Bid Board Finds: 007 + 23

Welcome to the final Bid Board Finds of 2016. This haul is one that I have been sitting on because I have been hoping that people who come around my house will have some idea who two of the people are. I jumped right in there but I am talking about two actors from James Bond movies. Unfortunately, despite living in a place where I can see an actor at Costco, no one I knew, knew who these people are. That doesn’t mean anything as I found out that one actor is very accomplished.

3 cards for $2.50 from Northridge Sports Collectibles. 2 autographs and an NFL patch. The actor autographs appear to be from Rittenhouse’s 2010: 007 product.

Kenneth Tsang seems to be the best of the two actor cards. He appears to have been typecasted as an Asian villain but that doesn’t make his resume any less impressive. In fact, judging by his IMDB page, he appears to be ‘the Asian villain’ and has had a long excellent career. Despite many not knowing who he is, boy has he been in some amazing movies.
I also love his autograph. It appears to me to be Chinese gibberish. In all the autographs that I have seen in my life, his is truly unique. I have never seen anything like it. It shows that no matter what culture you are from, there will always be laughable autographs.

What Christopher Muncke lacks in a resume, he makes up for with a nice autograph. When I bid on his autograph, I was taking a flyer on an A list actor name. The other is a Ronnie Brown patch from Threads numbered to 50. As far as I am concerned, you can’t go wrong with Dolphins patches.

I do have to admit, the 007 autographs piqued my curiosity and I am curious to check out what Rittenhouse has to offer.

Bid Board Finds: 11/5/16

Clay Holmes – you can’t see it but the top corners are rounded, Adam Carriker, Steve Mix, Matt Dominguez

Ricky Ledo, Brian Leonard, Austin Johnson

7 cards for $5.25. Not an exciting haul but a good one for the value.

I put dollar bids on any card in a one touch. The card that I was surprised to get the most, is probably the least valuable card of the bunch: the Matt Dominguez autograph. I got this haul from Northridge Sports Collectibles, and this card shows Dominguez in his high school jersey. Chatsworth high is located right off the freeway exit before the card shop – another cool fact is that Chatsworth is El Camino Real, my alma-mater’s biggest baseball rival.

Bid Board Finds: 2 shops, 4 cards, 8 bucks

I love the bid boards at my favorite hobby shops because I get quality stuff and end up spending more on gas.
It’s all basketball this week, encompassing 2 shops again. Ironically I spent 4 dollars at each shop for the 2 basketball cards they each gave me.

Let’s start with the shop that I consider my home away from, Valley Sports Cards:
Spent 3 dollars for the Morris autograph and a buck for the Dragic dual. I really like the concept of the Dragic card. Morris started the season great the other night as he put up 17 points with 9 rebounds. He is averaging those numbers this season as well; you can guess why.


Now onto my loot from Northridge Sports Collectibles: 20161027_111812Celtics triple jersey for 1.25 with Jared Sullinger, Marcus Smart, and Avery Bradley; numbered to 99. A.C. Green autographed letter for 2.75. Maybe I will start trying to build ANGRY in these letters, now that I have an extra N.

Bid Board Finds: 2 shops, 1 post


3 cards from Valley Sports Cards for $2.25. Good luck getting a triple jersey with decent players from a card shop for cheap but I pulled it off, twice. Not to mention the players aren’t trash either; well except Bargnani. Took a quarter flyer on the Unparalleled numbered card because I like the design and can’t afford to crack a box open of it.


$3.75 for 3 cards, well 2 cards and 1 ‘collectible,’ from Northridge Sports Collectibles. The Lance Kendricks auto was a quarter flyer bid. I feel Michael Carter-Williams has peaked and his card market is slipping; especially being able to grab his autograph at a reasonable $1.25.  The coin from 330 AD , the Constantine era of the Roman Empire, was a very reasonable $2. I have no idea of the value but it is a cool item that is a great conversation piece; especially among my Christian friends. That alone, is worth it to me.