Holiday Shopping ’16: Lone Star Box Breaks

Readers of this site know that I am a huge fan of At one point it was one of the top eight sites that I visited according to my Google Chrome browser. Anyway, Mark is doing something special again. He is doing ‘Thanksgiving Packs.’

From the horses mouth: “Thanksgiving Packs are here. Pick A Pack with a Thanksgiving twist. We have picked hobby boxes from various years for all to enjoy. Selected packs will have a thanksgiving themed sticker on them. If you find one of those, you unlock either a hobby box, site credit and or pack war wins. All boxes/packs are fresh hobby and all hits are within the selected thanksgiving packs.”

I know that I am going to try and snag one. It looks like each pack is $5.50 with shipping included. Totally worth it.

Random Review: Lone Star Box Breaks

Lone Star Box Breaks is a place that I have had my eye on since I came across them on Twitter. If you are a reader of this site then you know that I document the struggles of being a collector on a tight budget. Lone Star Box Breaks is right up my alley. They constantly post cheap cards and packs.
I have been wanting to buy from them but when they post cards, it never aligns with my availability; they are known to post on Saturday nights. I finally caught a break on Saturday, and bought from them – I may or may not done this purchase as I was sitting waiting for church to start. When I was browsing, I asked myself: ‘would I regret passing up on this deal?’ The answer for this Court Kings Charlie Scott autograph was yes.
When you shop on their site, you will see some cards listed as free with purchase if you add them to your card. I grabbed, an albeit expired Jordan Hamilton redemption.  Panini redeems expired redemption cards so I got two autograph cards for one. Did I mention the free shipping? I literally paid a buck.20160310_172541

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