Random Review: 2017 Hit low series blaster

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It’s Ash Wednesday and as a Deacon that means that life is good; even if Ash Wednesday wasn’t celebrated at my church this year. Anyway, this year I wrote down a list of things that I will be giving up this lenten season and cards with the exception of a final pack of Donruss basketball and any cards that I set Ebay alerts when they go up for sale for my Prestige collection. Not that I need to defend myself but I told myself that I would buy a final pack of Donruss when I saw how close I was to a finished set, a few days before making my lent decision. I gave up some other things as well.
Anyway me giving up buying cards* isn’t a sign that I will not be posting on here. If anything, that is a commitment to what I have in my arsenal and haven’t opened yet. Since I didn’t have a Valentine to buy me some cards, I opened a box for myself. Before I move on, that reminds me, I posted a #MiseryPack contest today that ends Friday. Check it out:

So while I have better things, I was in the mood to open some bad Hit packs. I think this had to do with me falling asleep while watching a retail repack break on Youtube last night. So today I opened a blaster of Premier Draft 2017 Hit Low Series. Naturally these do not have the cheap packs that you find in repacks. I hope this is the wave of things to come if this means that we won’t see them in said products.



The autographs:
Zach Banner – 4th round pick who was cut by the team that drafted him, then latched on with the Browns. Before I researched him, I was happy with this pull anyway because I love collecting offensive lineman.
Garrett Fugate – now in the CFL but hey, at least he latched on somewhere. I actually pulled his autograph in my birthday box. Check that out here: Random Review: Birthday Gift Card 17 Hit + hockey packs
Cooper Rush – Cowboys backup quarterback so not a bad pull


I was surprised to see a duplicate card in here. While there may have been more, I don’t mind having 2 Evan Engram cards. Since I like him as a player, that is the only reason that I noticed. I like collecting the base sets of these cards so I would prefer not to have duplicates. Being that they put in 4 packs, albeit one of which is all inserts, I would rather have the cards sequentially numbered in the packs.

Finally the inserts:



Random Review: 2017 Donruss Rack Box

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Even though I pulled some good stuff, my guess is that this is a flash in the pan and other packs have a chance to be duds. I think anyone will take 2 Ben Simmons inserts from one of these. It is not shown in the picture but the Retro parallel really shines.


Random Review: 2017 Donruss basketball blaster

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You can currently buy an Edmund Sumner autograph on COMC for 98 cents. I didn’t search too deep but I found 1 comparable autograph to the one I pulled on Ebay for $5 or best offer plus $3 shipping. Regardless, I am pulling for him.

I was really happy with this box. I got some rookies that I am missing, pulled a couple extra important ones. Encounting the Retro inserts was fun. I wish it was more plausible to pull more. Maybe when this rookie class comes crashing down to earth in the market, I will pick up a hobby box of this product.

This is actually me second Mitchell rookie but I can’t get enough. Even if he busts out, he will be in my personal collection.

When I open boxes, I will be doing more of this Twitter pack by pack. Not only is it easier on the website storage but more importantly to me, it is more engaging. I will still post the full results here but be sure to follow me.

Random Review: Panini Blitz app Round 2

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In my first review of the Blitz app, I said that I would follow up with my thoughts if I still used the app. To see my first one, you can find it here: Random Review: Panini NFL Blitz app


Let’s start with my thoughts and relevant information on features.

Trade: I have caught myself trading just to trade. I wasn’t trading for cards I needed because searching for them is too hard, even with improvements. I have found that cards that fall under ‘Blitz Promo’ has led to my mass confusion. If that category was eliminated or streamlined, I would enjoy it more. I would like to see rewards expanded here; perhaps for team sets. That would stimulate trading.

Case Breaker: Nice idea in context but in function it is not great. When you buy into a break they show the sorting of cards which is too slow. The prices are unreasonable; and I am not just saying that because my team is a premium team with this draft class. With the way the app is designed, there isn’t a benefit to your collection and status by just collecting one team.

Pack Battle: Cool idea but naturally glitchy since it is new. When the bugs stop, I must say that they do a good job of translating different positions to each other.

