Pickups – $25 from COMC

Someone on Twitter is doing a ‘Better than a Blaster’ series. I recently received a $25 gift in the form of COMC credit. I thought that it would be worth sharing how far the $25 went.

I purchased $2 worth of Deathlok cards. Most were numbered. No need to show them.
Now at $23

2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate - Immaculate Gloves - Prime #17 - DJ Chark /84 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate – Immaculate Gloves – Prime #17 – DJ Chark /84
Purchased for $2.89
Now at $20.11

2003-04 Upper Deck UD Top Prospects - [Base] #55 - Lebron James - Courtesy of COMC.com
2003-04 Upper Deck UD Top Prospects – [Base] #55 – Lebron James
Purchased for $2.32
Now at $17.79
Can we pause here for a second. I picked up a Lebron rookie card for under $5, wow. I know it isn’t ‘the rookie card’ but how is this affordable?

2018 Panini Absolute – Head to Toe #HT-15 – Dede Westbrook /93
Purchased for $2.78
Now at $15.01
Helmets are not easy to put in cards. So a piece of one for a player that I think has potential; heck yes. This is a gift and I try to buy things with them that I wouldn’t normally spend money on. This qualifies.

2018 Panini Chronicles – Phoenix Signatures #PS-CT – Chris Taylor
Purchased for $1.95
Now at $13.06
I had to grab a Dodger autograph.

2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate - Immaculate Gloves - Prime #20 - Mike White /80 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Collegiate – Immaculate Gloves – Prime #20 – Mike White /80
Purchased for $4.20
Now at $8.86
I already have one of these cards but these cards are so beautiful in person. As you see, this is my second purchase from 2018 Immaculate and I can tell you that they are quality cards. Both are players that I am stocking up on for my personal collection.

2005-06 Press Pass - [Base] - Blue #B26 - Chris Paul - Courtesy of COMC.com
2005-06 Press Pass – [Base] – Blue #B26 – Chris Paul
Purchased for $0.59
Now at $8.27

2018 Panini Plates & Patches - All Hall - Blue #AH-MA - Morten Andersen /50 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2018 Panini Plates & Patches – All Hall – Blue #AH-MA – Morten Andersen /50
Purchased for $6.00
Now at $2.27
I made a point to grab an autograph that I normally wouldn’t grab. It was between Morten Andersen and Alex Verdugo. I went with the one that I have been chasing for longer.

2018 Panini Donruss - Diamond Collection - Gold #DC-AG - Amir Garrett /99 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2018 Panini Donruss – Diamond Collection – Gold #DC-AG – Amir Garrett /99
Purchased for $0.96
Now at $1.31

2017 Topps Update Series - [Base] - Gold #US254 - Amir Garrett /2017 - Courtesy of COMC.com
2017 Topps Update Series – [Base] – Gold #US254 – Amir Garrett /2017
Purchased for $0.39
Now at $0.92
Why Amir Garrett? He was supposed to play on my college’s basketball team when I was attending; that is why. Yes, I said basketball and not baseball. He has a great story.

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age - [Base] #31 - Deathlok - Courtesy of COMC.com
2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age – [Base] #31 – Deathlok
Purchased for $0.92
How is that for perfect?
This is one of the rare cards that has my uncle’s name on it. It is not shown above, but he is credited as the creator on the back of the card.


Angry: 2019 Contenders Draft Picks blaster…a points rant


I was originally going to have this be a few sentence ‘Random Review’ like past ones but this took a life of it’s own. Instead, you are getting a rare ‘Angry’ post. I am so Angry that you aren’t getting a picture of the box because I destroyed it.

Readers of this site know that I love Contenders Draft Picks football. In 2017, I put together all the non auto sets. I also have a healthy chunk of the autographs down as well. This year, I really liked the design of the product. I wanted 2 of those autographs in my collection like the box promised. I would have much rather pulled a redemption than points.
This leads me to the following: I like pulling autographs of random people. That is a selling point for me. This is a time where a lot of hits sell for cheaper than boxes, and even packs. If I wanted an autograph of a certain player, I would have bought it. I am not pissed that I missed on a Daniel Jones card, okay I am mad about not pulling him because I like him, but I am not mad that I missed on Joey Bosa or Dwayne Haskins; I am mad that I was robbed of a player to cheer for. Even if I did pull a Bosa or Haskins, I would now have a reason to cheer for them. Fact is, the average collector is like me and doesn’t flip cards anyway. I would much rather get a redemption for a random player, and not just because I don’t want to pay the shipping cost that you have with points. Heck in most of my cases, the shipping cost more than what I paid for the points.
Also let’s focus on the production run. Contenders has a ton of autographs in it’s checklist. I get that athletes don’t always send in their autographs in time for production. However I have pulled redemption cards specific to a player in Contenders before. So what does it say that Panini puts in points? My takeaway from this is that maybe they are making too many of these.

Now normally, I really like points. I used to love it when collectors rejected points because a bottom feeder like me can pounce on them for cheap. I have grabbed some cool stuff from the program. I grabbed a Walker Buehler autograph on there for 150 points before he became huge. I also finished off random cards for my Prestige college. However now that so many people have been exposed to points, I am finding the benefits to them few and far between. Those examples are 2 to 3 years old. I feel that points have run their course. I feel that Panini needs to do something to freshen up the market for little guys like me who don’t have tons of points laying around for the bigger offerings. They definitely need to get rid of the shipping cost because in most cases the shipping costs more than the card is worth and I hate the concept of paying twice for something.

