Random Review: Donruss Elite Football, Wal Mart Hobby Packs

Occasionally Wal-Mart will sell hobby packs. They are one of the few items in their card area that piques my interest when they are available; if you read the site then you know I have no love loss for the waste of money that is blaster boxes.
I was a little hesitant to buy the packs because at about $16, they were overpriced for a product that has hit clearance bins. Ultimately though, I was pretty hungry for some cards and took a chance. I wasn’t expecting much, so I wasn’t disappointed.
The Cam Newton insert ¬†and game used jersey were from the same pack. I was pretty happy overall just with that pack alone. I didn’t get much else with the other 3 packs, but I have the Newton on my wall.
I will probably place the jersey in a ‘Misery pack.’ Next giveaway will be at 1000 Twitter followers and I am going to load up the ‘Misery Pack’ with solid cards.

Random Review: Birthday box, Donruss Elite 2012/13 Basketball

So Friday was my birthday and like your typical card collector, I wanted only one thing for my birthday. I wanted a box of cards. Normally this means that I get blaster boxes from Target or Wal-Mart but this year was different. My great mother who reads this site, hi mom, knew that I was down on blaster boxes. She offered to go with me to my favorite card shop, Valley Sports Cards, and buy me a box of cards. Despite turning 30, I had no qualms about walking into the card shop with my mom. Hey, I love cards because opening a pack makes me feel giddy like a little kid. I immediately picked out Donruss Elite 2012/13.

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