Bid Board Finds #14

The past month, I have found myself in the Northridge area nonstop. Between graduating from college, and my friend getting married at of all places, the college, I have been able to frequent the nearby card shop a lot. I have always enjoyed the card shop because I have got a ton of steals on their bid board.
Last week I was in there a half hour before the board ended and bid on a good 15 items. I was expecting a major haul when I came in Friday, right before the wedding rehearsal. To my dismay, I ended up with 2 items. I have had better luck when I bid on a Wednesday – note: the board ends Saturday afternoon.
So 2 cards and autographs for $2.25. Dri Archer for a whole buck, and Hector Olivera for a dollar and a quarter. Boy has Olivera’s autograph fallen off a cliff. The ‘Buy It Now’ price on the autograph was $2 and no one took it.