Random Review: 2018 Panini Black Friday multi sport packs

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Random Review: Vault Card Club

This was a fun break and at $30 with guaranteed hits, I think that I might do it again.

I gave my nephews the cards. They told me that next time they want Yankees cards. I bet Yankees team sets are fun the past few years. (Their mom is a Yankees fan.) In my house the teams are like this Dodgers > Angels, Mets > Yankees. When I am not wearing Dodger blue, I have been known to throw on a Tigers or Mets cap.

Random Review: 2018 Topps Holiday pack

My favorite hobby shop was advertising these packs with a $10 Topps purchase. Knowing that they carry 2018 jumbo series 1 baseball for that price, I headed over there. It helped that I was in town. I didn’t know what to expect but I thought that it was cool to pull a Santa Claus card.


As for the pack that I bought. I feel that I did better. Sorry for the bad picture. I pulled the lone auto out of the box and got some decent Future Stars cards.

Random Review: WalMart Ohtani repack 15 packs

5 Triple Play packs – at least they knew they were bad .
3 HBP packs – I saw people pull multiple 1/1s out of this. I got none.
3 2014 Prizm Draft Picks retail
2 2016 Topps Series One
1 2012 Panini Golden Age
1 2012 Bowman Chrome
1 Ohtani Leaf

I grabbed this pack because I saw a bunch of people get Stars and Stripes packs in this. Naturally, this didn’t yield one. There have been good boxes of these, I didn’t get one. Hopefully if you picked one up, you did.

Note: I am still working on the camera for these. As of right now, I plan on doing a few more with this camera angle until I can line things up for the better.

Random Review: $11.99 WalMart Football RePack

The other day I was in WalMart and like the average collector, I perused the card aisle. As I buy repacks from time to time, the fact that this one sat abover a $14.99 price tag caught my eye so I took it to scan. I expected it to be $19.99 but to my surprise it was only $11.99. As some of you may know, I have a regret test. Despite having no interest in a football re-pack at the time, this passed my regret test so I grabbed it.

As expected, it had a ton of cheap blaster packs.

Ultimately, it had 3 passable packs for $11.99. Not my idea of value even though one was a hobby pack.

It was cool to pull a Joe Thomas rookie.

The weak packs yielded a Dak rookie. Still awful despite 2 decent rookies. I would advise everyone to pass on this product.


Random Review: 2018 Topps Fire Blaster Round 2

I wasn’t going to post this but I just opened what I feel is an awful box of Topps Fire. No numbered cards or relics. While the inserts of prospects were decent, there is still no guarantee with prospects. Thankfully I am doing this for the set and chasing base but I just wanted to show you because I know that average collector is not doing the same with this set.