Random Review: 2017 Elite college football

The past few months have been crazy for me. I had a bunch of money saved up and lost it due to bills. During that time, I said if I am going to lose my savings, I am going out in style. If my savings account is going to hit zero then I deserve a purchase for myself. This meant that I bought some Christmas presents in October and got a box of cards that I wanted. I actually bought two, Panini Elite and a hobby box of this year’s Sage football. I finally had some downtime and opened one of the boxes. So without further ado here is how my box of 2017 Elite college edition turned out.

5 packs with an autograph in each pack.
One of my packs had two autographs in it. Actually two of the lower numbered autographs from this box.
The auto:
Randall Goforth – numbered to 25 – looks like a former Eagle who didn’t make the cut
Damore’ea Stringfellow – numbered to 49 – same pack as Goforth, Jets practice squad player, already on his second team
Marlon Mack – numbered to 99 – Colts fourth rounder
Dalvin Cook – numbered to 50 – chances are you already know about him. I would love this pull if he had a decent signature
Ryan Ramczyk – numbered to 99 – Saints first rounder, legitimate PC pull
Malik Hooker – numbered to 99 – Colts first rounder

Numbered cards
Tony Dorsett – numbered to 99
Dede Westbrook – numbered to 49, rookie
Michael Thomas – numbered to 49
Samaje Perine – numbered to 25, rookie
Inserts shown were not numbered.

After swimming in crap with my Contenders this year, I feel this box hit it out the park. I got three very high draft picks and beat the odds with an extra autograph. The numbered non autographed rookies are two rookies that I am very excited for. This was a very fun box. I love this rookie class and can’t wait until they hit the bargain bin a few years.

Random Review: Pack Rip Pickups

2014-15 O-Pee-Chee Platinum pack – $2.99


2014 Elite Extra – $3


I get to keep two cards of the 2 packs. Not sure I would call the Luke Dykstra numbered card a keeper. I have no issue with the O-Pee-Chee not being kept but the Elite kind of bugs me. Granted we are a few years removed and none of these guys will pan out but these are still rookie cards that we are talking about. I do get to keep the so called hits of the product.

It is nice that PackRip has low end packs.

I personally would rather spend $6 on here than crappy retail impulse buys. PackRip is definitely a go to place. If you have the urge to buy a crappy retail product, you can go to PackRip on your phone and buy a pack in the store. Hobby packs are the way to go. Plus instead of supporting a business like Target or Wal-Mart, you are supporting a great startup shop run by great people. It’s a win win win situation. You support good people and get better packs.

I also want to commend  PackRip on their card sales in the shop. I picked up and awesome Kenta Maeda relic for a good price.

Now onto a minor contest, if you can call it that. The first reader who uses PackRip and offers me a trade of any one card that you don’t want gets the following cards. 6 cards for 1 of your choice. I will update this when the trade is completed.

Bid Board Finds – Finding a random card I really coveted

I am really excited for this haul. Usually the bid board offers cards that are an assortment of no names and over-hyped cards. 99% of my bidding is pure impulse. That is until this week. A card was on the board that I legitimately coveted. A card that I spent several days before scouting on Ebay, and losing out on offers and auctions. So for this session of ‘Bid Board Finds,’ I was shocked to see it on the bid board. The best part, it was hidden and part of a lot. The seller didn’t know what he had and buried it behind a card that at least to me was lesser. I also got some other cards that I truly enjoy.
So the card that I am talking about? A Nikola Vucevic autograph. I can spend days rationalizing that the card is nothing special but I see him as a rising superstars in the NBA. The Magic are a team on the rise and it was paramount to me that I get his autograph while his stock is low in the eyes of collectors.

For $4.50, I got some cards that I am excited about.
$3.25 for a 3 card basketball autograph lot. Tyler Zeller was the card covering the Vucevic card, and the final autograph being Orlando Johnson.
$1.25 for a Tom Savage booklet


Even though the autographs can be found for cheap, I love the ‘Rookie Inscriptions’ set. They are acetate and can be found in boxes of ‘Elite;’ a product that probably gave me one of my best box hits as a whole ever on my birthday – https://angrycardcollector.com/2015/11/09/random-review-birthday-box-donruss-elite-201213-basketball/