Prestige Case Overall

Price paid: $450, but essentially free thanks to  gift cards used from Swagbucks 
Was it worth it: Probably not. There wasn’t a real true bad game used jersey in the case and that is not the case with a lot of products.
Days it took me to open all 12 boxes from date of delivery: 65
Best hit: Gary Payton autograph, numbered to 50

I finished all my insert sets, of the product. When I put them together to see if I was able to accomplish that, I was disappointed with the fact that if I didn’t have a bunch of cards previously, I would not be able to say that. There were a lot of duplicate inserts.

I pulled a duplicate autograph but got lucky that it was from a great player in Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Overall it was a great learning lesson for a small time collector like myself. I will probably never buy a case again and instead focus on Ebay and other sales. I was planning on buying a blaster box case of this product after this, but I can’t justify it now.

Prestige Boxes 11 and 12 of 12

I finally finished opening my Prestige case today. It only took me a few months. Excuse me for flooding you with Prestige posts but this set has been my passion collection. I am going to do a wrap up post of the case later this week.

Box 11:


This is by far the best box of the case. Incidentally, the first relic I pulled was the Joel Anthony card and I was expecting this box to be a dud after that. The Giannis Antetokounmpo autograph is the rookie autograph that I coveted out of this case, as I don’t have it in me to pay what it takes for his autograph otherwise. The ‘True Colors’Tristan Thompson was the first and only patch to come out of the case. I gotta admit that I never liked the Cavaliers red but it comes off really beautiful in the patch.

If I didn’t pull the Chris Mullin, I would’ve thought it was a fake. The autograph looks like he was having a stroke while signing it. It even has the fingerprint that faded the auto at the tail end.

Box 12:


Not the best box but wait what another Antetokounmpo autograph. I believe this is my only duplicated autograph from the case and I cannot complain one bit. The Brandon Bass card, while not a patch is considered a prime piece – well that is what it says on the back of the card at least. It is numbered out of 25.
Now there are two cards here that I have questioned in the past. ‘Stars of the NBA’ is a pretty rare set. You cannot find many on Ebay and when I did, I always assumed that it was a misprint from a different year on the part of the seller. Well you know what they say about the word assume, it makes an ass out of you and me and it certainly made an ass out of me. The other card is the numbered ‘Bonus Shots’ card. I have never pulled a numbered ‘Bonus Shots’ card myself, and I have questioned their legitimacy in the past so I stayed away from them for the most part. The font of the numbering look seems very amateurish to me.