How was your day: Toys R Us

With Toys R Us closing, I thought that I would go on a little field trip. Well truth be told, it was decided for me when my mom gave me a $25 gift card that would die with the store. So I thought ‘why not?’

Since I live equidistant to 2 stores, Thousand Oaks or Porter Ranch, I took the one that I thought had the best chance at cards. Plus I didn’t want to deal with the Porter Ranch air – if you don’t know what I am talking about, Google it.

I never go to Toys R Us for cards because blasters are usually $25 there. I didn’t have high hopes to begin with. For the sake of this, I limited my (crappy) pictures to the card rack.

First thing I notice at the store is that the signs outside say that everything is up to 30% off but everything inside is only 5% to 10% off. Then I get to the card rack and it is annihilated. Take a look, it is all mini Funkos, Yu Gi Oh, Minecraft, and som Yu Gi Oh cards. The packs of cards that look decent in the picture are some no name kids game.

My blurry pictures are about as good as the quality of stuff available in the section.

The Funko aisle was stocked up.

So I end up buying a Power Rangers things from a knock off Funko company and a Toys R Us exclusive Funko of a Disney princess. I figured that I could flip it until the lady at the register decided to take a sharpie to the bar code. I was not allowed to exchange it for one with a decent bar code.

I originally took 2 other items up. A Walking Dead dog tag that was buried in the mess of a card section and a Street Fighter Ken Toys R Us exclusive Funko. I mixed and matched to get $25 worth. Geez everything was overpriced, I thought the Funko’s said they were only $9.99. I paid $25.08. I decided to go with the Disney Princess one because I didn’t want to start collecting Funkos for myself; cards are bad enough.

Overall the trip was a waste of energy. Even if they had cards, a blaster box would cost you $22.50 which is only worth it to kill a gift card.

I will say this, with Toys R Us accepting gift cards still, if there is something that you want you can probably buy the gift cards for dirt cheap. That is your best bet to get any savings there as everything is overpriced and by the time prices come down, the good stuff will be gone, as you see. Every store is different. Hopefully, you will get lucky. Perhaps if I went to Porter Ranch, I would have done better; although I doubt it. If you did go to your local Toys R Us, put us out of our misery sale, how did you do?

I expect to have a card post up later this week.