Undervalued? – Iron Sheik

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As a collector on a budget, I have to work the ends of the hobby to get good value on cards. Fortunately some are hidden in plain sight like my Panini points pickups from a few weeks ago. So in a similar vein of that post, I present to you a new segment on this site: Undervalued?

I have no idea why The Iron Sheik would be an undervalued autograph. To me he is an upper echelon WWE legend, up there with the likes of Triple H, Mick Foley, and Booker T. He is the man who Hulk Hogan owes everything too, as he was the villain that helped birth Hulkamania. He is a former WWE champion, and was a champion when it meant everything to be champion. He is a Hall of Famer. Yet for some reason, if you browse COMC, his autograph is buried in price with autographs of nobodies like Adam Rose, Aiden English, and the Usos selling for higher than his. I picked up these 2 gems for $9 a piece. One to keep and one to sell when people come to their senses. At the very least I think his autograph should be a $20 autograph. I hate to say it but watch when he dies, his autograph will probably quadruple in value – and in wrestling years he is probably about 200, considering most die before the age of 50. The time to get his autograph is now.


Random Review: 2 more football Contenders blasters

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I opened this box live on Facebook Saturday. You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/angrycardcollector/
Box one kind of delivered. I pulled two drafted players, a Taco Charlton redemption and
I am pissed at the redemption. Ryan Glasgow. A lineman from a power conference drafted in the 4th round. The sticker was stuck on badly and I am thankful that it didn’t stick to the rest of the cards in the pack. This is by far the best box that I opened. Two players drafted in positions where if they get cut, there will be backlash.

Box 2 had another redemption in it. That peeved me. Jeremy Sprinkle redemption – who? Redskins 5th rounder with a gay porn star’s last name. Ejuan Price, a Ram drafted in the 7th round. What got me even more is the fact that I have 60 base cards of the 100 card non auto set, and I didn’t need any of the about 30 cards I pulled. You would think that I would get at least one I needed. Thankfully the inserts were good to me.

I feel like I beat the odds, pulling 4 drafted players in the 2 boxes.


Random Review: Panini NFL Blitz app

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I have never been one to try card apps. They aren’t my cup of tea. With all of the hype surrounding the new NFL Blitz app, I figured that I would give it a try.

First things first, I questioned if this was a Panini app. When I see a ‘b’ with sports cards, I think Bowman and not Panini.


Here is a sampling of the cards in packs. This is front and back. Trying to swipe the cards to see my whole pack has been impossible. Last night I couldn’t see more than one card, today I have been able to get through three before giving up. So clearly the app is a work in progress.


There are way too many things that I don’t like about the app. Between the fact that it is slow on my brand new phone, trying to add friends is glitchy, and I still can’t get past the fact that I can’t get these cards in my possession if I pull anything good.

For example, I pulled a Joe Mixon autograph. What are the benefits to this? What good is an autograph card if you can’t have it in person? Here is another thing, when I tried to find it to take a screenshot of it for you guys, I was unable to do so. All I could find was what cards I had in a checklist. With so many variations and scrolling in the app being a work in progress, I can’t even see my own cards unless I open the trade feature. I searched for five minutes and couldn’t without it thinking that I wanted a checklist that I was scrolling by opened.

Sorry Panini but you fail with this app. Even taking away digital cards being digital cards. It feels like they rushed this app and debuted it well before it was ready. Normally kinks are manageable and to be expected for the first few weeks but I can’t see myself having much patience as their isn’t a payoff for this collector unless there are drastic changes. The fact is that a lot of us are taking a flier on this app because of it being advertised in packs. The novelty will quickly wear off for those of us who are not digital collectors. At least the cards presented in it are nice but if I wanted to look at nice cards, I would stalk a live break. My professional duties are taking care of social media for organizations. This app will be the first to go the instant that I think it is affecting the rest of my phone. As it is I am running out of patience.

Until I run out of patience, you can add me: PanDanWH. If I stay on for longer than a month, I will do another review to see how much of what I said holds up. I know that things are fluid with the app. Perhaps it will get good.

Random Review: Pack Rip Pickups

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2014-15 O-Pee-Chee Platinum pack – $2.99


2014 Elite Extra – $3


I get to keep two cards of the 2 packs. Not sure I would call the Luke Dykstra numbered card a keeper. I have no issue with the O-Pee-Chee not being kept but the Elite kind of bugs me. Granted we are a few years removed and none of these guys will pan out but these are still rookie cards that we are talking about. I do get to keep the so called hits of the product.

