Random Review: Fast Break Walmart Hobby RePack Product Round 2

(Insert bad joke here about this being my second post this week of items that I have reviewed for a now second time.) So I thought that these were sold out as I haven’t seen them in a while. Maybe someone hid one and I found when it was put on the shelf. At $12.99 with 2 jumbo packs, I took the flier again. You can find my first review here: Random Review: Fast Break Walmart Hobby RePack Product Knowing that I would get what is pictured, and being a fan of Pinnacle and Prestige this was an easy choice for me.

The Hoops pack was, as usual, loaded with inserts. Nothing flashy to my knowledge but not much junk either. The Steve Nash Lakers card is a proof. I separated it into my commons pile but caught it.

Like last time, I was expecting a jersey card from this pack when I picked it up – after I opened the box as it otherwise unsearchable. Unfortunately what I felt was a decoy card. I didn’t know that they put decoy cards in jumbo hobby packs. Another artist proof was pulled in this pack; actually two proofs.

Like this proof numbered to 25 of one of my all time favorite players ever.

I know that most of you are tired of the Prestige act and so am I to be honest. I have no reason to open more packs, even with the following hit. This is consciously one of the last posts of my Prestige collection.

I opened the Prestige pack first, not expecting anything at all. What I ended up was a case hit of a premium player. I didn’t have this card and thought that it was out of my price range. Realistically if I found the right buyer I could get $18 to $50. This isn’t going anywhere though.

I know that most of you are tired of the Prestige act and so am I. Despite this hit, I have no reason to open more packs. This is consciously one of the last posts of my Prestige collection.

Random Review: Target Repack product with piece of Floor #2

Six weeks ago I reviewed a box of a Target Repack product with a floor. I said that I bought two of them but only reviewed one. This is a quick review of the second one. For a link to the first one, I made this whole paragraph a link to it.


The packs were decent on paper but I didn’t pull anything. The jersey is a Mike Sweetney It shows him a Bulls jersey on the card but the piece is clearly from his Knicks day before he got traded for Eddy Curry. At least I got my Durant rookie card unlike my last box. The box was crap but I did have a minor win: I said I wanted a Celtics ‘Teenymate’ and pulled it.

Random Review: Target Repack product with piece of Floor

We all have a love hate relationship with repack products that promise hits. I am not going to dwell on that, as I covered that enough in the past. So a month and a half ago, I was in Target with a graduation gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Something new caught my eye, that wasn’t the standard repack or guarantee product that you see at Target. This one promised a hit, a Kevin Durant rookie, had packs, and a floor piece for less than $20 price point similar boxes fall on. At $12.99, I grabbed two to kill my gift card. This is one of the boxes:


The Floor Piece was from the all star game that took place at the Staples Center, so my go to venue being that I live in the LA suburbs.


The Kevin Durant rookie card was not in my product. I don’t know if that was an oversight or if it was because I hit a jersey that came one in four boxes, but I am bummed. In my mind the Durant rookie was one of the bigger selling points for me – over the memorabilia card and packs. It was nice to see Prizm packs inserted, where my best hit was a Sam Jones parallel. The Rick Fox hit was decent to me. He is still relevant as he does a ton of acting now, so I occasionally see him on television.

Even without the Durant rookie card, it was worth the $12.99. I would take this over an underwhelming blaster box any day. I will review my other box soon. I have it sitting on my desk for when I have an appetite to open packs.

Update: Someone on Twitter who pulled a mini jersey in this product, got his Durant rookie card so it looks like my box in an anomaly.

Per a request, here is a picture of the floor piece with a card used for size reference.