Random Review: 2017 Panini Day Pack

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Now this is an interesting purchase. I bought a few things from Blowout Cards in December and did not purposely buy this. When I was looking in November, probably at the Black Friday deals, I added this pack to my cart but did not purchase it. Come December, it was still in my cart because I did not clear my browser history. When I made said purchase, all I looked at was if the total was off. Blowout Cards charges crazy shipping prices so a $3 addition was an easy oversight. I got this for $3.11 I believe, but they are currently on sale for $4.95. Let’s dive in:


Hmmm, a Ben Simmons rookie numbered to 50 and more importantly a C.J. McCollum numbered to 50. 20180314_111114.jpg

Just kidding, I know what I have. What a great pull from something I paid so little for. Since I broke the USA box and pulled the Kris Bryant autograph, I have sense pulled a Judge rookie valued over $10 and this. Not too bad. I do need to flip this card as my car needs new tires so if anyone is interested, message me on Twitter – no trades.



Happy New Year #CollectFam

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Happy New Year collect family. I hope to build on the direction that I have established with this site: navigating a giant world as a small budget collector. Moving forward I hope to push this site hard in an effort to grow because I love the card world. Some housekeeping:

I have a contest going that ends tomorrow:

New Year’s Day can get pretty boring. May I suggest reading my book. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/My-Life-Fiction-Coaching-Diaries-ebook/dp/B072S2YL6Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1514843174&sr=8-1&keywords=my+life+is+fiction+daniel+dubay For those that don’t know, it is my labor of love from coaching youth sports for several years.

In the next 24 hours, you can expect my Twitter-feed to be full of pictures from my PackRip.com mailday.

Misery Pack Twitter Contest, ends 8/27/17 9 pm

August 22, 2017 § 1 Comment

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. Retweet the Tweet below for a chance to win the stack. You must follow, blah, blah, blah. Don’t unfollow me if you lose, at least have the audacity to mute me from your timeline instead.
Top card is autographed, and there is one thick card in it. Because of the sheer size of the stack, it will be shipped in a bubble mailer.
An honest note: condition may vary on a few cards as I toss cards in my giveaway pile that are too good to toss out but not worth much more.

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USPS tracking said that I had a package in the mail that would arrive yesterday, Friday. It didn’t arrive this weekend. I accidentally spent over $20 at http://www.cincycardsandsupplies.com/. I bit on his Corey Seager cards and the next thing I knew, I added a dozen cards to my cart. Great site. He shipped the next day following my order. I have ordered from him in the past and will order again. Keep an eye out on my Twitter where I will post my finds.


I have an unopened box of cards sitting on my desk from Blowout Cards 4th of July sale. I don’t feel like opening it. Instead of my weekly post about cards, I am doing this. I wrote a post about Chester Bennington and dealing with suicidal thoughts. I didn’t post it here because I have been making an effort to stop posts like these on here but this one is important to me. I feel like I have written parts of this post before so I am sorry if I am repeating myself to some of you. It was in response to everyone posting the suicide hotline on their social media, saying that they would be there for those suffering, and to quell some misconceptions. I am sick of people blaming drugs. I talked further about it alluding how you can blame a car in a car crash but it was the driver’s error who caused it. You can find that post here: https://wordpress.com/post/danieladubay.wordpress.com/89


I told the people at Punched that I would post their link on here. It is a fun site that gives you deals on stuff in exchange for playing a game. Right now there are very few players so you could easily snag a great deal. I have bought a ton of stuff because of them including a $250 projector where they paid me the next day back for it, minus tax. You can find them here: https://punched.com/

Introducing: My Life is Fiction: The Coaching Diaries

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I am proud to announce the release of my book. You can find the paperback of My Life is Fiction: The Coaching Diaries, on Amazon right now. Pre-order is up for the Kindle version. It will go live next Friday, June 30th. The Kindle version is much cheaper, and the version that I strongly recommend. Plus the Kindle version is at an introductory price of $2.99. So grab it before it goes up to $3.99 soon.
The Coaching Diaries is a fictionalized version my experience coaching youth baseball.

