Random Review: Two Ebay Hot Packs

Recently I saw a question on Twitter asking if anyone got anything good out of Ebay hot packs. I have been avoiding hot packs for a while because I bought some about five to ten years ago and never pulled anything good. I feel that I did buy them for the right reasons though. I remember that I was curious about a set and with blaster boxes having no guarantees, I would rather take a flier on a hot pack, as opposed to a few retail packs for the same price.
I have nothing against the packs themselves, I just question the sellers. How did the sellers know there is a hit in there? How do they know what type when very few boxes list the specific types of hits you get. Were they the vilified pack searchers that we hate at retail stores? Were they resealed junk hits?
I felt like taking the dive for two reasons:
1. I felt that this would make for a great post.
2. I basically own every hit for sale for my Prestige collection. I figure the few that I am missing, that should be affordable, are in packs somewhere. So kind of out of desperation.

Obviously I bought a Prestige pack. After I won that I got a Donruss Racing pack for six bucks from the same seller. As a SoCal vegetarian who is a member of the LGBT+ family, Nascar and me kind of go like oil and water but I do own a few Nascar cards. Whenever I find a cool looking Nascar card in the cheap boxes, I grab it. They have some awesome event used material, that offers unique material – it feels wrong saying event used, but I don’t think they are called games. These two packs cost me around $15 when all was said and done. So basically $7 a pack. If they are unsearched, you really can’t go wrong at that price.

The picture above was taken as I was looking for any signs of tampering. I didn’t find any.
Let’s start with the racing pack because I would only know the white whale hits.

Bobby Allison autograph. I have no idea who he is but this card is selling for $10 right now on Ebay. So if it does sell for that much, when accounting for fees, I can make my money back.

The next pack was the Prestige basketball one.

I feel that I did amazing with this pack. A four colored patch numbered to twenty-five. I have the non-Prime version of this card. Funny story about this card, I went through a lot to get the one I had before. You cannot find this card listed on Ebay or COMC. It is just one of those that you think would be a dime a dozen but I had to buy Panini Points then get the card through that program to finish off my True Colors set. So not the hit that I was looking for but if I put it on Ebay, I will be the only one selling it so I will have some leverage. I will keep it for my personal collection though because it is a great card. It wasn’t the Isiah Thomas (Pistons) Bonus Shots jersey, Peja Bonus Shots autograph, Michael Finley Bonus Shots autograph, or Kobe Bonus Shots autograph that I need but hey, I did great.

Maybe I got lucky but I feel that I did great. A Prime patch out of a hot pack, I feel that I am the one that got away with murder when I probably did a little better than break even. Still this was a fun little exercise. I probably won’t buy many more hot packs but I have a little faith now.

Bid Board Finds: 11/5/16

Clay Holmes – you can’t see it but the top corners are rounded, Adam Carriker, Steve Mix, Matt Dominguez

Ricky Ledo, Brian Leonard, Austin Johnson

7 cards for $5.25. Not an exciting haul but a good one for the value.

I put dollar bids on any card in a one touch. The card that I was surprised to get the most, is probably the least valuable card of the bunch: the Matt Dominguez autograph. I got this haul from Northridge Sports Collectibles, and this card shows Dominguez in his high school jersey. Chatsworth high is located right off the freeway exit before the card shop – another cool fact is that Chatsworth is El Camino Real, my alma-mater’s biggest baseball rival.

Random Review: 2010 TNA Blaster Boxes

Over the past five weeks, I’ve been gradually buying out a local Wal-Mart’s stock of TNA’s 2010 release. They had the boxes on sale for five bucks. I was watching TNA every week when this came out, and am still an avid wrestling fan.
How was I able to buy them over a few weeks: the kicker was that they weren’t labeled as such. I have been super good with money the past few months, and splurged thanks to this time period. I was thinking that I would at least hit something decent with the amount of boxes that I bought. There were many wrestlers inserted and I was bound to hit at least one that would redeem my spending. Perhaps a Sting, Hogan, Flair. Okay if that is dreaming big, how about a Styles, Angle, Foley, Dudley Boys, or Samoa Joe? Xavier Woods autograph used to go for $3, I would take his from his TNA days as Consequences Creed. After all I basically bought a case. Instead I was severely disappointed.Thankfully, I pulled a Joe, a while ago in when I did PackRip.com – Random Review: WWE Undisputed from PackRip.com.

