Random Review: WalMart 30 Packs of Wrestling product

For those of you that have checked out WalMart.com, you would know that they have been liquidating the packs of another store. The football and baseball versions went fast. I got my hands on the 30 pack version of the wrestling product. This felt like a safe choice because they didn’t create much product during the 90s.

I figured the best way to do this was to do it via Periscope so I didn’t have to worry about hijacking my computer for hours while it uploaded a video, or taking up space from all of the pictures.


Thanks to JamminJd, I have been keeping tabs on Brothers in Cards for a while. For those unfamiliar with Brothers in cards, they are a pack subscription type box/program. They have 3 levels and offer football and basketball. They have a ton of different product and part of the fun is the randomization process. Unless you buy a gold, the highest level box, you aren’t guaranteed anything major. As a low budget collector, I have to pick my spots. When they released the product list for May, I was in. Let’s take a look at what I got in my bronze box that I paid about $30 for.

Naturally I didn’t get any packs that I wanted but part of the fun is that I got packs that I normally wouldn’t buy. Truthfully, I was more excited for the Kickoff pack than anything; and that’s probably a throwaway pack for many.

This pack probably should have gone to JamminJD as it was loaded with Cowboys but I am happy to get this. As readers know, I love offensive lineman. Plus, how can you go wrong with a Staubach appearance?

Prizm has been hot the past 2 years. Naturally I have avoided it but Panini has produced some awesome parallels and this Marlon Mack is no exception.


Overall not bad. I would like to check out a basketball box before the end of the year as I am a bigger basketball collector than a football one. This was still fun. Considering this is comparable to other pack subscription programs, I think this one is worth the trouble.

Random Review: Fleer Upper Deck Hanes Michael Jordan

For those that don’t know, taped to some Hanes products was a pack of Michael Jordan packs. I initially passed on these, only to find myself buying white shirts without a pack a month later. Well a few weeks ago, someone at church gave me the pack that came with their purchase. I told them that if for some reason I pulled a Michael Jordan auto, then I would sell it and give all the money to the church. Well as a Billy Bob Thornton character once said ‘wish in one hand and sh*t in other, and see what comes out first.’ I think I have been looking for an excuse to use that line for years on here. Anyway, check out what I pulled.

Despite being a huge basketball collector, Michael Jordan has never been my cup of tea. These were awesome for the nostalgia factor as the 90s and early 2000s Hanes commercials were fun.

Random Review: 2019 Bowman mega

Why did that feel so weird to write 2019?

So I am not a believer in the Bowman mega hype. I don’t understand why people are buying every box, especially when there is 20 of them. I feel there a false sense of hype. That said, I do like the collecting baseball cards, love baseball, and don’t mind the occasional prospect product when I come across it.

I somehow found myself at Target twice in 4 days and both were loaded with mega boxes. On my second time, I figured that I would grab one to see why the hype was about. Plus I do like the product, I just don’t like the hype and the way people are reacting to it. To be honest, I would have grabbed some and sold them at cost if I had any savings.

The very last pack, I pulled a green auto of Jordyn Adams from one of the mega exclusive refractor packs. I am open to selling it.

If you come across it and can only grab just one or two, this is a solid product. Right now I feel that hype is the only reason you will get a return on investment. Once that dies that down, buy it as a fan.

Random Review: 2019 Contenders Draft Picks blaster, Round 2

Random Review: 2019 Donruss baseball Target mega box

Donruss baseball is one of my favorite sets this year. Heck, I am doing the set. The autograph checklist is great, and it takes what I like about Topps Heritage and makes it readily available; I am talking about the base card variations by that comment. Since I am still trying to complete my base set, I took a shot at the Target Mega Box. I am not a mega box type of guy but this was worth it to me.

The allure here is the pink parallels. The inserts have a fireworks feel while the base cards lack the pizzazz; well as much pizzazz as bright pink will  let you.

I wasn’t surprised to see variation cards but I was surprised to see the numbered stat line cards. I really like the USA prospect insert set. Some of the numbered versions of those will be worth chasing once those guys get drafted. As it is, I have seen some sold for $20.

The blue and white stars parallel snuck in with an appearance that I wasn’t expecting. The autograph was of Garrett Hampson. I thought this was a safe set and that I would get a better autograph; maybe next time.