Random Review: Bad Boy Box Breaks

In the whole year plus that I have done this site, I have yet to do a break. I simply avoid breaks. Most are priced way too high for a budget collector like myself. On top of that, my two favorite teams are usually priced at a premium. My teams only have the two best players on the planet in their respective sports in Clayton Kershaw and Cam Newton. With Cam Newton coming off an MVP season, finding a reasonably price break team break with the Panthers is next to impossible. So when I saw a reasonably priced 5 box break from Bad Boy Box Breaks for the Panthers, I thought about it for a few hours then jumped on it. After a package hiccup from them, see post titled “Angry,” I knew karma was on my side.

I feel that I did pretty well. Hit an autograph, and a two numbered cards. Kuechly’s card is numbered to 75, while the Cam is numbered to 249. It is pretty easy to do worse in breaks.


I should add, I accidentally bought into this break on a day that wasn’t conducive to my schedule. There was no way that I could be home during the time of the break. I was able to catch the break when I came home a few hours later.

This might be the first time I posted about a break on here, but it might not be the last if Bad Boy Box Breaks keeps offering reasonably priced breaks.

Random Review: Donruss Elite Football, Wal Mart Hobby Packs

Occasionally Wal-Mart will sell hobby packs. They are one of the few items in their card area that piques my interest when they are available; if you read the site then you know I have no love loss for the waste of money that is blaster boxes.
I was a little hesitant to buy the packs because at about $16, they were overpriced for a product that has hit clearance bins. Ultimately though, I was pretty hungry for some cards and took a chance. I wasn’t expecting much, so I wasn’t disappointed.
The Cam Newton insert  and game used jersey were from the same pack. I was pretty happy overall just with that pack alone. I didn’t get much else with the other 3 packs, but I have the Newton on my wall.
I will probably place the jersey in a ‘Misery pack.’ Next giveaway will be at 1000 Twitter followers and I am going to load up the ‘Misery Pack’ with solid cards.

Random Review: Another Fairfield Product

Since The Fairfield Company treated me so well after one of posts about their product, I decided to buy product for a third time. For the price of $5.99, I bought a ‘Jumbo Box’ of football cards. I bought this product purely because I liked how they treated me when they sent me that jersey card.

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