So let’s show you why I was disappointed:
11 boxes for $5 – 1 autograph per box with 24 cards in a box.

It was a 90 card set, with cards 91-100 being hobby exclusives. In 11 boxes, I got only 1 full set. 1 full set. Do you realize how many random duplicates that leaves me? Misery pack giveaways are going to be full of Hogan cards now. Even if this was from 2 cases, that is horrible of Tristar who put out this crap, to do.

Let’s take a time out from the negativity to acknowledge that TNA does have some great wrestling, and has been a part of many wrestlers storied careers. Their storylines may have sucked in 2010, but the talent was there. Just look at where guys like AJ Styles, Young Bucks/Generation Me, and Xavier Woods/Consequences Creed are today. There is no reason why a company like this should have ever been on the brink of collapse like they are this year. I hope that the company gets their act together because they have given us some great wrestling, and awesome card sets. This is just a sample of what they have put out in their short history.

Autographs starting from the top right to left, and so forth: SoCal Val, Jay Lethal, Shannon Moore x 2, Christy Hemme, Desmond Wolfe, Jesse Neal, Abyss, Amazing Red, Orlando Jordan.

The first autograph I pulled was Shannon Moore and I thought “Cool, I can live with this. Decent wrestler, it can only get better from here.” Then I pulled the same card in my second box and realized that I made a mistake.
Of these cards, 2 are PC worthy and 9 I can live without. My PC worthy cards are veteran turned wrestler Jesse Neal, and the man who showed that it is okay to be yourself Orlando Jordan. Jay Lethal is kicking butt in Ring of Honor but, are the rest of these people doing anything relevant? I haven’t heard Jesse Neal’s name since TNA released him.

Bid Board Finds: Yaz and candy


5 cards for $6.50 from Northridge sports Collectibles
The find here is the Yasmani Grandal autograph off a bid board where I am basically bidding exclusively against Dodgers fans. For 2 bucks in the heart of Dodgers town, this was a steal; now if I bought it online that would be a different case.
The patch is London Fletcher.
I took 3 flyers on players that I am not familiar with: Greg Pateryn autograph numbered to 499. I liked that it was a cut autograph.
Ben Koyack Crown Royale, like the hockey card, autograph to 299. I liked the design of the card with how it is layered.
Julian Leon Prospect Ticket autograph. Hey, it says he is a Dodger and they are my favorite team.

Bid Board Finds: End of September ’16


Alfred Morris and Matt Davidson autographs for $2.75. I feel that I got a steal, especially in an area where there are numerous Cowboys fans. Davidson for a buck, that was numbered to 49 and cut, was worth the flyer to me. He strikes me as someone who will benefit from a change of scenery.

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Random Review: WWE Undisputed from PackRip.com

I have gone into three shops locally looking for a single pack of WWE Undisputed. It is a product that I have coveted since I saw a few reviews of it. I saw that PackRip.com had it but sat on it for too long and it sold out, that is until I asked if they were planning on restocking it. To my surprise, I got an alert a few hours later saying that they put some up. A huge selling point that hobby shops have left is that they are personal. Well guess what, after that Twitter exchange with PackRip.com, I had similar feelings to the ones I have when my guy at the card shop shows me something he knows that I would like. Did I schmooze them enough, right there? Well I meant it. It was something I genuinely appreciated. I have one more minor perk I liked for a paragraph after the pictures of my pack. WWE Undisputed guarantees a hit in every pack with 8 of the 10 from each box being an autograph.