It is nice that PackRip has low end packs.

I personally would rather spend $6 on here than crappy retail impulse buys. PackRip is definitely a go to place. If you have the urge to buy a crappy retail product, you can go to PackRip on your phone and buy a pack in the store. Hobby packs are the way to go. Plus instead of supporting a business like Target or Wal-Mart, you are supporting a great startup shop run by great people. It’s a win win win situation. You support good people and get better packs.

I also want to commend  PackRip on their card sales in the shop. I picked up and awesome Kenta Maeda relic for a good price.

Now onto a minor contest, if you can call it that. The first reader who uses PackRip and offers me a trade of any one card that you don’t want gets the following cards. 6 cards for 1 of your choice. I will update this when the trade is completed.

Pickups: Panini Points put to good use

September 7, 2017 § 2 Comments

I have accumulated a bunch of Panini points. I finally put some to good use. I found 2 autographs that I would regret passing up on for the points. I still think that it is bullshit that we have to pay for shipping on these.

Walker Buehler – 150 points, Dodgers number one prospect just called up today. This was a steal and I am considering flipping it if I get a solid offer. At 150 points, even if he busts, I still got an autograph of a player from my favorite team.
Marc Gasol – 250 points, I am a Griz and Gasol brothers fan. I have a Pau auto and am ecstatic to finally get a Marc auto.


Random Review: Contenders Draft Picks blaster box 3

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Blaster box 3 of my effort to stock up on a rookie product with the goal of completing all of the insert sets.

How I did: 8 duplicates of the 20+ base cards. Not bad. I now have a shade over half of the base 100 done. I have 2 more blasters to rip and would love to hit 75%.
Insert sets:
Rush Week: 2/10. I needed both and am now up to 4 of the 10.
Game Day Tickets: 3/30. I needed all of them and am now up to 11 of the 30.
School Colors: 3/20. I needed all of them and am now up to 9 of the 20.
Old School Colors: 2/20. I needed both and am now up to 8 of the 20.
Passing Grades: 2/10. I needed both and am now up to 4 of the 10.
Collegiate Connections: 2/10. I needed both and am now up to 6 of 10

The autos: Shock Linwood, left college early and appears to be undrafted and not even signed.
Jaleel Johnson, 2nd pick of the 4th round by the Vikings. Not really doing good in camp right now as he failed at a position switch. My guess is that he will make the main roster because of what the team has invested in him.

I am going to paste my review of this product from the last post as I just noticed my WalMart added 5 more blaster boxes of it, so my guess is that it will be around for a while:
Most collectors will probably rip this just because it has 2 autographs per blaster. If that is you, I suggest that you take your chances with Sage which has a shorter checklist and less of a bust rating. After looking at the checklist and seeing what the autographs are going for, despite the multiple hits, the bust rate is huge in this product as you are looking at a checklist with about 250 different autographs. Then again, I can’t see anyone buying this product for set building unless they are crazy like me.

Overall a solid product but if you tell me that in five months, it will be hitting clearance shelves, I will not be surprised at all.

(Since I am putting a collection together for this product, I will not entertain any trade offers.)

Impulse Buy: Shinsuke Nakamura auto

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During Summerslam Sunday, I did something extremely out of character for this budget collector. Right before the Smackdown world title match, I bought an autographed card of the match favorite Shinsuke Nakamura. I thought that it was a great proposition. Betting sites had him heavily favored. I would buy the autograph before he won the belt and make about $20 when I resell it after. The only thing that I was worried was the card being shipped. Card values are volatile. Why not take advantage for once.

So right before the match, I check several sites for his auto. Only one site has them in stock. There were 2 on Ebay, both for $40. One was lower numbered but had a massive ding in the corner so I took the one that was in better condition.


Betting sites are usually dead on with these type things. How can they get it wrong? The match is pre-determined. Well naturally he lost. The one time that leaks get plugged is the one time that I do something out of character.

So now, I have the card in hand. I thought no big deal, I will put the card up on Ebay. There can’t be that many cards if there were only 2 available before and I grabbed 1 of them. So naturally there are several of the autographs listed right now. I can probably take a $10 bath right now on it if I want to but when I do stuff like this, which is once in a blue moon, I buy stuff that I wouldn’t mind keeping if the worst things happen. Well the worst happened. I have confidence that he will get the big belt soon and if not I got an autograph of a wrestler that I like.

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