This is what’s great about the hobby: Cryptozoic sketch cards


I’ve mentioned it before a bit on here: I come from a family that has comics in our blood. The quick version: my parents met because of the comic industry as my dad Bill DuBay and my mom’s brother Rich Buckler worked in it. Together the three of them have done a ton of work worth bragging about; yes even my mom as she did work on Eerie comics. You can check out their Wikipedia pages to see if what they did is noteworthy to you; I love to brag that my uncle created Deathlok. A lot of people ask if my family is rich because of the industry. I wish. The only thing rich was my dad’s pseudonym and my Uncle’s name; other than that, they scraped by like the best of them.
All that said, I cared about sports and music as a kid; not comics. Now, I have several comics accumulated in my collection; still far from an avid comic reader though. Comics were one thing that I was so close to as a child because of my dad’s work that I never appreciated them.
Anyway, when I got back into collecting heavily as an adult 1 of 1 sketch cards were starting to pop up. I immediately gravitated towards them as they were one of a kind cards that weren’t appreciated yet. Over time, I have accumulated a dozen or so. I seek them out when I can so when I noticed a Twitter contest for sketch cards, I was immediately in. Cryptozoic is my personal favorite company that produces sketch cards, so I was happy to win two sketch cards by  James Bukauskas and Jake Minor. George Nadeau is the reason why I won them. Check out his Twitter @georgenadeau. When he isn’t running Twitter contests, he is hard at work making Cryptozoic great.

This is what’s great about the hobby: Legends23 Case Breakers

The boom of social media has brought many great opportunities. For as many side effects that social media has, their is so much good that is hard to ignore. People are giving to others in amazing ways. In the past 10 days, I have seen an amazing number (a good half dozen, and not by major companies) of hobby boxes being given away. Last weekend, I was on the receiving end of yet another of one of these great givers.

The case breakers at Legends 23 are the amazing people behind this giveaway. I was lucky enough to walk away with a Hi Tek baseball box. Check them out at; they actually have a video of the giveaway on their site as well as great breaks.

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This is what’s great about the hobby: The Mystery Package

Happy Valentines Day amazing readers. It is a lovely day today, and I hope all of you are feeling that way. What better way to continue a great day than to highlight something amazing.
This past week has been a very long week for me, Panthers Super Bowl loss notwithstanding – I wish that was the worst thing going on. In the middle of all this interesting week, I had a package arrive at my house. Nothing special to the majority of you but this package was unique for several reasons – 1. I wasn’t expecting a package this week or for a while because of my budget being extra constraining this month and 2. The package had no return address.

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A little wrestling tangent & This is what’s great about the hobby

The Panthers are in the Super Bowl and Sami Zayn made his WWE debut in the Rumble. I am pretty much just as ecstatic about both; it’s pretty hard to top my favorite team being the Super Bowl.
I saw people complaining about little independent guys ruining the WWE on Twitter. I just want to say that their is a huge reason why independent guys matter and should succeed in the WWE: indy fans buy the product. Ring of Honor makes its living off people buying their iPPVs and buying their merchandise. Sure DVD sales have gone down a little, but they still have a very passionate fan base. The indy fans are the ones that are passionate about wrestling. They go to shows and buy the product. When they take their friends to shows, they turn that person into another fan; I have seen in firsthand when I went to PWG for a 3 year span. The indy fans are the type of fan that WWE should want.

Now onto something super positive. I want to thank @mne_breaks for an amazing giveaway. With all do respect to others, I got my single greatest card via giveaway from them. A John Tavares one of one card. Unbelievable. I thought he was the best player in hockey before I got this, and you can bet my opinion won’t change now.
I got the package on Tuesday night. I have commitments on Tuesday that keep me out of the house until very late so when I got home and opened the package it was past midnight on the east coast. I was so thankful I had to post a thank you immediately, and I really hope that I didn’t wake Matt up – MNE Breaks is obviously based on the East Coast.
You should check them out at their site as well: It looks like they have breaks set for the end of the month.


This is what’s great about the hobby #9

As someone with PTSD, there are very few places where I can find peace when I need it. Since I am not coaching this season, I have 3 places that I can go. One of those places is my favorite card shop.

