Random Review: 2019 Heritage Baseball

All of the hype of the new Heritage baseball release got me curious. With all of the error cards and various that Topps put in there, I figured the best way to see the difference in cards was to get into a break. I got into a half case break and snagged the Diamondbacks and Marlins.

Speaking of breaks, I gave up buying into breaks for Lent. Did any of you that gave something up for Lent, do something hobby related?


Random Review: 2018-19 NBA Hoops Dollar Tree packs

Since finding out that Dollar Tree had packs with exclusive parallels in each pack, I made a point to seek them out. As a basketball collector, I wanted to grab at least one pack. I found out about these in the middle of January and it too me until the week of March to find these. I went to about 6 Dollar Trees looking for them. By the time that I found them, the place had 4 packs left.

The packs guarantee a yellow parallel. I believe they guarantee a rookie but I am not positive on that. As you will see below, I got a rookie in each pack. Any information in the comments on that is appreciated.

It is nice to finally have a reason to finally be enthusiastic about Dollar Tree packs. The Yellow pops on the card. These are not worth killing your gas money to try to find them but they are a nice reason to stop into the store if you are near them. I wish that I could buy a box of these to chase the rookie yellows.

Random Review: eBay Hot Pack NBA Hoops

This is the last eBay hot pack from this seller. This one was relatively cheap. I believe it was under $6.




It’s always fun to pull a patch.

While this is a patch, my conclusion is that you will never get anything good from these hot packs. I might buy more if the price is lower than a break and I want to sample a product but overall, I question if these are worth it. I would almost rather see the person resell the cards themselves instead of in packs; that way I have no idea they are searched. I feel that it is at the point that packs need to be put in locks, like alcohol, so they are not searched. The other day, I was in the WalMart card aisle and when I knelt down to see the boxes on the bottom shelf, an associate made it know that they were watching me. I took the time to thank them for doing that.








Random Review: 2018 Chrome Update eBay Hot Pack

Continuing the eBay hot pack series of 2019, I purchased a 2018 Chrome Update Baseball hot pack. Unlike the other hot packs that I covered this one cost me a healthy $15 as I was a fan of the autograph checklist. I wasn’t expecting anything big. Let’s see if I was disappointed.



As you can see, the autograph was from Austin Meadows. Not bad but not worth what I paid. Still I paid less about half of what a mega box costs; and those do not guarantee an autograph.

I have one more from hot pack from this seller and three more hot packs overall to post.

Random Review:

In honor of today’s NBA trade deadline, I present to you today’s hot pack from eBay. It guaranteed an autograph from Past and Present basketball.


The autograph was nothing special. Kyle Singler has had a quietly productive career so this is not that pathetic of an autograph. Still, I wish that I could do better. I know that there are some bad boxes so I am not going to blame the seller; especially because this was about $3; I am not even sure that covers the cost of the pack.