Let me end this with rant about the offerings on points:
I don’t like the Kaboom or White Sparkle packs either. First they are too expensive for my taste. Second, I feel like they ruin something special. What used to be case hits is now dumbed down to a pack. Just because people are paying as if they are case hits, doesn’t mean they are. Who know’s how many Panini produces because they don’t release the production numbers. To me, those feel like the most blatant money grab possible. Sorry for my poor grammar in this paragraph, that is what happens when I get angry.

Anyone have any Deathlok cards on Upper Deck e-Pack?

As readers of this site know, my uncle created the Marvel character Deathlok. Now that I am on e-Pack I am looking to stock up on Deathlok cards.

If you have any that you are willing to trade then hit me up on there. My name on it is pandanwh, and I have a Dallas Stars avatar. I will trade numerous digital items for one physical Deathlok card. I would also consider any non autographs, unless it is for a printing plate.

As for e-Pack, I got lucky yesterday. I bought 2 Black Panther packs because it was buy one get one free. I got lucky.

2019-05-05 (3)

It’s a $6 auto but I am ecstatic about it. I am also pumped about the Vibranium card.

Random Review: 2019 Donruss baseball Target mega box

Donruss baseball is one of my favorite sets this year. Heck, I am doing the set. The autograph checklist is great, and it takes what I like about Topps Heritage and makes it readily available; I am talking about the base card variations by that comment. Since I am still trying to complete my base set, I took a shot at the Target Mega Box. I am not a mega box type of guy but this was worth it to me.

The allure here is the pink parallels. The inserts have a fireworks feel while the base cards lack the pizzazz; well as much pizzazz as bright pink will  let you.

I wasn’t surprised to see variation cards but I was surprised to see the numbered stat line cards. I really like the USA prospect insert set. Some of the numbered versions of those will be worth chasing once those guys get drafted. As it is, I have seen some sold for $20.

The blue and white stars parallel snuck in with an appearance that I wasn’t expecting. The autograph was of Garrett Hampson. I thought this was a safe set and that I would get a better autograph; maybe next time.

Angry: eBay Adventures

Worth mentioning before you dive into this: Upper Deck epack has a buy one get one free on most football. I snagged 2 Notre Dame boxes for $20.

For good measure here is a $3 coupon on eBay. Enter PERKS4ME. I just used it as of 3:05 pm Pacific on Tuesday April 30th.

Adventure 1:
Since I put together the Luminance base set, I have been gobbling up its printing plates. Now that it is in Plates and Patches, this is affordable for me to do. I bought a bunch of plates from a seller. Naturally I didn’t get any of them.

Beginning of April/End of March: I buy them
Week after: A package arrives from the seller. It has one card in it and eBay says all 5 have been delivered. I contact the seller and the seller says that they will ship items.
Week after that: I message the seller and ask what is up as I have since bought stuff and received it so clearly they didn’t ship. They ask for my address.
Week after that: eBay has a feature now that let’s seller offer discounts on products you made an offer on. The same seller offers me another plate for $5. Since I have not received my items from the seller, I decline.
Last Monday: I file cases.
This weekend: Seller never responds to the cases. eBay rules against me because there is tracking. Naturally I call them and appeal the decisions immediately. It takes them 30 seconds to reverse the decisions. They reverse 4. For the final 1, they initiate a return at the lowest value card. If seller doesn’t respond, I get refund.
Today: I got refunded and got to keep the card. I am not convinced that it was sent by mistake.

I would say the seller’s name but if you bid on someone with 92% feedback on eBay then you deserve the damage the seller will inflict.

Adventure 2:
Last week I read about how Casey Mize is tearing through the minor leagues. Out of curiosity, I check the price of his autograph and it is cheaper than a blaster. COMC has the cheapest but there are some $25 cards that I can offers on. I make offers on 2 cards.
I start with my perfect price and get rejected so I move on to a dollar less than COMC. I go back and forth with one seller in particular. In my notes, I even put that ‘if this get’s rejected, I am going to COMC.’ Seller counters with a higher offer and I reject immediately as I am ready to go to COMC.
In the minute that it took me to go to COMC, the seller messages me on an item that I have for sale saying that he never saw my message and he will do it at my price. As I got the message, I thought how odd it was to get a message on a women’s shoe item at 11 pm and that it would be funny if it was the Mize seller.
Side note: immediately after that the seller of the other card counters at a decent price point. I reject it. Sellers, timeliness is key with offers. When I make offers, I sometimes have 2 or 3 out on similar cards. With me, it does not pay to get cute. Monday: Mize pitches a no hitter. I stress if the card got shipped. By the time that I got home, the card was there.


Thanks for reading. I hope to have 2 reviews up of current products within the next 7 days.

Random Review: LiveBoxBreaks dead packs

Today is National Pretzel Day. Normally I don’t subscribe to inane days but pretzels are awesome; so grab a pretzel and read this entry.

I have been buying into breaks consistently for the past 9 months and I rove between about 4 or 5 breakers. It depends on the products offered, my budget as I can’t really afford case breaks, and the breaker reputation. Today I am going to feature something Live Box Breaks has to offer.

They offer dead packs. They are basically packs at a discount price because the guaranteed hits have been pulled. They were at a decent price so I grabbed some with my most recent purchase. They were also worth the fun grade. I also figured that this was my last chance to open a Prestige pack.
This was several months ago, but I just now got to open them – that reminds me, if a shipment comes in then next week you will actually get to see a new product.