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Angry: Tyler Skaggs

A man died today. A human being. Yes he was somewhat famous and he played baseball but a human died today. Tyler Skaggs lost his life today. We don’t know why, but it doesn’t matter if he is the next Chris Benoit or the next Thurman Munson; people are affected by his death.

For those that watch my videos, you know that my desk is basically all cards. I did a lot of cleaning today and found his autographed card on my desk. I actually had it on there to sell when he made an all star team or signed a huge contract. Now, the only way that I am giving it up is if it goes in the hands of an Angels collector. It is a shame that I finally searched him online today and saw that he is someone I should have collected before as there is a really good chance that we were born in the same hospital.

Card collecting can be a nasty hobby. Today shows the dark side. Tyler Skaggs was a dollar bin autograph. Now he is a commodity. The amount of listings for his cards today on eBay have doubled. It is embarrassing. Notably, Probstein has listed 3 of them since the announcement. Let’s see Rick blame his consigners for that one. If you live under a rock, there a ton of evidence that Probstein is bad for the hobby that you can find on other sites. I am not going to take credit for any of the work that has been done there.

I don’t care about the people who had his autograph for sale and finally sold it today. I feel that it is embarrassing for someone to list a card with RIP in it 30 minutes after the announcement of his death. Wait a week. The price is now inflated and twice what you would have got for it before.

I am not saying there is a good time to sell it. I saw a Facebook group today ban all sales on his cards for a week. I think that is fair. Truthfully, I don’t know what is fair. I just know that listing his card because of his death at an inflated price is wrong.

We see this all the time with Hall of Famers. There is a huge segment of the collecting population who collects players and waits for them to die, so they can sell for a profit.

Let’s not miss the point. A bigger question is whether it is right to sell cards immediately when someone dies.┬áIn the world that I live in, any time one needs to ask themselves a question, they probably already know the answer to it. I have been asked a lot today if selling his cards is right, well if you are asking, then you know the answer. American society has moved away from business and ethics going hand in hand. This needs to be corrected and will be corrected as 99% of American society is good. You are good.

Pickups – $25 from COMC

Someone on Twitter is doing a ‘Better than a Blaster’ series. I recently received a $25 gift in the form of COMC credit. I thought that it would be worth sharing how far the $25 went.

I purchased $2 worth of Deathlok cards. Most were numbered. No need to show them.
Now at $23

2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate - Immaculate Gloves - Prime #17 - DJ Chark /84 - Courtesy of
2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate – Immaculate Gloves – Prime #17 – DJ Chark /84
Purchased for $2.89
Now at $20.11

2003-04 Upper Deck UD Top Prospects - [Base] #55 - Lebron James - Courtesy of
2003-04 Upper Deck UD Top Prospects – [Base] #55 – Lebron James
Purchased for $2.32
Now at $17.79
Can we pause here for a second. I picked up a Lebron rookie card for under $5, wow. I know it isn’t ‘the rookie card’ but how is this affordable?

2018 Panini Absolute – Head to Toe #HT-15 – Dede Westbrook /93
Purchased for $2.78
Now at $15.01
Helmets are not easy to put in cards. So a piece of one for a player that I think has potential; heck yes. This is a gift and I try to buy things with them that I wouldn’t normally spend money on. This qualifies.

2018 Panini Chronicles – Phoenix Signatures #PS-CT – Chris Taylor
Purchased for $1.95
Now at $13.06
I had to grab a Dodger autograph.

2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate - Immaculate Gloves - Prime #20 - Mike White /80 - Courtesy of
2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate – Immaculate Gloves – Prime #20 – Mike White /80
Purchased for $4.20
Now at $8.86
I already have one of these cards but these cards are so beautiful in person. As you see, this is my second purchase from 2018 Immaculate and I can tell you that they are quality cards. Both are players that I am stocking up on for my personal collection.

2005-06 Press Pass - [Base] - Blue #B26 - Chris Paul - Courtesy of
2005-06 Press Pass – [Base] – Blue #B26 – Chris Paul
Purchased for $0.59
Now at $8.27

2018 Panini Plates & Patches - All Hall - Blue #AH-MA - Morten Andersen /50 - Courtesy of
2018 Panini Plates & Patches – All Hall – Blue #AH-MA – Morten Andersen /50
Purchased for $6.00
Now at $2.27
I made a point to grab an autograph that I normally wouldn’t grab. It was between Morten Andersen and Alex Verdugo. I went with the one that I have been chasing for longer.

2018 Panini Donruss - Diamond Collection - Gold #DC-AG - Amir Garrett /99 - Courtesy of
2018 Panini Donruss – Diamond Collection – Gold #DC-AG – Amir Garrett /99
Purchased for $0.96
Now at $1.31

2017 Topps Update Series - [Base] - Gold #US254 - Amir Garrett /2017 - Courtesy of
2017 Topps Update Series – [Base] – Gold #US254 – Amir Garrett /2017
Purchased for $0.39
Now at $0.92
Why Amir Garrett? He was supposed to play on my college’s basketball team when I was attending; that is why. Yes, I said basketball and not baseball. He has a great story.

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age - [Base] #31 - Deathlok - Courtesy of
2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age – [Base] #31 – Deathlok
Purchased for $0.92
How is that for perfect?
This is one of the rare cards that has my uncle’s name on it. It is not shown above, but he is credited as the creator on the back of the card.

