Twitter Finds #1

Buying cards on Twitter can be a dangerous game. Unlike places like Ebay or, you really don’t have much quality control in place of con artists. For every ten good seeds, there is a dozen bad ones. That is why when people who made trades or sales on Twitter, they are encouraged to post a picture of the items in their hand immediately.
As a low end collector on a tight budget, I don’t like to take chances. That didn’t stop me a few weeks ago when I impulsively bought a card; something I never do online. The item was shipped right away and came in the mail pretty fast.
When @Double_Z_Sports posted a card that I wouldn’t otherwise normally acquire in my price range, I impulsively grabbed it.

For $8 , I acquired this beauty. It is not often that I get material from top quarterbacks, so this was the reason for my impulse. I would definitely buy from @Double_Z_Sports again.