I have covered in the past how I hate mystery packs. They never give value and a lot of the people selling them are unethical. Fortunately not everyone is like that, because my favorite card shop has mystery packs that have really paid off for me.  Here is how Alex at Valley Sports Cards does it. He puts together packs for 10 bucks from one sport. Each pack includes 2 relics, several rookie cards, a raffle ticket, and a board of death.  On top of that, he has cards in his display case that say 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. Right now for basketball there is a Scottie Pippen autograph as 1st prize for the basketball packs. The thing with that board of death is that in a handful of packs there is prize message on there saying that you won 1st prize (or 2nd or 3rd). He holds about 2 raffles a year. They are like big parties where he celebrates his customers and rewards them. He raffles good stuff like Jordan, Kershaw, and Magic Johnson autographs. There are customers that come acting like they are entitled to win everything, but Alex (and his wife who is just as amazing) take such good care of his customers that the appreciation is a 2 way street for 99.9% of the customers. I won a Pau Gasol signed basketball from one of the raffles, thanks to all the tickets that I had compiled from his mystery packs.
I love buying these packs because Alex does not put junk in there. Among the highlights of cards that I have got in the packs alone: Bobby Doer autograph, Wade Boggs jersey, Sam Bradford dual jersey, piece of a Super Bowl pylon, etc. Not all are great, but that is very rare. There are days when I walk away thinking that I got a dud pack but those days are pretty rare. I have bought so many packs and won some good stuff: Bob Griese autograph, Steve Young autograph, Alex Rodriguez booklet, etc.

As a low end collector, I hate walking into his shop with only dollar bin items so I try to buy one every time that I come in as reciprocation for how well Alex and his wife have treated me over time. I am not going to lie, I look at the prizes showcased to see if there is anything good; but very rarely is buying those my single reason for buying one of the packs.

So let’s take a look at how I did from my visit over the weekend:

Pack 1

The Isiah Thomas autograph is numbered to 25


I hit a choice of 3rd prize from this pack and chose something good…



This is what’s great about the hobby #8

A couple of weeks ago, I came across someone who was spreading the word about mental health and giving away cards in the process. As someone who has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – no, I was not in the military – and suffers from mental health issues as a result of that, I helped spread the word. I didn’t win the contest but the amazing person behind the account insisted on sending me something. After some back and forth where I refused to accept anything, I conceded – I have dealt with a lot of stubborn people in my life and Tom wasn’t going to back down from this.

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This is what’s great about the hobby #7

Contest is now over

Just a reminder, you can comment with your Twitter handle or email address on ‘This is what’s great about the hobby 2-7′ to be entered into the contest. You have until 2pm Pacific Time today.

The last highlight of my epic contest run is something I won from another great blog:

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This is what’s great about the hobby #6

Contest is now over

Just a reminder, you can comment with your Twitter handle or email address on ‘This is what’s great about the hobby 2-7′ to be entered into the contest.

This highlight is from a Twitter contest win from @AwesomeHotPacks a.k.a. BTB Hot Packs. I won one of their 100 chase packs that they put together. They were selling these for $8.99.

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This is what’s great about the hobby #5

Contest is now over

Just a reminder, you can comment with your Twitter handle or email address on ‘This is what’s great about the hobby 2-7′ to be entered into the contest.

Today’s highlight is a quad card from Derek Carr that I got from Curtis at We The People.

20150729_115025I am ecstatic to add this to my collection. As a small time collector, I don’t own many quad pieces. This is probably my first of a starting quarterback.

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This is what’s great about the hobby #4

Contest is now over

Just a reminder, you can comment with your Twitter handle or email address on ‘This is what’s great about the hobby 2-7’ to be entered into the contest.

Today’s winning highlights winnings from someone who I have been following on Twitter for about a year. Dave Palagi is someone the hobby holds in high regard. There are 2 times that show just how amazing he is: 1. When his Twitter got deleted, #FindPalagi was trending until he turned up (&) 2. I will never forget how awesome it was of him when on his birthday he did a Twitter giveaway because he said that is what he loves doing. After a a year of following him, I finally won one of his giveaways. It was a nice mix of autographs, game used, inserts, and a pack of Upper Deck 1990 baseball cards. I loved it because it the exact type of lot that I buy all the time on Ebay; and realistically, I would’ve bid $15 to $18 on something like this. Dave is definitely worth a follow: @DPcards. Thanks Dave, I am saving your address so if I ever come across a Dre card, I can pay it forward to you. Continue reading “This is what’s great about the hobby #4”