This is what’s great about the hobby: Thanks Bellafan24

June 4, 2017 § Leave a comment

With Extreme Rules on in an hour, I find this pickup very fitting. Thanks BellaFan24 for the mail day. Check him out on Twitter.


A numbered Bayley card, my new favorite wrestler since AJ Lee and Layla left the WWE. AJ Lee’s character reminded me of a lot of girls that I have known over my life.


This is what’s great about the hobby: Thanks Deb

April 1, 2017 § 1 Comment

So I guess Ebay isn’t all bad with buyers like @DebPaolello I have never wanted to give a buyer a hug as much as her; although I am sure some of the buyers that cause a ruckus can use one. Don’t believe me on how awesome she is? Just take a look:



This is what’s great about the hobby: A Topps redemption story

January 27, 2017 § Leave a comment

I think Topps must read this site, because they just did something to enter my good graces. If you read, well watched, my last post then you would know that I opened a mailday from Topps and what was in it. I wanted to do the good deed justice so I am making a post of it.

So I pulled a Jose Fernandez in a box that an ex gave me, that I opened in November. I sat on the redemption code until the very last minute and entered it a day or two before it expired at the end of November. I get a package with the card in mid January. Topps sent the letter below.


Dear Topps Collector,
Thank you for your continues interest in Topps products.
Included with your redemption is an extra bonus card for you to add to your card collection. We apologize for the delay in getting this matter resolved.
Thank you for your continued patronage.

Topps Customer Service Team

The bonus card is below. A Byron Buxton cloth card numbered to 10. It last sold on Ebay for $40. My actual redemption card last sold for $38.

This is what’s great about the hobby: My uncle has a card

December 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

As some readers may know, my Uncle is a pretty awesome guy. He may not know it but I am proud to be his nephew. Buried in my email, I found a gift card with credit on it. I turned that into some awesome cards. My favorite of the bunch is a base card.
So why would a base card be one of my new favorite cards? It has my Uncle’s picture on it. The front of the card also featured his artwork. For a whole $1.60, I was able to get a card that is now untradeable in my collection. I’ll post the rest of the haul later, but I did not want this to get lost in the shuffle.

I never cared for Star Wars but Lando is now one of my favorite characters.

This is what’s great about the hobby: Blowout Buzz

August 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

One of my favorite weekly reads is a blog that the people from Blowout Cards do called ‘Blowout Buzz.‘ Like a lot of blogs, they review products from around the hobby and specifically what Blowout Cards sell. With access to the Blowout inventory, they are able to put together some great content on the site. Their site is worth a visit; as well as their Twitter being worth a follow. They occasionally give away some hits from their reviews. I won this Kenny Lawler autograph from their 2016 Panini Certified Football break.


Check them out. and

Also I posted a contest for a Misery Pack this week on my Twitter



This is what’s great about the hobby: SportsNerdz

July 17, 2016 § Leave a comment

Thanks to my active presence winner on Twitter, I have won a few contests – side note follow me and the site here if you don’t: These contests allow me to learn about some great people and websites. This time, I got a card from; a website that has a lot of great sports content overall. Check them out. They are definitely worth a follow on Twitter, and not just because of their great contests –


This is what’s great about the hobby: Josh’s Cards

May 27, 2016 § Leave a comment

So two weeks ago, I am at my nephews birthday party bored out of my mind when I notice a notification on my phone. It was a random act of kindness. Someone said they had a card to send me. Awesome. I suggest everyone give Josh’s Cards a follow on Twitter.


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