brewer, Epke Udoh, and Jan Vessely autographs; non of which were numbered, another atrocity. Channing Frye and Otto Porter jerseys round out the box. Yes, I pulled 2 Otto Porter jerseys.

I still love this product. I am getting close to finishing off my True Colors jersey set from it. If I account for what it is in my COMC account, and not my custody I finished off the Prestigious Premieres auto set.  I can’t wait to take a picture with all of those cards together. My sole focus and nothing else has been this set. Collect what you love. It will be priceless to you.

Pickups: A Steal of a Beal

I was hoping to post something different but USPS had other ideas. Instead, I am posting my second purchase of 2017. Regardless, I paid less than $8 combined for the cards in this post and presumably my next post.

Since Blowout Cards posted 13/14 Prestige basketball boxes for sale at rock bottom prices, my main PC, I have been on the hunt for steals. These cards are from the year. I normally avoid other years like the plague, because of budgetary reasons but this one caught my interest. It had a card of a player who I think very highly of in Bradley Beal; like very highly of. I am not sure that I would trade this pickup for a Klay Thompson autograph or other player in that tier.

3 autographs for $3. The other two are current Raptor Cory Joseph who is a decent role player and Jordan Hamilton who is out of the league. These two were actually teammates on the 2010 Texas Longhorns.


Pickups: a new PC Young Gun

Since my best friend is from Denmark, I have become partial to Denmark players and not because my buddy acts as if every Danish player is the second coming of Wayne Gretzky. Fortunately for my sanity, my buddy hasn’t needled me on Oliver Bjorkstrand’s greatness; yet. I found out about him on my own. I was reading an ESPN article about Columbus rookies and thought that I needed to have his rookie card. It cost me under $2, but unfortunately was the card that came in the mail in a plain white envelope and no top-loader to protect it – see this weekend’s post. Fortunately it came out fine though.