Contest: This is where the fun is for me. It is probably the only reason why I have stuck around with this for as long as I have. It is like fantasy football redux with cards.

My Status: There isn’t a reward for updated statuses. I don’t get why decision makers seem to think that status levels being upped are a benefit for people. They are not. Me having a higher level than others I know means nothing to me, or any rational person. In fact I want a lower status because it means that I have a life away from the app.


I do like how they give you options to earn money for packs instead of paying for extra coins. Since a lot of people are unaware of this feature, pictures of where to find it and what it looks like are included below.

Not enough emphasis on base cards. Autographs and game used are lost in the shuffle. It feels like they are treated with more value than base cards but less valuable than insert sets. One could argue that they are on par with inserts but to me that is a problem, as I feel they need to be treated with more value.

Overall the app does a good job of marketing current card products. Other than the fantasy like ‘contest,’ I feel the product is just another app. It does nothing else. Collectors don’t get any tangible benefits from it. Its great when I have a hunger for cards and can’t afford to buy them but that’s it.

I don’t see myself playing beyond the Super Bowl. I have said that I didn’t see myself playing much longer before and ended up playing more. Really though, I say this with a more level head. My usage of the app has gone way down. I really only open it for the contest and to claim more money for when I do want to open packs on it.

So if you want to add me as a friend on it, my username is PANDANWH. I add anyone that follows me on it and accept any trade for my doubles.

Random Review: 2017-18 Donruss rack packs, Round 3

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In the time between the last round of these and now; I have officially committed to doing a set of this product. Although I am still hunting for that Donovan Mitchell rated rookie too. He was the man when I saw him against the Clippers last month. This week I bought two rack packs from two different stores. Just because I am building a set, doesn’t mean I can break the bank. When I am in Target, WalMart, or any other store that sells cards, I now have a reason to pick up a pack or two. So I picked up one pack from my shopping trip at WalMart and one at Target. These must have just been put out by Target as everything other current basketball product was still sold out.

Pack 1: Target, not that it matters because this isn’t a scientific experiment. My first autograph from this product. It is funny how when you are not hunting or thinking about it, things like this seem to find you. Another Lonzo Ball rookie. I believe this is my third. If you can’t make it out, that is a DeAndre Bembry autograph. A three dollar autograph but one I am happy to have none the less.

Pack 2: WalMart. A couple duplicate rookies. Still no Donovan Mitchell rookie.

Random Review: 2017-18 Donruss Basketball rack packs round 2

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Hello from sunny SoCal. I understand many of you are freezing in your homes, while I am not embracing the warm weather I have here – hey, I would like one month of winter. Anyway today we have 2 more Donruss rack packs for your viewing. I wasn’t going to buy these but I got caught up in the hype. You see I went to Target and Walmart yesterday for grocery shopping. During my perusal of the card aisle at the end of my visit at Target, I noticed that everything that they had, minus the Lakers team sets, of this year’s basketball was sold out. Even the crappy gravity packs were sold out. So when I went to WalMart and noticed that they had a bunch of Donruss I was caught up in the hype. I almost grabbed a hangar box but I went with what I knew. I wanted more rookies; plus hangar boxes almost guarantee no hit.

Pack 1:


Pack 2:

At this rate, I might as well go for the set. At $5 a pack, I have been very happy with these.

Random Review: 2017-18 Upper Deck Series One Hockey blaster

December 27, 2017 § 1 Comment

When it comes time to get me presents, my mom has great taste. She collected cards with me as a kid, so it’s not surprising. For Christmas she got me a blaster of this year’s Upper Deck hockey and a factory set of this year’s Donruss football. Her goal was to get me something that I wouldn’t buy normally but wanted. She hit it on the head this year.

Pulled 2 inserts and 2 Young Guns cards. Young Guns were of Denis Gurianov & Samuel Morin. Inserts were an UD Portraits of JT Miller and Shining Stars of Zach Werenski. I was hoping to pull some Vegas Knights base cards but didn’t get any. I have only one Young Guns card on my wishlist in Adrian Kempe so it was unrealistic to expect to land that.
As for the oversized card, I pulled one of the best card’s possible in Nico Hischier.

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