Random Review: 2017 Elite college football

The past few months have been crazy for me. I had a bunch of money saved up and lost it due to bills. During that time, I said if I am going to lose my savings, I am going out in style. If my savings account is going to hit zero then I deserve a purchase for myself. This meant that I bought some Christmas presents in October and got a box of cards that I wanted. I actually bought two, Panini Elite and a hobby box of this year’s Sage football. I finally had some downtime and opened one of the boxes. So without further ado here is how my box of 2017 Elite college edition turned out.

5 packs with an autograph in each pack.
One of my packs had two autographs in it. Actually two of the lower numbered autographs from this box.
The auto:
Randall Goforth – numbered to 25 – looks like a former Eagle who didn’t make the cut
Damore’ea Stringfellow – numbered to 49 – same pack as Goforth, Jets practice squad player, already on his second team
Marlon Mack – numbered to 99 – Colts fourth rounder
Dalvin Cook – numbered to 50 – chances are you already know about him. I would love this pull if he had a decent signature
Ryan Ramczyk – numbered to 99 – Saints first rounder, legitimate PC pull
Malik Hooker – numbered to 99 – Colts first rounder

Numbered cards
Tony Dorsett – numbered to 99
Dede Westbrook – numbered to 49, rookie
Michael Thomas – numbered to 49
Samaje Perine – numbered to 25, rookie
Inserts shown were not numbered.

After swimming in crap with my Contenders this year, I feel this box hit it out the park. I got three very high draft picks and beat the odds with an extra autograph. The numbered non autographed rookies are two rookies that I am very excited for. This was a very fun box. I love this rookie class and can’t wait until they hit the bargain bin a few years.

Random Review: Ebay blaster 2017 Absolute

I had Ebay credit burning a hole in my pocket and it caused me to make an irrational decision on Ebay. Nevermind, let’s say I did it for the sake of the site. I can say that I bought it to test blasters on Ebay from a seller who isn’t a reputable dealer.
Truthfully between wanting a box with this great NFL rookie class, the look of Absolute base cards, wanting the Blitz pack code, and the price falling into my lap, I took the chance. I paid about $12 with free shipping.

Let’s get this out of the way, blasters of Absolute have been less than stellar. It feels like they took a set for hit chasers and made it one for set chasers. If I would have realized this, I would’ve collected Absolute instead of Contenders; especially because Absolute base cards are beautiful this year. I don’t care if McCaffrey busts, I will be stocking up on his rookies, and every Panthers rookie, because the cards are beautiful. I don’t know how you feel but when I see my favorite teams colors, I get a little excitement in my heart – Panthers, Dodgers, and the occasional Grizzly do it for me; I have opened enough basketball so I should know that feeling.¬†I have seen people buy multiple blasters and go hitless. At $12 it was worth the price of one of blaster boxes from 10 years ago when they had blasters at this price point.
Unfortunately the free shipping cost me. The seller showed little packaging care and sent it just covered with brown paper. That Blitz code was nothing special either. I thought that I would have to pull a card inserted in packs but the code was written on every pack – my heart wants to share the code but my head says not to do that to Panini.

One pack was extremely damaged. Unfortunately it also included a rookie parallel in the top 15. Here is what I don’t get though. How can one pack be damaged and not the others? I wonder if it was via pack searching on the seller’s part. The bottom corner is dinged severely and there is fraying in an L shape in that whole said bad corner.

These are beautiful inserts though:

I will be more than happy to share the name of the seller via messaging. I left him positive feedback with a scathing comment on the packaging. Hey I got what I paid for and he didn’t offer to refund even a little bit of money. I made the mistake so you don’t have too. Don’t buy blasters on eBay unless it is with a reputable dealer, not an average Joe.

Random Review: 2 Blaster Football Boxes

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Target and finally found an excuse to kill a gift card that I had been sitting on. They had a handful of blaster boxes that actually appealed to me; or more likely I was reaching because I wanted to open some packs before school started. I chose ‘Topps 2013’ and Panini ‘Gridiron Football’ from 2012. 20150828_141033 Continue reading “Random Review: 2 Blaster Football Boxes”