Pickups: Opening a box from Christmas on Easter

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I just checked my calendar and am thankful enough to have a busy week so I am posting this tonight. As readers know, I have a bad tendency to sit on maildays. In this case, sitting on a Christmas ‘gift’ worked out. I was hungry for a box of cards because I didn’t get any on Easter. Thankfully I had my 2016 Goodwin Champions box to help, or did I. Before I move on I want to thank GoGTSLive, the best sports card show on the planet that airs every Thursday for sending this me. This low budget collector got a box that I have always enjoyed because of them. Unfortunately I got skunked on the holiday two times over. Fortunately a bad box of Goodwin Champions is still a good box.
I really only issue with the box as you will see.


Going to start off with the bad first. The best card from the box wasn’t even a hit but this Justin Gatlin Lady Luck cloth mini. Beautiful card but the way that it was loaded in the pack caused it to be damaged. The right side is so beat up that it looks like it was shipped without a toploader in a plain white envelope. The card came out bent as a result of the placement in the pact, but after being sandwiched between all the decoy cards to try and smooth it out, it is better. Beautiful card. Actually if you look at the card for sale on COMC it looks worse off than mine: https://www.comc.com/Cards/MultiSport/2016/Upper_Deck_Goodwin_Champions_-_Base_-_Cloth_Minis_Lady_Luck_Back/71/Justin_Gatlin/11561047 I am going to be including a ton of COMC links to show comparable cards in this post, none of which are mine. Pictures don’t do the cloth justice. It had potential to be a real beautiful card.


Let’s move on to the hits. Both nothing to boast about. A relic of a golfer that I have never heard of and a autograph  Canadian Rugby player who I have definitely never heard of.
Like the relic? You can buy one just like it for 95 cents: https://www.comc.com/Cards/MultiSport/2016/Upper_Deck_Goodwin_Champions_-_Memorabilia/M-RS/Robert_Streb/11561816
As for the autograph, well you can buy a similar one for 90 cents: https://www.comc.com/Cards/MultiSport/2016/Upper_Deck_Goodwin_Champions_-_Autographs/A-JM/John_Moonlight/11559566
So you can buy the autograph and relic card that I pulled from this box for less than well, insert inane item here – I am sure that you can think of something better than me. In fairness, I could easily see myself taking a dollar flyer on a bid board for these exact cards. The autograph card is even a definite personal collection item. So is the last hit in the next picture.  The black cards in the picture look nice but that is all they are. They look too nice to be the 30 cent base cards that they are: https://www.comc.com/Cards/MultiSport/2016/Upper_Deck_Goodwin_Champions_-_Base,sc,p2,i100
Interestingly if you look at the ‘hits’ for sale from this set, I pulled probably 2 of the cheapest 10 for sale. I hate that I think that way now.

The last hit was a patch card unique to the product. I was ecstatic to pull it as I have never seen one of these in person. Unfortunately I realized it is because I have been so focused on my other collecting endeavors, and I could’ve scooped up one of this at a reasonable price if I wanted. Just like this one that you can get for $3.30 https://www.comc.com/Cards/MultiSport/2016/Upper_Deck_Goodwin_Champions_-_Origin_of_Species_Patches/OS-209/Tier_1_-_Moeritherium/11568861

This box was giving on one front: the amount of decoy cards in the box. Take a look at this crazy stack:

The base set and inserts are really great. I would love to put together a base set of this, and insert set for that matter.


Pickups: Prestige rarities

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I picked up a handful of cards this week from Ebay that put a dent in my Prestige collection. At this point it is pretty hard to find a seller that has a ton of cards I need. The first 4 pictures, 12 cards, 10 that I needed are from 1 seller. By some miracle, I paid about $20 for the lot. The reality is that if you told me I could get a quarter of these for that price, I would’ve taken it; albeit not been ecstatic. Here is a grievance though, $8 of that $20 was for shipping. The seller didn’t even pocket the majority of the money as he shipped it in a box with peanuts instead of a bubble mailer. On the plus side, I could say that I put a dent in my collection for dollar cards. They may look like it but they are not; and that is not just me saying that. I could’ve paid $12.99 for a similar David West card, which is what I essentially paid for the lot.




Those pictures were boring I know. Here is some to jazz things up. I picked these cards, the Anthony boys, for cheap in hopes that I can flip them and recoup what I paid.




