Misery Packs for sale and cards for Sale FAQ


Low end  Misery Packs are officially available. 5 to 15 cards, with at least 4 but probably more relic or autographed cards. The other cards will be inserts, numbered cards, rookies, first year cards (I am old school and in my mind those are rookies too). Basketball, Football, and Baseball are available. If you want a mixed one, I can do that. What I am going to try to do is take a video randomly picking the cards.
If you want one message me at AngryCardCollector@gmail.com $10.99 shipped. If you want to review one on your site or YouTube, let me know. I will cut you a deal.

Every card that you are getting is an item that was once in my personal collection. If I am firm on a price, it is because I don’t mind keeping the card for myself.

More information:
I am not going to say that I am giving a set portion to charity but I do a lot of volunteering and am active in the local community. One example is I feed the homeless once a month, sometimes twice. By nature of who I am at least 5% of each sale, but probably more, will find it’s way to non-profit causes that I work with.

I have listed a bunch of cards on Ebay. If the prices seem high, it is because I used COMC for comparison pricing. I don’t really go by the last one sold, if one isn’t currently actively for sale. I have been working on a rant about this that will probably be posted next week. I stand by this, as I have had to pay a premium for some no names in my Prestige collection.

http://www.ebay.com/usr/pandanwh – I will trade or sell any cards outside of Ebay if you message me.

Twitter sales: shipping is $2.75 for the first 5 items, $3.33 5-10 cards, $2.99 for Misery Packs. I recycle bubble mailers. I have no problem building stacks, as I plan to continue selling for a while. I am condensing my personal collection.

Don’t be afraid to make me an offer. I will also do trades for any Prestige Basketball 13/14 cards that I don’t have (which isn’t many at this point).

I am selling a couple of cards that are accidental duplicates to my collection from COMC. You can find those here: http://www.comc.com/Users/pandanwh,sn,i100