How was your day: 2013 Panini USA Champions

I had a post all written out and hit the save button instead of the publish button. So I thought this was published Wednesday, and was surprised when I went to publish round 2 of it. I am sick and on antibiotics for the first time in ages. It is nice realizing that I haven’t need to take antibiotics for anything in the past six to ten years, so I guess that I was due.


Anyway on Tuesday I went to open a box of 2013 Panini USA Champions.

If you follow me on Twitter than you know what happened next:

I bought the box for $30 all the way back during Blowout Cards 4th of July sell last year. I didn’t open it until last night. I will finish the box this week.

While it is nice to have nice things, Kris Bryant just doesn’t do anything for me. A lot of that is coming from the Dodgers fan in me, and the Cubs being our biggest rival the past few years. That said, I was in awe. I put the cards down, laughed and enjoyed the moment. Pulling that card felt good.

Today I finished the rest of the box.




According to the Bryant jersey card, it is a prime piece.

Before you go running out and buying a box for yourself, I cannot stress enough the huge bust factor at play here. Every non Bryant card in this box is dollar bin material. I was expecting to be excited about this box because of the base and players but if you take away the Bryants, I am not a fan. I was looking forward to the base cards because it is full of my favorite players, but the collation was insane. In one sense, it was truly random but I would like to see some collation. I have 3 of some base cards from this box but don’t have a set. This is a great boom or bust box at the price but I bought this for the fun rating and that kind of failed me. I was hoping for any combination of Mark McGwire, Will Clark, George Springer, Blake Rutherford, Terry Francona, Troy Glaus, Jim Abbott, Mike Mussina, Jeff King, Tommy Lasorda, Jesse Winker, Corey Seager, Robin Ventura, Reese McGuire, I can name about 40 more names…

Pickups: Topps National Baseball Card Day

I have to be honest, I had no interest in participating in this promotion. Yet today when I left to make a quick trip the store, I somehow found myself on the freeway headed to my favorite card shop. If you read the site, you know this is my first time doing this. I rationalized it by saying that I haven’t shown my face to my favorite people, and card shop owners, in a while. Honestly, it was worth it just to see them.
I spent more than required amount so I got the Kris Bryant card, which was in a one touch. I am debating opening the pack – I won’t resell it anything, I am just like that.


I also got a few other things. Below is the highlights. Cool story about the Benjamin card. I was on my way out but then called back in and offered it for a low price. Honestly I was so happy that he thought of me, that I pulled out the cash sight unseen. The autograph from Certified is Mark Aguirre. Also buried underneath all of that is third party graded Jeff Bagwell rookie that I scored a buck.