Bid Board Finds: One heck of a unique item

Since I have been doing the site, ‘Bid Board Finds’ has been one of my favorite segments to tackle. I have got a bunch of cool stuff: You never know what you are going to find week in and week out on the bid board of your card shop. This haul is no exception. I scored 3 items for $7.75. None of the items are low class, and in fact all 3 would probably be the best item of most of the ‘Bid Board Finds’ that I post about. I will be honest, I may have overbid on the first item because I wanted it so bad. It is not even a card and probably worth nothing but I don’t care because of how unique- at least for me as I will never think to check Ebay an item like this, or anywhere else. An ‘authentic meteorite.’ It is tiny, just bigger than the ballpoint of a pen.


The other 2 items are patches/prime jerseys from former Dodgers. My personal favorite is the Kevin Brown swatch as it came from a time when patch pieces were not a dime a dozen, plus it’s from Fleer. I also wasn’t collecting in 2002 as I was busy in high school, and running a successful music website that saw me go to a few concerts a week. 20160826_202448

Pickups #5

This weekend is crazy as I have two graduation ceremonies, a bridal shower, and other commitments so I am dedicating the time I get to sit down to myself to my favorite topic: cards.
Continuing on my last post, I made two other orders from Ebay. Those two orders account for I believe 30 cards. The order that I am posting about encompasses 29 cards over 28  auctions. The best part, the total. I am breaking this order up for two posts, and will post the total in the next post. If you want to guess the total though, feel free to tweet me. You never know what I might have in store for the person closest.

The three pictures encompass cards that are not true personal collection material. With the exception of Frank Thomas and Adrian Beltre, there is nobody big, unless you count Greg Anthony or Guy Carbonneau, but I took a lot of flyers on prospects. The relic with the older person is of Bobby Hurley Sr.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to get ready for my own graduation. I will catch everyone on Twitter in between posts.

This is what’s great about the hobby #3

Contest is now over

Today’s contest win, highlights a mini lot that I won on Twitter from @markscards20150727_124632This marks the second straight contest that I received an Adrian Beltre numbered card. The reason why I entered this contest, besides the fact that I didn’t own any numbered mini numbered cards, was because of the mini Jose Bautista jersey. It is a beautiful card. If companies are going to give smaller swatches, mini cards are the way to go for them because the size doesn’t take away from the card. The 3 Larry Walker cards are simply a toss in because he is an awesome guy. Thanks Mark.

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This is what’s great about the hobby #2

Contest is now over

As I said, I have been on fire when it comes to winning cards lately. I wish that the luck translated into winning the lotto but in the meantime I will take it for what it is: great people in the hobby being generous. The next handful of posts will highlight that. I do want to note that for every 3 contests I win, there is 1 person who does not send anything. I don’t get what people gain out of picking a winner for these contests and not sending the winner anything.  Continue reading “This is what’s great about the hobby #2”