Random Review: 50 hockey packs Walmart

About a month ago, Walmart.com restocked their random hockey packs and I grabbed one figuring the fun grade was worth the $20.

Here is the pack breakdown:

7 – 1997-98 Leaf
5 – 1997-98 Pinnacle Hossa, Marleau rookies
3 – 2007-08 Fleer Ultra Price, Kane rookies
9 – 2006-07 Victory Malkin, Kopitar, Kessel rookies
6 – Pinnacle Mint
7 – 1991 Score Series 1 Weight, Hasek
6 – 1991-92 Series 1 Pro Set Weight, Hasek
4 – 1990-91 Series 2 Pro Set Jagr, Fedorov
4 – 1990 Pro Set

Here is some of the notable items that I pulled from it:
Coins: Daniel Alfredsson, Saku Koivu, Paul Coffey, Chris Osgood, Jeremy Roenick
Leaf: Banner Season Teemu Selanne , numbered to 3500
Joe Thornton Pinnacle rookie, not treated as his rookie by collectors but the card says rookie; also got a Chris Phillips rookie from that set
Ovechkin Fleer Ultra gold
Sergei Fedorov Pro Set rookie
Victory yielded a Matt Carle rookie, Ryan Miller Next in Line, and Daniel Alfredsson Game Breakers
Quebec Nordiques Team Facts from Pro Set
2 Wayne Gretzky cards

As a collector it was a fun trip down memory lane. My teams have evolved but I was reminded just how much I loved watching the Ottawa Senators growing up. The Daniel Alfredsson coin was something that I would have bought on my own as a collector. If I pulled the Wayne Gretzky cards when the set came out, I would have been over the moon.
If I opened the packs when they came out, I would have done amazing. As a result, I can’t complain. However this is modern collecting and this was full of junk packs. I got exactly what I paid for.



Random Review: 2019 Donruss Optic baseball FOTL

This was a $100 bucks. I grabbed it because ‘First Off the Line’ was a collecting bucket list item.

2 Garrett Hampson autos with 1 being a redemption and a David Fletcher auto. Stephen Gonsalves Rated Rookie numbered to 7. I wasn’t expecting 3 huge names but this is a major bust. Major is an understatement. At a little more than $4.15 a card, I doubt that I can get that for the cards above. Plus, I got a redemption, what a joke.
The cards below are all numbered to 99. I am not sure if each color has 150 cards or if the spread it out and certain card numbers go to a certain color. Regardless, not my cup of tea.

I am so pissed off. More at myself than at Panini. I am not in position to spend a $100 bucks and I certainly feel like my FOTL premium was lacking. I was saving this to open for when I needed a smile, instead I find myself more pissed. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go slam my head through a wall.

Random Review: 2019 Bowman rack pack Walmart

I grabbed this from WalMart.com for $10, basically so I could ship something else and not pay shipping. I price difference was that I could pay shipping and get that item or I could not pay shipping. That, and I was also curious about the camo parallels.

Pack 1 only yielded a Casey Mize insert.

Pack 2 felt like it has 2 packs worth of inserts and chrome in it. It certainly had double the first pack.

I was very disappointed at how ugly the ‘camo’ inserts were. They aren’t camo, they are dark green.

Random Review: Fortnite Dollar Tree packs

With the exception of the classic Street Fighter 2, I am not a fan of video games. That said, I do help raise my 11 year old nephews. When Panini released Fortnite trading cards, I saw an avenue to share my collecting with them.

They didn’t seem too interested in boxes when I offered to grab them one but I did grab some packs from Dollar Tree packs for them. Here is what was in them.

They still don’t seem interested in them. These are Dollar Tree packs that we are talking about though. One was at least curious enough to keep the cards next to his computer while he plays.

Random Review: 2019 Panini Chronicles rack packs

Chronicles basketball was released this week. It was the rare release where both retail and hobby hit at the same time. I am a basketball collector and this passed my regret test. I also saw that Luminance was in these so I am chasing and Anfernee Simons Luminance rookie.



Sorry about the picture quality in this one. Porter Jr. bronze parallel. 2 Gilgeous-Alexander rookies. The checklist is rookie heavy.

Not one, not two, but three Gilgeous-Alexander cards. Good thing that I like him.

My mom saw the remnants of the packs as I had them on the dining room table. She commented how awesome it was that they put the variety in. She doesn’t know a thing about basketball but she looked through them. For those unaware, in the early 90s, my mom and I collected together. We never collected basketball at all. It was nice to share a collecting moment with her.

These were oddly priced. Instead of the usual fat pack price at $4.99, these were $5.49.  That extra 50 cents instead of a dollar more seemed odd to me, not that I am complaining.

The cards here probably lack value as the printing is out of control. Still if you are a player collector, this will be a fun set.

Random Review: 2019 Score Football hobby versus retail packs


This is an assessment of 2 retail packs versus 2 hobby packs. Both pretty much offer the same amount of cards. Hobby packs have been going for $10 to $15 while the ballpark price on retail jumbo is $5.

Retail has 15 inserts per pack as opposed to hobby having 5. My hobby pack that yielded an auto, but only had 4 inserts. Hobby does offer 10 rookies per pack versus the 6 each that I got. I have opened up about 10 retail packs and have yet to get a hit.

If you are putting together a set like I am, retail is a great way to go. The inserts in Score this year are fun. Aren’t products that breakers hate fun? Is that why I am enjoying the product this year?

A ton of the bigger rookies will get overproduced. Score is fun in the sense that it is one of the final filters before these players start to make a name for themselves. If you are a player collector of a future bust then this will be a good set to come back too.

For once, I don’t have a conclusion. It depends on your collecting goals. I can’t tell you which way to go as both offer benefits; especially to this collector. All I can say is that if you are a hit chaser, avoid retail packs at all costs.

Random Review: 2018-19 Upper Deck SP blaster


SP hockey is one of my favorite all time products. If I was only aloud to collect one thing in perpetuity and nothing else, SP hockey would be on my shortlist to consider. Usually it is out of my price range. This year it hit blaster. So naturally I grabbed one. Let’s see what is in it:

I haven’t see what other boxes yield but I am ecstatic about my box.

I hope that the print run on these is through the roof because I want to be able to grab a bunch of these. Unfortunately hockey collectors are not in my area so stores don’t carry hockey like they could – this says nothing of Los Angeles as a hockey town, as hockey fans Los Angeles is a surprisingly very enthusiastic hockey town.

I enjoyed it. If hockey rookies weren’t so expensive, I would consider chasing the set.