Random Review: 2018 Topps Holiday pack

My favorite hobby shop was advertising these packs with a $10 Topps purchase. Knowing that they carry 2018 jumbo series 1 baseball for that price, I headed over there. It helped that I was in town. I didn’t know what to expect but I thought that it was cool to pull a Santa Claus card.


As for the pack that I bought. I feel that I did better. Sorry for the bad picture. I pulled the lone auto out of the box and got some decent Future Stars cards.


Random Review: WalMart Ohtani repack 15 packs

5 Triple Play packs – at least they knew they were bad .
3 HBP packs – I saw people pull multiple 1/1s out of this. I got none.
3 2014 Prizm Draft Picks retail
2 2016 Topps Series One
1 2012 Panini Golden Age
1 2012 Bowman Chrome
1 Ohtani Leaf

I grabbed this pack because I saw a bunch of people get Stars and Stripes packs in this. Naturally, this didn’t yield one. There have been good boxes of these, I didn’t get one. Hopefully if you picked one up, you did.

Note: I am still working on the camera for these. As of right now, I plan on doing a few more with this camera angle until I can line things up for the better.

Random Review: $11.99 WalMart Football RePack

The other day I was in WalMart and like the average collector, I perused the card aisle. As I buy repacks from time to time, the fact that this one sat abover a $14.99 price tag caught my eye so I took it to scan. I expected it to be $19.99 but to my surprise it was only $11.99. As some of you may know, I have a regret test. Despite having no interest in a football re-pack at the time, this passed my regret test so I grabbed it.

As expected, it had a ton of cheap blaster packs.

Ultimately, it had 3 passable packs for $11.99. Not my idea of value even though one was a hobby pack.

It was cool to pull a Joe Thomas rookie.

The weak packs yielded a Dak rookie. Still awful despite 2 decent rookies. I would advise everyone to pass on this product.


Random Review: 2018 Topps Fire Blaster Round 2

I wasn’t going to post this but I just opened what I feel is an awful box of Topps Fire. No numbered cards or relics. While the inserts of prospects were decent, there is still no guarantee with prospects. Thankfully I am doing this for the set and chasing base but I just wanted to show you because I know that average collector is not doing the same with this set.


Random Review: 2018 Topps Fire Blaster Box

Truthfully I had no intention of buying any 2018 baseball release with the exception of a hobby pack of Panini Chronicles if I come across one. Then a few things happened that made me open to it: I liked the design of Topps Fire and wanted to see them in person, it doesn’t hurt that I can put this on a credit card, I became a fan of Ozzie Albies, and Ohtani went down thus probably lowering any price gouging of Ohtani chasers. These factors also opened me up to the fact that I wouldn’t mind doing a set of the base cards.

For those unaware Fire is a Target exclusive.

I will definitely do a set of this.

Truthfully, the base cards look better on camera than they do in person. That said, the inserts look amazing. This design is not for everyone. This product certainly isn’t. I wish there was a hit in the blaster but this rookie class has made demand for products  such that Topps must not feel the need to do so.
One final thought: can you imagine a chrome version of this product?