Bid Board Finds: End of April

Simple and quick bid board find: Brandon Beachy jersey numbered out of 50 for one dollar. It probably cost me more gas to get Valley Sports Cards than what I paid. It gave me an opportunity to wish Alex a ‘Happy Birthday’ on his actual birthday at least instead of a Facebook greeting.


Prestige Boxes 3 & 4 of 12

Continuing my quest to complete insert sets, I am still opening my Prestige basketball 2013/14 case. The last post on this topic didn’t get as many views so I put the hits in bold. Again, I would never be able to afford a case if it wasn’t for saving up my Swagbucks, token referral link here:, which enabled me to earn a big Ebay gift card after 2 years worth of surveys. If this pattern continues, I will combine more boxes into a post – although I really am this slow; I am trying to keep my card buying to a minimum so I am trying to spread it out because I have no extra income as I am currently in the after college no man’s land of not having a job or financial aid to help me out. 

Box 3 hits:

Every autograph and jersey was Bonus Shots
Steve Novak
Richard Jefferson
Luc MbahAMoute – I have a ton of his Prestige autographs. At first it was nice because he is a UCLA product but now its laughable – perhaps I should toss one into my giveaway pile. 
Zaza Pachulia jersey
Victor Oladipo jersey

Box 4 hits
Tony Mitchell Prestigious Premiers Signatures – aleady have

Kendrick Perkins Bonus Shots autograph – needed
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist True Colors jersey – needed
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Bonus Shots jersey – needed

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Bid Board Finds #9

With school coming to a close, I went to the card shop near school on a Saturday to attack the bid board. I put a good $30 worth of bids with only 2 hours until it closed. Naturally, I won a dollar’s worth of cards. When I walked in to pay for the cards on Monday, that is literally what I paid. One dollar because I didn’t get much. That is the way things go sometimes.


I paid 50 cents for the oversized Jamaal Tinsley card. I may have bid on a ton of stuff but I will be honest, this was the card that I wanted the most. I like oversized cards. As a low budget collector, a lot of collectors hate them because they are hard to store; so naturally that means that I am able to pick them up on the cheap. My inner child likes these cards the most as I know that I would love the card if I was a kid.

Despite being in the news recently thanks to his trade to the Mariners, I was able to get the Leonys Martin jersey for a quarter. I will gladly take it.

The last item was a lot of a dozen NBA cards. All but one of them was from 1996-97 Topps Finest. There were duplicates but they were all of star players like Alonzo Mourning, Reggie Miller, Kevin Garnett, and Dennis Rodman. The one non Finest card was an Alonzo Mourning rookie. I will gladly take them, as these cards are currently at least 50 cents each on