Random Review: WalMart Ohtani repack 15 packs

5 Triple Play packs – at least they knew they were bad .
3 HBP packs – I saw people pull multiple 1/1s out of this. I got none.
3 2014 Prizm Draft Picks retail
2 2016 Topps Series One
1 2012 Panini Golden Age
1 2012 Bowman Chrome
1 Ohtani Leaf

I grabbed this pack because I saw a bunch of people get Stars and Stripes packs in this. Naturally, this didn’t yield one. There have been good boxes of these, I didn’t get one. Hopefully if you picked one up, you did.

Note: I am still working on the camera for these. As of right now, I plan on doing a few more with this camera angle until I can line things up for the better.

Angry: Bowman idiots

I am not even saying this out of jealousy. I am saying it because I question the rationale behind the people buying it. Does the person even truly care about Ohtani? How many collectors out there are Angels fans? How many collectors would be fans of this guy if his rookie card wasn’t a money maker?

Then there is the people who do things for internet validation. Those people are the worst. This is real life. If you want internet validation, buy some followers. It is a lot cheaper than the $250 people have been spending on the boxes. Congrats that you maxed out your credit card. Too bad you won’t pull the Ohtani Superfractor from a blaster, dumbass. It’s not like there is an Ohtani autograph in every case either. These people are buying several hundred dollar lottery tickets. THINK IT THROUGH DUMBASS BEFORE BUYING OUT THE STORE. 

Let’s take a look at the math. A blaster is $20 plus tax. Then you have credit card fees on top of that. Posts that I have seen show people buying 12 boxes on average. They resell for $30 shipped. Minus shipping fees, Ebay fees if you list them there, Paypal fees, and credit card fees, and gas money; you are making what $20? Come on, get real people.

Now if you are a legitimate collector and buy Bowman normally: congrats, you are not one of the idiots. You are just an idiot for being a prospect collector.