Random Review: Gunslingers repack Round 2

First off, welcome to the new site layout. In an effort to grow and simplify the site, I cleaned it up a little. You may have also noticed the new logo. Thank you for making AngryCardCollector grow. As I have grown as a collector and became more of a trout than a minnow in the sea of collecting, I am making an effort to keep the voice of budget collectors who make up the majority of the hobby.

Today is Round 2 of the WalMart Gunslingers repack product. I bought the last one at only WalMart that sells them in my general area.

Random Review: 2010-11 Pinnacle Hockey

A fun $30 break with 4 hits.

Reminder: yes, today is Friday but this post was done earlier in the week. Twitter followers occasionally get an early preview. While I want followers, my reason for this is to give a post room to organically find its way and breathe.

Going to save the Enstrom city lights card because the Atlanta Thrashers didn’t last long but were one of those teams that I always liked. There won’t be any Atlanta hockey city lights card any time soon.

The pulls were nothing special but I bought this box because I love the Pinnacle inserts. Also I was chasing any City Lights relics which the box gave me. Overall a solid product for the price. It is a shame that it essentially has no current market value. Have I found a hockey hobby box rip that I don’t like? I could open hockey products all day. And hey I can say that I pulled an Orr autograph, too bad it is Colton Orr.

Random Review: 2018 USA Baseball Rack Set

Okay time for me to jump on the boat and give you a review about a current product. Well as current as I can give, being that this is sold out. For $12 you get a set and 3 autographs. This is right in my wheelhouse.

Tyler Holton, Carter Young, and Grant Taylor are the autographs. Holton was a 9th round pick by the Diamondbacks in the 2018 draft.
It was cool seeing Roc Riggio in this set. I had no idea that he had cards. I have personal ties to him that I don’t need to boast about.

I am still stuck on the missing number one card in the set. Is that intentional? I will find out tomorrow when I start raising a ruckus about it.

A great interview on this product can be found at Steel City Cards: https://steelcityscoop.com/2018/06/15/an-interview-with-usa-baseball-about-the-new-2018-rack-set-from-panini/

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There was a bonus pack that came with the order. That failed to deliver excitement as well.

You can’t win them all.

I reached out to Blowout Cards blog because their coverage is actually what put these cards on my radar. They replied that the following cards 1, 28, and 49 are missing.

Check out their blog here: https://www.blowoutcards.com/blog/

Random Review: 2017 Sage Football Hit High Number


This Tweet explains the mystery behind the Jake Elliott card:

Random Review: 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes

This was buy from Blowout’s most recent sale. It is currently for sale for under $40.

People hate it when blogger’s talk card designs but these are so underwhelming to me that I need to point it out. This product had a chance to be great but the design just killed the pizzazz for me.