Random Review: 2017 Panini Day Pack

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Now this is an interesting purchase. I bought a few things from Blowout Cards in December and did not purposely buy this. When I was looking in November, probably at the Black Friday deals, I added this pack to my cart but did not purchase it. Come December, it was still in my cart because I did not clear my browser history. When I made said purchase, all I looked at was if the total was off. Blowout Cards charges crazy shipping prices so a $3 addition was an easy oversight. I got this for $3.11 I believe, but they are currently on sale for $4.95. Let’s dive in:


Hmmm, a Ben Simmons rookie numbered to 50 and more importantly a C.J. McCollum numbered to 50. 20180314_111114.jpg

Just kidding, I know what I have. What a great pull from something I paid so little for. Since I broke the USA box and pulled the Kris Bryant autograph, I have sense pulled a Judge rookie valued over $10 and this. Not too bad. I do need to flip this card as my car needs new tires so if anyone is interested, message me on Twitter – no trades.



Random Review: 2012 Press Pass Sports Town Football Blaster Box

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A 1 autographed card per box product and only that card. I bought this from Blowout Cards in December for a shade over $5. Right now you can find these boxes in the $8 to $16 price range.

It was interesting to see Michael Floyd and Trent Richardson cards on the box as selling points.

A Courtney Upshaw autograph. He was an early 2nd round pick so this would have been a decent card at the time. It’s still not a bad card in my book, even with 1 currently being on sale for a buck.

If you come across a box under $10, it is worth a shot. Andrew Luck, Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, and Nick Foles are in this set. Press Pass is also not a bad card company and I wonder how much of the value from the card is depressed because of the Press Pass name on it.

Random Review: Absolute Basketball 2016/17

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It was broken up into 4 mini packs/boxes.

How many limited Diamond Stone cards have a pulled? It feels like the card Gods have directed those cards to packs that I open.

The Thon Maker auto saved this box from having a dollar bin relic in every pack. I know that you never know with rookie based products but I was hoping for better. Individual cards for this product are amongst my favorite cards so I was hoping for a bunch of cards for my personal collection. I am in the boat of collectors that hate balls in cards so I was hoping for a decent ‘Tools of the Trade’ relic. You can’t win them all, and I have had good boxes recently. If you have $60 to $75 to burn then you might like this rip. If it was in the $50 range then I could see myself recommending this product.

Random Review: The Seeker

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Currently for sale on BlowoutCards for a whole $12.99. I think that I may have bought it for cheaper than that. I don’t know anything about the movie but I love a cheap fun box. Even if you don’t know any of the actors, there is always potential for a huge boom years down the line. Look no further than Meghan Markle being a throwaway autograph in the Fringe set and now being a $500 card. Now she is an extreme example but you get the point.

I was able to put together 2 full sets from this box. Take note other companies: Inkworks did this right.

Frances Conroy autograph. She has been in everything. I didn’t recognize her from the picture on the card but when I googled her, it was one of those: ‘oh her, cool’ moments. If anything, she might be the autograph that I want. She played Barney’s mother in ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Take a look at her IMDB page, she has quite the impressive resume.

As for movie prop cards, I feel those are underrated. Every non-collector that I show prop cards to loves them. Considering most movies are on a tight budget, why not try to make money on things that will be trashed anyway? I come from a Hollywood family and I have seen my family throw away things that people will kill for. Heck I would do a lot for a prop from a movie like ‘Pulp Fiction’ or ‘Major League.’

Decent insert cards.

Overall, this box hit the mark. It made me interested in the movie. I had fun opening it. While I didn’t encounter any surplus value from the cards, I got what I wanted out of it. It did what these boxes should do. It is a nice fun break. I am not sure of this hit ratio on these boxes but even if it offers just one, it is worth the price.

Random Review: 2017 Hit high series blaster 2

February 24, 2018 § 1 Comment

Last week I did a low series blaster, so how about a high series this week? For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you will know that I opened this a few days ago.

Interestingly I hit a Shelton Gibson autograph, the last time that I opened a similar box, which was in July. So this means that the last two blaster that I opened of both and hi and low, I pulled autographs that I already had; as you may have read from last week.

Random Review: 2017 Hit low series blaster

February 15, 2018 § 1 Comment

It’s Ash Wednesday and as a Deacon that means that life is good; even if Ash Wednesday wasn’t celebrated at my church this year. Anyway, this year I wrote down a list of things that I will be giving up this lenten season and cards with the exception of a final pack of Donruss basketball and any cards that I set Ebay alerts when they go up for sale for my Prestige collection. Not that I need to defend myself but I told myself that I would buy a final pack of Donruss when I saw how close I was to a finished set, a few days before making my lent decision. I gave up some other things as well.
Anyway me giving up buying cards* isn’t a sign that I will not be posting on here. If anything, that is a commitment to what I have in my arsenal and haven’t opened yet. Since I didn’t have a Valentine to buy me some cards, I opened a box for myself. Before I move on, that reminds me, I posted a #MiseryPack contest today that ends Friday. Check it out:

So while I have better things, I was in the mood to open some bad Hit packs. I think this had to do with me falling asleep while watching a retail repack break on Youtube last night. So today I opened a blaster of Premier Draft 2017 Hit Low Series. Naturally these do not have the cheap packs that you find in repacks. I hope this is the wave of things to come if this means that we won’t see them in said products.



The autographs:
Zach Banner – 4th round pick who was cut by the team that drafted him, then latched on with the Browns. Before I researched him, I was happy with this pull anyway because I love collecting offensive lineman.
Garrett Fugate – now in the CFL but hey, at least he latched on somewhere. I actually pulled his autograph in my birthday box. Check that out here: Random Review: Birthday Gift Card 17 Hit + hockey packs
Cooper Rush – Cowboys backup quarterback so not a bad pull


I was surprised to see a duplicate card in here. While there may have been more, I don’t mind having 2 Evan Engram cards. Since I like him as a player, that is the only reason that I noticed. I like collecting the base sets of these cards so I would prefer not to have duplicates. Being that they put in 4 packs, albeit one of which is all inserts, I would rather have the cards sequentially numbered in the packs.

Finally the inserts:


This is what’s great about the hobby: Razz Benefit in Facebook group

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Life is beautiful. In my life I am blessed that I have so many different families. I have my friends, family, pets, church, and card family. As much as saying that may confuse one, none of those felt wrong to type. People underestimate the power of a hobby family but it is very real. Right now in the “Sportscard Scammers Exposed” Facebook group, they are showing a reason why the #CollectFam is strong. You can find the group by clicking on what is underlined in the past sentence or by going here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/135534423676517/ It is not a public group and you have to be approved to join.

So what is happening in that group? Well you see a member of it recently lost his mother in law and there is a huge razz going on with all the money going to support his family. The razz is Wednesday, tomorrow, so get on it quick. Spots are only a dollar each.

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