Read in real time journal entries the thoughts of a coach throughout a season. Seen through the eyes of a coach who is battling depression. Join the ride with him as he takes you through two season in a competitive youth baseball league; coaching kids ages three to six.
At times situations are funny. Others are sad. This book has it all.
This book covers two seasons so it is essentially two books in one.

It is a great value at 280 pages. Truthfully you can probably get through it in three or four bathroom sittings.

Why My Life is Fiction? For starters, I might write more books under this heading. I write what I know best, and allow myself to be a character. So you are getting a fictionalized version of Daniel A. DuBay


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Going to give it to your straight readers: I did not do any card activity at all this week. My budget simply didn’t allow it.
I have two packs of cards that I need to open but am waiting until I absolutely need to squash my appetite to open some packs; even though the packs I have are retail. I even have a few posts written as backup in case I have a week where I am sick. I am just using this entry to point out that even though I wish that I could have something newsworthy to my card collection every week, it is not doable.

I am working on a e-book. Look for announcement on that soon.

In the meantime visit these great sites:
– https://beansballcardblog.com/
– https://blowoutbuzz.wordpress.com/
– http://projectpedropc.blogspot.com/
– http://sportcardcollectors.blogspot.com/


I have been obsessed with this site of late:
Punched.com <<<Check out the “Knockout Deals.” I have been able to load up on gifts for my my loved ones.

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It took a while to hit me but I am finally melting over losing my uncle. Probably because my mom is back in town after traveling to his funeral. The amount of people that have come out of the woodwork to send their condolences has been amazing. I am passing them all along to my mom who appreciates all the love. My family has had a field day sharing all of the links and photos that people have shared.
It is crazy to think that my mom would have never met my dad if it wasn’t for my dad being roommates and fellow artist with my uncle. They were struggling artists trying to make ends meet by doing something they loved. Comics literally helped breed my immediate family into existence.
Anyway, I am sick of writing about me on here. A lot of tributes have come in for my uncle and below is just a small glimpse:


Marvel posted a nice remembrance that can be found here: https://news.marvel.com/comics/65645/marvel-remembers-rich-buckler/

5 Rich Buckler comics you must read: http://comicbook.com/comics/2017/05/23/5-rich-buckler-comics-you-need-to-read/#1

Not sure how legit this is but someone started a fundraiser for a scholarship in his name: https://www.gofundme.com/RichBucklerScholarship

Bleeding Cool seems to be the go to source for his obituary as many places are linking back to their article on his death: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/05/20/deathlok-star-squadron-co-creator-marvel-dc-comics-artist-rich-buckler-passed/

Hollywood Reporter was on of the sites that mentioned the Bleeding Cool article: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/rich-buckler-dead-marvel-dc-comics-artist-was-68-1005867

Smash Pages has a well written piece on him: http://smashpages.net/2017/05/26/remembering-rich-buckler/
Mentioned in the Smash Pages article was this: http://www.inkwellawards.com/?p=5853

This post mentions his “how to” books. Those were fun reads as a kid: http://www.ibtimes.com/rich-buckler-facts-things-know-about-marvel-dc-comics-artist-deathlok-co-creator-2541672

A comic book artists death covered appropriately on ComicBook.com: http://comicbook.com/marvel/2017/05/20/rich-buckler-passes-away-marvel-dc-comic-artist-deathlok-creator/

I also wrote a letter to him following his death that gained this site traction. That can be found here: Dear Uncle Rick

More can be found:


The tributes on his Facebook page have been beyond amazing. Over 150 people from several different countries, and even in different languages have shared their well wishes; amazing. (Side note: this also happened when my dad died but it still crazy to see the impact that my family had on people. I still can barely comprehend it.) I wish that I had enough room to share all the screenshots that I have taken of the tributes. Instead here is a sampling:


“The Hendrix of comics art.”


Tomorrow I am going to post some of my pickups of his stuff. I will gladly add your link if you wrote a memorial on my Uncle, just Tweet me or any other avenue.

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