Thankfully, I didn’t hit a non autograph. The autograph is cut off but I hit a Samoa Joe autograph. Honestly I am ecstatic. I don’t care if he never gets called up the main roster, he is a great wrestler who has main evented in every promotion he touched. I also hit a numbered Big Boss Man card.

Now for the second thing I like about PackRip.com. This is minor but I like how you can go back to the packs and see what was in each pack you bought. It’s a minor perk but one that you will never get in real life unless you keep the cards loosely in an opened pack.


I do have a confession. The real reason why it took so long to post is because I am dying the review their trade feature. My trade name is ‘pandanwh.’ I will consider any offer.

Pickups: A reasonable Ebay seller


Given my budget, I don’t usually buy cards that are more than $5 on Ebay but I couldn’t help myself with Ebay seller “rookiedsmia.” I made an offer on the Eric Gordon Prestige card, and he accepted so I perused his listings. I snagged another ‘best offer’ with the Ziggler autograph. I got a great deal that turned into a steal when he became the number one contender for the title at Summerslam this week – seriously, who saw that coming?

These are two very important pieces to my collection.  I am a massive collector of Prestige basketball and this only my second ‘Stars of the NBA’ autograph as they fall one per case. This is also my first autograph of a wrestler. You should definitely check out the seller, he is awesome.

Bid Board Finds – Finding a random card I really coveted

I am really excited for this haul. Usually the bid board offers cards that are an assortment of no names and over-hyped cards. 99% of my bidding is pure impulse. That is until this week. A card was on the board that I legitimately coveted. A card that I spent several days before scouting on Ebay, and losing out on offers and auctions. So for this session of ‘Bid Board Finds,’ I was shocked to see it on the bid board. The best part, it was hidden and part of a lot. The seller didn’t know what he had and buried it behind a card that at least to me was lesser. I also got some other cards that I truly enjoy.
So the card that I am talking about? A Nikola Vucevic autograph. I can spend days rationalizing that the card is nothing special but I see him as a rising superstars in the NBA. The Magic are a team on the rise and it was paramount to me that I get his autograph while his stock is low in the eyes of collectors.

For $4.50, I got some cards that I am excited about.
$3.25 for a 3 card basketball autograph lot. Tyler Zeller was the card covering the Vucevic card, and the final autograph being Orlando Johnson.
$1.25 for a Tom Savage booklet


Even though the autographs can be found for cheap, I love the ‘Rookie Inscriptions’ set. They are acetate and can be found in boxes of ‘Elite;’ a product that probably gave me one of my best box hits as a whole ever on my birthday – https://angrycardcollector.com/2015/11/09/random-review-birthday-box-donruss-elite-201213-basketball/

Bid Board Finds #14

The past month, I have found myself in the Northridge area nonstop. Between graduating from college, and my friend getting married at of all places, the college, I have been able to frequent the nearby card shop a lot. I have always enjoyed the card shop because I have got a ton of steals on their bid board.
Last week I was in there a half hour before the board ended and bid on a good 15 items. I was expecting a major haul when I came in Friday, right before the wedding rehearsal. To my dismay, I ended up with 2 items. I have had better luck when I bid on a Wednesday – note: the board ends Saturday afternoon.
So 2 cards and autographs for $2.25. Dri Archer for a whole buck, and Hector Olivera for a dollar and a quarter. Boy has Olivera’s autograph fallen off a cliff. The ‘Buy It Now’ price on the autograph was $2 and no one took it.

Pick Ups #4 & Quick Contest

My ‘Ebay Bucks’ from my Prestige case were set to expire so I had to browse Ebay because this low budget collector was not about to lose free money. I should explain my wording and why I put the word ‘had’ in the first sentence. Ebay is like a drug to me. I have a bad off switch when it comes to buying stuff from there. I will buy from their in droves to the point get several packages a day for ten days straight, or until my bank account says zero.
So, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular; just value. I was looking at autographs under $7 because I had $9 credit. I was bidding on lesser things but was getting sniped, and then it happened. I saw an autographed card on my must have list that I wasn’t going to let anyone snipe. I got the autograph for something something like $7.05.

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