Bid Board Finds #6 & #6.5

Two quick one off finds from 2 different bid boards. One from my favorite card shop, Valley Sports Cards, and the other from the one near my college.


First up is Roman Reigns event used shirt that I got from Valley Sports Cards. The price was negligible as I payed under a dollar. I don’t get to highlight their bid board much because I don’t go in there for their bid board. I was ecstatic to get this as Reigns will probably win the WWE Championship this weekend at Survivor Series. These cards don’t go for much but I feel like I got an absolute steal; as similar cards from WWE champions fetch $10.


The other find is an Andre Ellington autograph from my usually place. I am not going to say how much I paid for it because I didn’t keep the card. I sent it to a super collector as a thank you for being amazing to the hobby. Speaking of which, I should do something for Alex at Valley Sports Cards.




This is what’s great about the hobby #4

Contest is now over

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Today’s winning highlights winnings from someone who I have been following on Twitter for about a year. Dave Palagi is someone the hobby holds in high regard. There are 2 times that show just how amazing he is: 1. When his Twitter got deleted, #FindPalagi was trending until he turned up (&) 2. I will never forget how awesome it was of him when on his birthday he did a Twitter giveaway because he said that is what he loves doing. After a a year of following him, I finally won one of his giveaways. It was a nice mix of autographs, game used, inserts, and a pack of Upper Deck 1990 baseball cards. I loved it because it the exact type of lot that I buy all the time on Ebay; and realistically, I would’ve bid $15 to $18 on something like this. Dave is definitely worth a follow: @DPcards. Thanks Dave, I am saving your address so if I ever come across a Dre card, I can pay it forward to you. Continue reading “This is what’s great about the hobby #4”