Undervalued? : 2008 MLS Soccer

My sister got rid of her storage and I had a few boxes of cards in there. One thing that caught my eye was a full hobby box of 2008 MLS soccer. Most would consider this a forgettable product. As I was looking at comps, it looks like one that the whole card community didn’t pay attention to it. However as I was going through it, I found a great undervalued product.

Any box that you can get a full set of base cards from is good in my book.

The base set has some great cards. I was pleasantly surprised to come across a player that I legitimately have in my personal collection in Sean Franklin. A player named Stephen King had a card made. Jozy Altidore, David Beckham, Landon Donovan, and Carlos Ruiz made an appearance.

Also the Young Guns inserts were stellar. I didn’t hit any names but I love having them as their own insert set.

My two jersey cards from the box weren’t too shabby either as I hit Jimmy Conrad and Taylor Twellman. I wish that I sleeved them but this was really my first few years back in collecting.

I remember that I bought this box for under the $30 that it sells for now.

Soccer is not for everyone, especially in North America. It has it’s place though and cannot be overlooked. We are seeing a lot of high end soccer released lately but this is a great low end product that will undoubtedly age well over time.

Undervalued? – John Tavares

In a card market that has seen rookie cards balloon to astronomical prices, I am starting to question if there is value in established superstars. Now what if I told you that you could buy an autograph of a current superstar. One who has played in New York and will now play in Toronto. What if I told you that he is under 30 and still has many prime years to play? On top of this he is a former number one draft pick only 9 years ago. His name is not Nail Yakupov, it is John Tavares. Is he a hall of famer? Who knows but he has a chance.

So go out and buy John Tavares’ autograph before the market correct itself and he stops selling for $22.

John Tavares autographs at COMC

Undervalued: Hockey Collectors

Today before church, I posted the above Tweet. I want to unpack this a little:

I feel the value is proportionate and consistent. Rookies get a bump for being rookies with the superstars valued accordingly. Basic jersey cards sell for little patches fetch a premium. Same goes for autos. With all do respect to other sports, I feel that hockey collectors know their players better so you won’t see a crazy fluctuation in prices like you see with baseball and football. When some random guy has a career season, hockey collectors already already knew he was good so you won’t see a huge bump. The only real bumps you see are for unexpected call ups. Even in those cases, if it is really unexpected then the player sometimes doesn’t even have a card made. Diving deeper, while hockey does have a premium team bias, it doesn’t have an extreme undervalued team bias. For example with baseball you have close to a dozen teams where you can get their best prospect’s autograph for value compared to other teams. In hockey, the most undervalued team is the Florida Panthers and even then you have Roberto Luongo giving them a bump. You can’t say that about any of the Florida teams in baseball or even a team like the Royals.

For the record, I put this in the ‘Undervalued’ section of the site because I feel that hockey collectors are not as appreciated as others.

Undervalued? – Contest and another entertainer

Between my all time favorite team being in the World Series and catching a nasty bug despite getting my flu shot, I have been on radio silence for the most part. You see my mentality when good things happen to my sports teams is to maintain radio silence. I don’t watch pregame shows, talk about it, or watch any news coverage of it until a championship is in hand. Anyone else do anything similar?

Speaking of my radio silence, I did post a contest on Twitter recently. Initially I wanted it to be a weekend thing but my bug changed plans and made it a World Series contest. I included a signed card from Blake Rutherford from when I met him – you can read about that adventure here: How was your day?
You can find that contest here:

Now onto today’s post:

Shut up you stupid idiot and listen to this. I am about to tell you of an autograph from a past, present, and future great. Someone who has won every major title in the WWE/F. Someone who is proof that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Someone who was my personal favorite wrestler when he was in WCW. He just so happens to have a band and is into awesome music. He is the one, the only: Y2J, Chris Jericho.


I have to be honest, I didn’t think that his autograph would ever be in the my wheelhouse but I stumbled across it by accident and was shocked at the price of them. For under ten bucks you can get one of his cards. Don’t believe me, check out eBay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_sop=15&_nkw=chris+jericho+auto&rt=nc&LH_BIN=1

Undervalued? – An award winning A-Lister

Its not often you can get an autograph from an award winning a-list actress in any product. Getting said autograph for under $20, you have to be kidding me. Where do I sign up? Today’s undervalued cards is autographs by Joan Cusack. You can buy her autographs for as low as $14.99 plus shipping on eBay right now.

I have been sitting on this one for a month or so and in that time all of her cards sold on COMC. She may not be a ‘Benchwarmer’ but she in my book she is better. I would rather buy Cusack’s cards instead of a pathetic no name model who just so happens to take care of her body and knows how to apply make up. I don’t care who it is, give me a talented actress a thousand times over a Benchwarmer.

To recap: award winning, a prominent character in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story, talented, and still has many years to earn more achievements. It is time to fix this market slight.


Undervalued? – Managers of the Year

You know that crappy backup catcher whose autograph you used to always pull fifteen years ago? What about that journeyman infielder who was lucky to even have an autographed card to begin with.
Well once these guys turn into managers they are worth something. Once they turn into managers who got their team in the playoffs, their value should skyrocket. Or at least you would think.
Currently you can buy autographed cards from the potential Manager of the Year in both leagues for under $5 each if you look hard enough. I snatched up 2 A.J. Hinch cards for $2 last weekend. Torey Lovullo’s autograph was double that at $4 so I only got one. Managers cards values have been going like hotcakes in the recent hobby environment. Try getting a Joe Maddon or Bruce Bochy autographed card. That will cost you at least $40 each.

Undervalued? – Iron Sheik


As a collector on a budget, I have to work the ends of the hobby to get good value on cards. Fortunately some are hidden in plain sight like my Panini points pickups from a few weeks ago. So in a similar vein of that post, I present to you a new segment on this site: Undervalued?

I have no idea why The Iron Sheik would be an undervalued autograph. To me he is an upper echelon WWE legend, up there with the likes of Triple H, Mick Foley, and Booker T. He is the man who Hulk Hogan owes everything too, as he was the villain that helped birth Hulkamania. He is a former WWE champion, and was a champion when it meant everything to be champion. He is a Hall of Famer. Yet for some reason, if you browse COMC, his autograph is buried in price with autographs of nobodies like Adam Rose, Aiden English, and the Usos selling for higher than his. I picked up these 2 gems for $9 a piece. One to keep and one to sell when people come to their senses. At the very least I think his autograph should be a $20 autograph. I hate to say it but watch when he dies, his autograph will probably quadruple in value – and in wrestling years he is probably about 200, considering most die before the age of 50. The time to get his autograph is now.