Random Review: 2019 Bowman rack pack Walmart

I grabbed this from WalMart.com for $10, basically so I could ship something else and not pay shipping. I price difference was that I could pay shipping and get that item or I could not pay shipping. That, and I was also curious about the camo parallels.

Pack 1 only yielded a Casey Mize insert.

Pack 2 felt like it has 2 packs worth of inserts and chrome in it. It certainly had double the first pack.

I was very disappointed at how ugly the ‘camo’ inserts were. They aren’t camo, they are dark green.

Angry: Bowman idiots

I am not even saying this out of jealousy. I am saying it because I question the rationale behind the people buying it. Does the person even truly care about Ohtani? How many collectors out there are Angels fans? How many collectors would be fans of this guy if his rookie card wasn’t a money maker?

Then there is the people who do things for internet validation. Those people are the worst. This is real life. If you want internet validation, buy some followers. It is a lot cheaper than the $250 people have been spending on the boxes. Congrats that you maxed out your credit card. Too bad you won’t pull the Ohtani Superfractor from a blaster, dumbass. It’s not like there is an Ohtani autograph in every case either. These people are buying several hundred dollar lottery tickets. THINK IT THROUGH DUMBASS BEFORE BUYING OUT THE STORE. 

Let’s take a look at the math. A blaster is $20 plus tax. Then you have credit card fees on top of that. Posts that I have seen show people buying 12 boxes on average. They resell for $30 shipped. Minus shipping fees, Ebay fees if you list them there, Paypal fees, and credit card fees, and gas money; you are making what $20? Come on, get real people.

Now if you are a legitimate collector and buy Bowman normally: congrats, you are not one of the idiots. You are just an idiot for being a prospect collector.

Random Review: Bowman Inception 2015

As a low end collector, I really don’t get to open any high end products unless they are old and thus cheap. I got lucky several months ago and won a contest where I had to guess to score of a baseball game and came away with a Bowman Inception box.  I was waiting for a good time to open the box. After the Target fiasco, as seen in the last post, I really needed a pick me up. Unfortunately this box wasn’t it.
The product features 5 cards, all of which are at the very minimum autographs.

The haul:

Michael Taylor autograph, not numbered
Jorge Alfaro autograph, not numbered
C.J. Edwards autograph, numbered to 99
Hunter Renfroe autograph, numbered to 50
Hunter Renfroe ‘autograph jump patch,’ numbered to 50

That is not an oversight, I really did get two Hunter Renfroe cards that were numbered to 50. This box just turned him into one of my favorite players. The patch card kind of annoys me as a collector because it has pieces of the jersey hanging out; I just wish that there was more quality control. The cards themselves are on good stock and should be durable over time. There were a few minor dings on the cards but that is because they gave too much breathing room for the pack of cards in the box; a nitpick on my part. The only real issue is that these cards are thick and don’t fit into common top-loaders. Unfortunately all of these cards can be bought on Ebay right now for under $12 for all. I would say that means the box is a major dud. This is why I avoid prospect boxes.
The players:
I did a little research because these are my new favorite players.
Renfroe is listed as high as the Padres #3 prospect currently; although that may change with the Kimbrel haul. Alfaro was a key prospect in the Cole Hamels haul. I am very familiar with him, and his autograph is my personal favorite of the box. I saw Mike Piazza develop when I was a kid going to Dodgers games, so I am partial to power hitting catchers. Baseball America has him listed at the Phillies 5th best prospect. Edwards saw the Cubs big club this season but my gut tells me that he will flush out soon; although I hope not. He came to them from Texas in the Matt Garza trade. Taylor played regularly for the Nationals and put up an atrocious batting average. I hope that they give him a chance to show that it is a fluke; it will help if Denard Span leaves via free agency. He should get that chance because he peaked at the #32 prospect in all of baseball before last season.
Coming up in my next entry, my luck did change with a visit to my favorite hobby shop.

Random Review: junk from Target

For my birthday, I recieved $50 to Target from my sister. I annihilated it in one purchase. I bought 4 blaster boxes and 1 Fairfield box.
The haul:
Fairfield $7.99 baseball box – got me with the Bowman Platinum pack
Topps Allen & Ginter 2013 World Champions
2013 Panini Prizm football
2013 Bowman football
2013 Topps Archives football

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Random Review – Platinum & Archives 2014

In my last post, I went to Target desperately looking for cards to make my day better. In this post about my next visit to Target, I had no desire to get cards- okay, as a collector the desire never leaves me but I wasn’t prepared to buy cards. Naturally, they had out some solid clearance boxes that I wish they had last time after my CT scan. Thankfully I had gift cards on me – I am really good about waiting to use my gift cards until I see something I really want. Unfortunately I am out of Target gift cards, but hey my birthday is in November.
The  Bowman Platinum and Topps Archives Baseball caught my eye, both from 2014. As a small time collector, I never get anything Platinum or premium, so I jumped at the chance even though I am not a fan of the Bowman product. (Naturally, I am also sitting on an unopened box of Inception that I won and am waiting for the right time to open.)  At $12.99 it was worth the fun. Archives caught my eye because this is the set that features cards from ‘Major League.’

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