I also picked up this. I needed the Chris Paul. I loved the Tyrus Thomas patch as it shows how great the Bobcats colors were. I figure that I can flip the Stuckey.20170414_211416

Pickups: Thanks again Deb

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Meant to post this a few days ago but I have been fortunate enough to be busy this week. Two job interview, a meeting at an employment office, as well as Deacons duties. I celebrated my busy week by opening two boxes of cards. I opened my 2 Prestige 2013/14 boxes. I still have my GoGTS Christmas box sitting on my desk.
So lets take a look at the boxes that were given to me by someone amazing, This is what’s great about the hobby: Thanks Deb

4 hits per box. 2 autos and 2 jerseys

Box 1:


The way that it worked out, is that what is seemingly the worst hit of the box is actually the best hit in my mind. I needed the Al Jefferson jersey card.
Other hits were Tyson Chandler & Isaiah Canan autographs. While I have the Chandler auto, I am so versed in Prestige boxes that I know that there is only 2 or 3 Distinctive Ink per case. That card was the only numbered one as it is limited to 50. Otto Porter rookie jersey is the last hit.
This box also yielded 2 silver Bonus Shots parallels.
Not a bad box one bit considering the product. For what the product is, this box is probably above average.

Box 2
Despite beating the odds and getting 5 hits, this box was nothing special. It was as if Panini knew that fact and threw in an extra autograph to make up for it. Corey Brewer, Epke Udoh, and Jan Vessely autographs; non of which were numbered, another atrocity. Channing Frye and Otto Porter jerseys round out the box. Yes, I pulled 2 Otto Porter jerseys.

I still love this product. I am getting close to finishing off my True Colors jersey set from it. If I account for what it is in my COMC account, and not my custody I finished off the Prestigious Premieres auto set.  I can’t wait to take a picture with all of those cards together. My sole focus and nothing else has been this set. Collect what you love. It will be priceless to you.

This is what’s great about the hobby: Thanks Deb

April 1, 2017 § 1 Comment

So I guess Ebay isn’t all bad with buyers like @DebPaolello I have never wanted to give a buyer a hug as much as her; although I am sure some of the buyers that cause a ruckus can use one. Don’t believe me on how awesome she is? Just take a look:



How was your day: Depression ruins a RAOK

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Forgive me as this post is not about cards, although the last few entries have been more about dealing with my depression/PTSD than cards anyway but I am doing this one on purpose. I did not mean for this site to be a journal about my life outside of cards, just my life involving cards. The climax of this story involves cards and I am using it to take an opportunity to show the disease.

Anyone that follows wrestling and reads wrestling news once a week is probably aware that WWE Smackdown announcer Mauro Ranallo has been out for mental health reasons. A lot of people don’t accept that mental health issues are a disease. I have them and truthfully it has taken me until very recently to truly accept that fact. Something happened to me Saturday to highlight the very fact that it is a disease:
I had one of those 36 hour periods where I can look back and say that I did everything right; something that I haven’t been able to say in years. (Only saying this because it matters to me but it shouldn’t but this is not one of those bipolar highs. I wish that I had those as I would probably be a happier person during those highs instead of constantly down on myself.) The hours were one of those times where even the hiccups were just pebbles in the road; like finding out an hour before something is happening that I was expected to be there. So I am doing work in the house and decide to take a breather and grab the mail. I wasn’t expecting anything so when I see my name on a package, I immediately think ‘oh crap.’ I saw that it was from someone that I sold to on Ebay so my blood pressure goes through the roof for a second. If you read the site you know that I am awful at opening packages or anything, sorry GTS but I still haven’t opened that hobby box you sent me and for the record I am not selling that either. This was a box in front of my door. I don’t even think that I went down the driveway to my mailbox to get the rest of the mail. I ran in and opened the box thinking the worst. Either I was sent a bag of dog poop or they were returning what I sent them. I even had one hand on my mouth ready to go to Paypal for a refund. It was neither dog crap or a return. In it was a paper that said #RAOK. Random act of kindness. Holy crap; and from an Ebay person no less. So I go from horror movie excitement to Disney movie excitement in one swing. I couldn’t believe it. Even without this RAOK I was having a great day, this was the cherry on top. I will post about what was in the box later this week but remember I said this was a post about mental health. I also want to do this person justice for being awesome.
I was being productive but I was still in my head so the time wasn’t perfect. However I had no reason whatsoever to be in my head. I sit down to finish what I was doing and no less than five minutes later I felt my depression trying to come back and ruin the RAOK. I had no reason to be down but I found myself in this internal fight with myself that was trying to keep me down. It feels like with everything that I did and have been doing, I am burned out because I working twice as hard as I should be. (For the record I am not trying to discount what anyone else is going through as we all have our own problems and I know the reality is that no one would want to trade lives with anyone.) I realize that everything that I did on top of me fighting just to be together and a functioning member of society was me working twice, thrice, etc., as hard. When you hear that someone is going through mental health issues, this is a glimpse of what they are going through. Mauro Ranallo might miss a hefty Wrestlemania payday because of similar issues. I wish him, everyone struggling, and everyone in the world the best. We all deserve to be happy and have peace of mind.
Speaking of happy, my next post will be what was in that box and a TL:DR version of this story. I don’t know when exactly that will be, but it will be before the month is up as I don’t want you reading it April Fool’s Day thinking this amazing act was a joke.

