Random Review: junk from Target

For my birthday, I recieved $50 to Target from my sister. I annihilated it in one purchase. I bought 4 blaster boxes and 1 Fairfield box.
The haul:
Fairfield $7.99 baseball box – got me with the Bowman Platinum pack
Topps Allen & Ginter 2013 World Champions
2013 Panini Prizm football
2013 Bowman football
2013 Topps Archives football

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Bid Board Finds #4 with an example of why sticker autographs are not your friend

As I said, the bid board at the card shop feet away from my college has been awesome. In my previous 4 semesters at the school I had classes on Friday. With the bid board ending on the weekend, this ensured that I always ended up with good stuff. This semester, my last at the school, I have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays so that gives people plenty of time to outbid me. So despite having to go to school on a Friday the other week, the positive side was the card shop. I finally ended up with a great haul this semester.


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Random Review: Cheap Hobby Box #1

A few weeks ago my favorite hobby shop posted about a sale for a hobby box that I could actually afford to buy from them. I had a credit card gift card from coaching my nephews baseball team and finally found an excuse to use it. I sat on the box for about a month before I opened it to celebrate a recent event in my life.

At $40, 2013 Panini Totally Certified is a hobby box a lot of budget collectors can afford. On top of that it has 6 hits per box. The only caveat is the absurdly awful draft class behind the product.


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From a Friend

I am like most of you that read my posts. I am the only person who collects sports in my group of friends-with the exception of the owner Valley Sports Cards who I consider a friend. Usually that means breaking their hearts on questions related to the value of the cards they have sitting in storage. Occasionally that means that I become the dumping ground for cards when they are cleaning stuff up. I am not complaining because it means that I am in their thoughts. My buddy did just that recently.

Heritage 07 - ACC
2007 Heritage. The Anderson and Hermida are numbered to 1958. I am going to offer the Anderson back to my buddy because he is a diehard Angels fan. I liked getting a Luis Gonzalez card from his forgotten year with the Dodgers. Also got a Tulo rookie card in the haul.
Opening Day 2007. I thought that Heritage would be my favorite from him but these cards were my favorite of the two series that were in this haul. While there were no game used, numbered, autographs, or even any good rookies; there was a lot to love here. Mike Piazza in an Athletics jersey, Diamond Stars inserts, mascot cards, and cards that were part of a puzzle.

Overall not a bad haul. Considering, I was initially just happy to get the Ultra Pro binder pages for other cards, I was pretty happy. I was expecting to just be another cog in the ownership cycle for these cards but I am actually going to keep a lot of these.