Random Review: LiveBoxBreaks dead packs

Today is National Pretzel Day. Normally I don’t subscribe to inane days but pretzels are awesome; so grab a pretzel and read this entry.

I have been buying into breaks consistently for the past 9 months and I rove between about 4 or 5 breakers. It depends on the products offered, my budget as I can’t really afford case breaks, and the breaker reputation. Today I am going to feature something Live Box Breaks has to offer.

They offer dead packs. They are basically packs at a discount price because the guaranteed hits have been pulled. They were at a decent price so I grabbed some with my most recent purchase. They were also worth the fun grade. I also figured that this was my last chance to open a Prestige pack.
This was several months ago, but I just now got to open them – that reminds me, if a shipment comes in then next week you will actually get to see a new product.






Random Review with Random People: Clerks hobby box

This is a brand new segment where I do something card related with the people in my life. This is in an effort to show people who are important to me that the hobby can be fun.

If you threw a bunch of things in a randomizer what would come up: how about a gay pastor opening a Clerks hobby box? I started with Pastor Curtis because he is one of the most colorful characters in my life. Before doing this, I thought that he was a blank slate when it came to card collecting but as I learned he collected as a kid. My goal with this was to bring myself closer to people by showing them the joy of collecting. I feel that comes across with our banter. I hope you guys enjoy because this was a fun time.


Curtis is an author as well as currently leading the United Church of Christ in Simi Valley. Check out his book on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00D9G3S60/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i0

Random Review: 2019 Donruss Baseball

The past 3 years, I have committed to putting together one set together. This year, I am going with Donruss baseball. I know that it is random but I have my reasons:

More hits per box than Topps flagship
Better checklist in regards to hits and rookies
I know you hate it when I say anything about design aspects but compared I prefer the Donruss design to the Topps flagship. If they had team logos then it would be perfect.
Emphasis on the Japanese phenom and current Seattle Mariner Yusei Kikuchi
Variations like Heritage; except they are easier to identify – and probably more readily available.

Domingo Ayala autographs; Some of you may like him. For some reason he just ticks me off. https://www.domingobeisbol.com/


Only got 2 duplicates. About 35 to 60 percent of the base set. I am working on the camera angles and realize that I need to hold the cards at a better angle to the camera. Good thing I am not a breaker.

Random Review: 2019 Heritage Baseball

All of the hype of the new Heritage baseball release got me curious. With all of the error cards and various that Topps put in there, I figured the best way to see the difference in cards was to get into a break. I got into a half case break and snagged the Diamondbacks and Marlins.

Speaking of breaks, I gave up buying into breaks for Lent. Did any of you that gave something up for Lent, do something hobby related?