How was your day: March 20th, 2017

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So today as I was packing materials to ship, the cats decided to be where I was and play wildly. Normally I don’t mind, heck I embrace it. I haven’t had a chance to pay myself the rewards of it and it feels the only good part is that my cards are going in good hands, as I am only selling cards that are worth more to others than me. Anyway, the house is empty and the cats could’ve played anywhere. They decide to chase each other in an out of my room. It is a two story house, they have lots of places to play. Still they managed to make a few cards fly, thank God they were in toploaders and the kicker: one jumped on my computer and closed my shipping list. The only window that I was using, disappeared. It’s like a million things could’ve happened but I get the one result that pushes me to want to scream. Sure I have been on edge lately but why must the cats act like cats? Joke. I have convinced myself that closing the door and hearing them claw at the door would be more annoying. My logic isn’t sound. Ebay does that to people. Ebay is a drug.

While I am at this little stream of consciousness, I hate buying multiple items from a person and being overcharged. Ebay is aware of this and they take fees out of the shipping charge. Sometimes I even find myself losing extra money because of these fees, nothing major but it adds up. It’s like seriously dude, that one autograph card extra that I bought does not add $2 dollars, or even 50 cents worth of shipping. You could charge me the same price, or a dime more to cover the costs. Which reminds me, you know what I did today? I refunded a person over $30 for extra shipping they paid me. I should’ve given the person free shipping because they were an amazing Ebayer. They paid right away and didn’t wait for me to send them an invoice after they bought a ton of stuff from me so they ended up paying extra shipping. No one does that, this day and age. I know that I wouldn’t. I probably have bad karma coming: when leaving feedback, I rated a lot of people a 3 or lower for shipping costs even before knowing how much it really costs.

I am depressed as heck. I am sick of getting rejected by every job that I apply too. Making ends meet is hard. Being active on Ebay is robbing me of my card collecting passion. I work hard to make a few dollars a day on there but to others it looks like I am hardly working. Heck, updating this site once a week feels like a chore. Any reader that visited this past month can see this. Don’t worry I am not going to do anything stupid. I just want my depression to let me breathe, both metaphorically and physically. I am happy when I working and know that life can only go up from here. I just worry that I will take the first job that will have me instead of getting a decent one. I have a few cards left to finish off my Prestige Basketball 13-14 True Colors set. I might finish that off and just stop with Ebay altogether for a while. I can’t let my hobby be a trigger that finishes my burn out off. I am sorry for not being more active on Twitter or even other parts of the card community. I love the community.

How was your day: Tournament & more Ebay

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First things first. Ebay gave me 500 free auctions so I used as many as I could before my offer expired. That is how I spent my weekend. More Ebay after I said how frustrated I was with it. I love cards so much so that is the trap that I, and I know that some of you fall in. If you think that my prices are high, compare them to the same exact card; they will be cheaper. I have a ton that aren’t listed on COMC so you can flip them there. I turned a bunch of my Buy It Now’s into auctions; really so I can be done with Ebay. Here are my auctions: http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=pandanwh&_sop=1

Doing a NCAA tournament group for a Misery Pack. It’s an ESPN link, and you are allowed 3 entries. Like Ebay we are all smiling until things bet busted.


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