Random Review: 2019 Chronicles hobby box baseball

My birthday was on Wednesday and I was lucky enough to get a hobby box for it. One of my favorite products of the year is Chronicles and I was lucky enough to get a box that.

I was puzzled to find a Donruss card in here. Does anyone know the reasoning? As someone who opened more Donruss baseball this year than any product, I think that I might be ticked off unless this is an updated rookie set.

So my first 3 hits probably didn’t even amount to the value of a hobby pack. I opened the above hits first and by that point, I had given up on the box until:

This is a dream card for me. Tom Glavine is one of my all time favorite players in any sport. He is one of the greatest left handed pitchers of all time and was drafted as a hockey player, for my Kings. The Braves are one of my least favorite teams; I loathe them as much as a rational person hates the New England Patriots. Despite this, Glavine somehow found a way into my heart.

Random Review: 2019 Panini Chronicles Basketball rack box

Today we have a $10 rack box of Panini Chronicles that you can find at your average big box retailer. No guarantees but a fun product. I enjoy this product so much that I was surprised to learn that the majority of card shop owners and dealers do not like it. I guess no one is doing a Chronicles set. Regardless, I love it.

Random Review: 2019 Panini Chronicles rack packs

Chronicles basketball was released this week. It was the rare release where both retail and hobby hit at the same time. I am a basketball collector and this passed my regret test. I also saw that Luminance was in these so I am chasing and Anfernee Simons Luminance rookie.



Sorry about the picture quality in this one. Porter Jr. bronze parallel. 2 Gilgeous-Alexander rookies. The checklist is rookie heavy.

Not one, not two, but three Gilgeous-Alexander cards. Good thing that I like him.

My mom saw the remnants of the packs as I had them on the dining room table. She commented how awesome it was that they put the variety in. She doesn’t know a thing about basketball but she looked through them. For those unaware, in the early 90s, my mom and I collected together. We never collected basketball at all. It was nice to share a collecting moment with her.

These were oddly priced. Instead of the usual fat pack price at $4.99, these were $5.49.  That extra 50 cents instead of a dollar more seemed odd to me, not that I am complaining.

The cards here probably lack value as the printing is out of control. Still if you are a player collector, this will be a fun set.