Pickups: some Jammin cards

Jammin JD does a lot of good stuff in the hobby. I personally enjoy watching his Youtube breaks.
As I was doing some recent Ebay shopping for my Prestige collection, I came across a card that he had for sale that I wanted. I didn’t buy it right away because I emailed him instead figuring we could avoid Ebay fees, and I might get a better deal. Turns out, it worked in my favor that I emailed him because he had some parallels I needed that weren’t listed.

So if you see a ‘Buy It Now’ listing and know the person selling it, try messaging them in other avenues. You might get rewarded with a deal, and you help them an added layer of fees. They win, you win, and the cards win because they found a good home.

Pickups: add-ons to the Prestige collection

Polished off an Ebay gift card that I had with several additions to my Prestige collection.

Another autograph of CSUN’s current head basketball coach Reggie Theus to add to my collection, a Shaq jersey that I got for under $10, and a bunch of red parallels. I am 50% through with the red parallel set.

Derick Coleman, Nicolas Batum, Mark Aguirre, Herb Williams, Kyle Korver, and Greg Stiemsma autographs

Pickups: Topps Supreme 2013

First off, I want to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on Twitter. The card community alone made it a memorable birthday, as I had more notifications than I do when I run contests. Thank you so much. I made a point to thank everyone of you individually.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any cards for my birthday. I was so hungry for cards yesterday that I opened up a box that I didn’t think that I would ever open. A box given to me at graduation, by a girl who didn’t stay in my life if you catch my drift. I am glad that I did open it, because I pulled a redemption that expires this month.

If you are interested in the Fernandez redemption, I will trade it for $40 Paypal, as I have no interest in keeping it. It appears to be in already, and is numbered under 50; 35 if I am not mistaken.

It was a decent box. If I would have opened it when I got it, I would’ve been ecstatic as Fernandez was alive and so was my relationship with the person who gave it to me. That is it for unopened boxes that I have. Hopefully I get a job or another girlfriend soon so I can stock up.

Pickups: Freecycle Hockey Cards

The other day, I saw a post on a Freecycle Facebook where someone was giving away hockey cards. By some miracle, I was the first to chime in and the next day, they were in my possession. If you are unfamiliar with Freecycle, I suggest checking them out. The whole point of Freecycle groups is to keep items that may be useful to others out of the landfill; it is not a site where people can get a free item and then turn around and sell it. Actually my local group filters that out pretty good because those people are so obvious as they say that they are interested in every item posted. If you are one of those people who don’t know what to do with your base cards, a Freecycle group would be a good way to find a better home for them.

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, I posted the finds on there. If you don’t follow, look for a post tomorrow giving you a reason to. Here is the recap of the Freecycle cards, some other sports sneaked in:

Pickups: an awesome online store discovery


Being a budget collector, it is not often that I get to browse through an online shop and have the pick of anything I want. So when I found an online store that sold cards that I wanted, and where everything was in my budget, I was in heaven. I know that I paid a fair price for the cards I got but staring at them, and doing the average in my head, I am amazed regardless. Several aspect of my PC got some amazing additions. Check out: http://www.cincycardsandsupplies.com/

10 cards for an average of $2.60 a card; all cards that I really wanted. More importantly, they were all quality cards. I paid $26 total.

Joe Adams may be the worst 4th round pick that the Panthers ever had but look at that patch in the corner. It is the eye of the panther; so awesome. I was in Panthers heaven.


Pickups: Topps National Baseball Card Day

I have to be honest, I had no interest in participating in this promotion. Yet today when I left to make a quick trip the store, I somehow found myself on the freeway headed to my favorite card shop. If you read the site, you know this is my first time doing this. I rationalized it by saying that I haven’t shown my face to my favorite people, and card shop owners, in a while. Honestly, it was worth it just to see them.
I spent more than required amount so I got the Kris Bryant card, which was in a one touch. I am debating opening the pack – I won’t resell it anything, I am just like that.


I also got a few other things. Below is the highlights. Cool story about the Benjamin card. I was on my way out but then called back in and offered it for a low price. Honestly I was so happy that he thought of me, that I pulled out the cash sight unseen. The autograph from Certified is Mark Aguirre. Also buried underneath all of that is third party graded Jeff Bagwell rookie that I scored a buck.


Pickups: A reasonable Ebay seller


Given my budget, I don’t usually buy cards that are more than $5 on Ebay but I couldn’t help myself with Ebay seller “rookiedsmia.” I made an offer on the Eric Gordon Prestige card, and he accepted so I perused his listings. I snagged another ‘best offer’ with the Ziggler autograph. I got a great deal that turned into a steal when he became the number one contender for the title at Summerslam this week – seriously, who saw that coming?

These are two very important pieces to my collection.  I am a massive collector of Prestige basketball and this only my second ‘Stars of the NBA’ autograph as they fall one per case. This is also my first autograph of a wrestler. You should definitely check out the seller, he is awesome.

Pickups: an autograph I didn’t think was attainable

At the start of the year, I made a wish list of players whose autographs I wanted. On the post, I was realistic about the chances of getting most cards. I even broke them down into sections like attainable, unattainable, want but can live without, and ‘probably attainable if I put my mind to it and do a thorough search.’ I really haven’t done a good job of targeting anything on that list. I had to stumble upon one by accident for the most part – for the record, I am not counting the Twitter offers I get but turn down because I don’t have money at the right time. I stumbled upon an auction of a target on the latter of topics I just mentioned.


I wasn’t expecting to get it. We are in hockey playoff time so this is prime time to move hockey real estate. I was shocked that I got it for $9.50 shipped. Even though I am struggling to find an exact match for sale, or even previously sold elsewhere, it seems like a legit autograph to me.
I do want to commend the company for a quality that I like about the card.The whole box with the signature appears to be a sticker. Instead of a clear sticker like most companies do, this appears to have a piece of the photograph in the sticker. I have never seen that before and it is a nice change from the sticker autographs I am used to.

I am going to quickly add a few names to my want list. Most are players whose cards I valued as a kid, with the exception of two Danish hockey players:
Eric Davis
Nikola Ehllers
Frans Nielsen
Gary Gaeiti
John Burkett
Tim Belcher
Kirt Manwaring
Todd Stottlemyre
Robin Ventura

Pickups #5.5

This post is part 2 of my mega mail day that encompasses a massive purchase where I got 29 cards from one seller. You can see the first post here. I got a massive steal and I want to thank the people at JB Sports Memorabilia for a hassle free transaction. Every card collector has an Ebay horror story, or ten, and a purchase like this really gave me fear of another one. That was not the case at all.

Between the two posts, you have now seen all 29 cards of the lot. The grand total for 19 cards shipped was $35.56; an absolute steal. Again, they could have easily squeezed me on shipping but they didn’t, as shipping was only $6.50. The total for all the cards was $29.06. Some cards were sold for lower than 40 cents. The reason why I bought so much was I had my eye on the Prestige pieces. All of those went for at least a buck with the Boris Diaw autograph tilting the scale at $7.50. The lot was so giving that I got a Yu Darvish patch for under a buck. The only other card I paid more than a dollar for was a Jay Austin autograph in his Jethawks jersey; a huge PC item as I used to live within walking distance of the stadium before I moved to a safer neighborhood.