Anyone have any Deathlok cards on Upper Deck e-Pack?

As readers of this site know, my uncle created the Marvel character Deathlok. Now that I am on e-Pack I am looking to stock up on Deathlok cards.

If you have any that you are willing to trade then hit me up on there. My name on it is pandanwh, and I have a Dallas Stars avatar. I will trade numerous digital items for one physical Deathlok card. I would also consider any non autographs, unless it is for a printing plate.

As for e-Pack, I got lucky yesterday. I bought 2 Black Panther packs because it was buy one get one free. I got lucky.

2019-05-05 (3)

It’s a $6 auto but I am ecstatic about it. I am also pumped about the Vibranium card.

Hobby Question: Kronozio?

I am on the hunt for a decent card site that sells base cards. I use SportLots a lot for that reason but am curious if any of you have ever used Kronozio? Are they more of an alternative to the Beckett marketplace than SportLots? COMC is really missing the boat on base cards.

I am asking this question because I was trying to find Clerks base cards and SportLots doesn’t even have a category that fits the cards. If anyone has a lead then let me know.

Video: Mail-day from breaks

This season, it seems like I have picked a rookie in each major sports to personally collect. I was chasing my basketball rookie in Anfernee Simons. I chose him by picking a draft pick that was universally lauded but whose pedigree that I liked; hence Anfernee Simons. I can see him coming in and becoming a Tracy McGrady type; a good scorer who just needed a few years to develop.
This was pretty much a test video. I learned that I need to angle to cards to the camera better; as it seems like I held them at and angle so I could see them but barely cared about the audience. These will get better before they become consistent.

This Week in the Hobby: End of January 2019

3 notable things have happened in the hobby that I find worth commenting on. I am going to go in order of what I think you want to hear:

1. Retail stores have been putting out packs and blasters of 2019 Topps Series 1 baseball early. This isn’t a new phenomenon but with the advent of social media, we are seeing just how prevalent it is. For the most part, this is not happening at an alarming rate but the isolated places that are doing it are adding up. As a collector, I think this adds to the enjoyment and excitement surrounding the release. As someone who used to be in the music business when CDs were all the rage, I question how this is happening at the bigger chains. Some products give an error when the barcode is scanned nullifying the purchase. I don’t recall their being a major cost on the business end for this to happen so perhaps it is something that companies have not thought to do yet.

2. Topps has announced that they will be the exclusive distrubutor of Alliance of American Football cards. You can find a link to information here:
Let me start by saying that I want the release and the league to succeed but I am just not seeing it. The name players, and players with a chance to make a name for themselves, in the league will have already had cards put out. Unless they put energy in coach cards, I don’t see a huge market for it. It will be a distant 3rd to Panini and Upper Deck (USA). Yes, the CFL has cards out but they have a country behind them. With the XFL coming back into the picture, I worry that Topps is investing in the wrong minor league. Speaking of CFL, in December blaster boxes were going for $3 on major card retailer sites; so are their cards even doing that well to begin with?

3. The entire 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame class has just 15 rookie cards. The link will take you to the Beckett article telling you what to look for if you are chasing them. This worries me. It makes me wonder if companies are not learning from the mistakes of the 90s.
Let’s take a player that I personally collect this year and use him as an example. As of this writing, Ozzie Albies has 41 rookie cards when you put in his name in the COMC filter for rookie cards. This is not counting cards cards in his rookie year; when you account for that you get a whopping 425 cards. Only 1 of those rookie cards is an autograph; so in context you can say he has 40 rookie cards available. That is over-saturation times a 1000 to me.

Bonus: Crown Royale basketball was released this week. The cards look great. I wish that the price point came down because I would love to do a set of them.


Angry: Prevalence of Panini Points lately

As some of you know, I have a love/hate relationship with Panini points. They are good when I can fill needs for random players in my collection but they offer no value and shipping is atrocious.

Lately though, it seems that there has been an abundance of points in new product released. It has hit embarrassing levels. For example the 4 boxes on Youtube that I have watched opened on Twitter of Contenders retail have all had points replace the autograph. This is is also in line with numerous football hobby releases. Every case seems to have two or more boxes of points replacing an autograph.

When I buy a product, I want a card from that product. I don’t want a hit from another product that I have to pay an additional shipping cost on. I don’t want to have to add those up to get a better hit. Collectors want instant gratification for the most part. Contenders football updated their base cards and the base cards are something that I can get excited about. I was thinking about buying a box of them from Target until I saw all of the boxes had points replacing the autograph.

The rise and prevalence of points is at the point where I am genuinely worried for the hobby and Panini as a whole. They have a new football release every week. They are oversaturating the market. I understand that this is part of the contract with the NFL and NFL players association but to me it is clear that they have not learned from the mistakes of the 90s. The industry is a period where it has risen and collectors have come out of hiding. Also people are buying more product when they buy now. Instead of buying packs, people are buying boxes to chase hits. Parallels are a dime a dozen and feel like the new base cards; don’t get me started on those. On top of the fact that football cards do not age well because of short careers and injuries decimating every team every season. My point is, I genuinely worry is Panini is overproducing base cards again to meet demand. I worry that this is why we are seeing more of those awful points replacing hits. Aren’t there enough autographs to go around so that points aren’t needed? If not, why aren’t there?