Random Review:

In honor of today’s NBA trade deadline, I present to you today’s hot pack from eBay. It guaranteed an autograph from Past and Present basketball.


The autograph was nothing special. Kyle Singler has had a quietly productive career so this is not that pathetic of an autograph. Still, I wish that I could do better. I know that there are some bad boxes so I am not going to blame the seller; especially because this was about $3; I am not even sure that covers the cost of the pack.


Random Review: Numbered eBay Hot Packs

eBay hot packs. The mystery. The misery. What do they offer? A lot of you don’t know. I bought a handful of them a few weeks ago and will be posting ‘Random Reviews’ of them. Today, you will get a glimpse into some hot packs that guarantee numbered cards.
Before diving in, the question is how people know what is in the pack if it is not resealed. In my research the only thing that is definitive is that the searchers can see through a pack. Usually this means seeing a card that is flipped or a different color than the other cards. Going by weight is too complicated. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t try this once. It was impossible for me to tell and I don’t even think about doing it anymore. Side tangent, my method now is that I touch the packs that I am thinking of and if any of them say ‘buy me’ while in my hand then I do that. Sounds a little out there but we are pretty much all sports fans and can understand crazy intuitions and stupidstitions.
Enough of me talking. Today you will see a 2017 Topps Heritage baseball that guarantees a numbered card and I will start with a 2017 Donruss Optic that guarantees a pink ‘Rated Rookie.’ These packs were in the $1.49 price range and were combined with future hot packs.





The packs were nothing special. For as cheap as the packs were, the guarantees did not pay for themselves. While I cannot speak for the seller, you would think that the numbered cards would have a chance at money makers. I suppose that I cannot complain as they were less than a normal pack would cost and they came with a guarantee.

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Random Review: Panini Elite Extra Edition Blaster

What was once an under the radar favorite of many is now at the forefront with blasters and many breakers ripping a ton of retail in Panini Elite Extra Edition baseball.
The product is moving so well that I had to order box online from WalMart.com because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. The blaster that is covered below is your typical $20 blaster box, except it guarantees 2 hits. With the way that blasters are moving towards being hitless, I jumped on this.

The box is normally featured with Casey Mize. He is on the other side of the box above. I wanted to show you a side that isn’t in the typical pictures.

The box guarantees only 5 cards. Fortunately you get quality over quantity.

In deciding to buy this product, I did not see any patch cards pulled from YouTube reviewers. I feel like I did good in that sense. Reynolds was traded by the Giants to the Pirates in the McCutchen deal. MLB.com’s prospect rankings have him as their 8th rated prospect. The patch only says event used. Brito is currently ranked 12th on MLB’s Phillies rankings. The pink parallel is not numbered like the base cards which are numbered out of 999. The autograph was numbered out of 100 and patch to 25.

I am not the biggest fan of numbered relics but there is one thing that I can tell you about this product: I am now a huge fan of these guys. As a collector who occasionally buys prospect based products, I aim to get hits that will make me invested in a players future.

Everything that I have seen out of this product satisfies the fun grade. While my box appears to be a better box, I would still be open to checking it out again. The typical box from what I have seen offers an autograph and a dual relic.

Random Review: End of the year Upper Deck E-Pack sale

I have had my eye on Upper Deck E-Pack for the past 500 days or so. Like most collectors, I didn’t know what to make of it.  I didn’t like that every pack didn’t guarantee you a physical card; then again I am a fan of breakers who ship their common cards. Today, I finally jumped in with my first foray into buying packs from the program. It helped that they are having an end of the year sale.

My purchase:
2 – 2017-18 AHL Hockey packs
$3.99, Buy one, get one free
1 – 2016 Goodwin Champions
$4.99, not on sale
2 – 2018 USA Football Packs
$9.99,  Buy one, get one free
Tax was charged on top of it

I was sold by the USA packs because they guaranteed a hit. For them, I was expecting the worst: a plain cheap jersey or a Canadian player Sorry Canada but there just isn’t many pro prospects with your players. Instead, I hit 2 USA high school players. One does not seem well regarded as he is 68th in the state at his position; and he doesn’t live in a big state like California or Texas. Still I feel that I didn’t do too bad by hitting 2 autographs.

The AHL packs did not offer much. Here is where I wish that I could get my base cards. These are the types of players where it would be fun to track their progress.

I didn’t hit a Ben Simmons in the Goodwin product but it was still fun. Bret Hart made an appearance; another one where I wish that I could get the base card. I got a mini of a water polo player.

2018-12-31 (1)

I was able to transfer 4 cards to my COMC account. I was expecting a wait but this was done instantly.

I am not sure that I will be buying more from Upper Deck E-Pack program. I would rather buy these cards in a card shop. Still, I can see myself jumping at a sale or two like today. I could have shipped my hits home instead of directing them to COMC. However, given that shipping is similar in price to PackRip, I would rather go with them for the time being. This is still a decent platform if you like Upper Deck products and are not a fan of accumulating base cards in your house.

Random Review: 2018-19 NBA Hoops Holiday Edition Christmas Edition

I got retail packs for Christmas but picked up this second Hoops blaster a few weeks ago. I opened it today figuring that I wouldn’t want to open it after Christmas. For a more detailed review on this product, check out my last review of it: Random Review: 2018-19 NBA Hoops Holiday Edition

This was a more typical box. I liked that the jersey card had a winter theme on it, something that my hit last time did not.

The rookies from this pack were pretty bland. As of right now, I didn’t pull any big rookies but the rookie class is fluid so who knows what I might come back to in a year or two.

The jersey card is a typical hit in these boxes. This box was very typical overall and not flashy; just like the Hoops brand. Nothing flashy but a healthy amount of base and rookies. I might keep my eye out and grab one or two of these if they hit the clearance rack. The winter theme is a nice change of pace for a product that doesn’t offer much.

A non winter themed card slipped by; the Maurice Harkless card. For comparison check out the card next to it to see how the base card should look with the winter theme.

Random Review: 2018-19 NBA Hoops Holiday Edition

Today’s Random Review is a blaster of 2018-19 NBA Hoops Holiday Edition. Unlike other products, these have been readily available in my area. I have seen them at Target and WalMart for the typical $19.99 price point.
You can find 11 packs in them with 8 cards per pack. It has a guarantee of a relic card.

The ends of the packs have a green holiday theme.

All of the cards have snowflakes on them; well except the autograph that I pulled. In the picture above, you can see that the snowflakes pop in some cards versus others. The picture doesn’t really show what I mean with the P.J. Tucker card as I had a hard time seeing the snowflakes when I had it in my hands at reading eye level. I put a card in the background for comparison to show the difference.
There are purple parallels in the box. As stated in the last paragraph, the autograph did not have any holiday theme on it. I am not really complaining as it was nice to pull an autograph from a Hoops blaster. Interestingly, despite being a $3 autograph from a player who currently plays overseas, it is Mangok Mathiang’s first autograph card.

I had fun with the inserts and rookies. A good 30% of the box was inserts and rookies. All of these were holiday themed and helped make this a fun box to open.

Overall this was a fun rip. If the base set wasn’t 300 cards, I might even consider doing a set of these. For an entry level product, this is a great product. I would love to see more holiday themed products of other sets. I can only imagine the potential for the snowflakes on a set like Optic or Chrome.