Pick Ups #4 & Quick Contest

My ‘Ebay Bucks’ from my Prestige case were set to expire so I had to browse Ebay because this low budget collector was not about to lose free money. I should explain my wording and why I put the word ‘had’ in the first sentence. Ebay is like a drug to me. I have a bad off switch when it comes to buying stuff from there. I will buy from their in droves to the point get several packages a day for ten days straight, or until my bank account says zero.
So, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular; just value. I was looking at autographs under $7 because I had $9 credit. I was bidding on lesser things but was getting sniped, and then it happened. I saw an autographed card on my must have list that I wasn’t going to let anyone snipe. I got the autograph for something something like $7.05.

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