Pickups #5.5

This post is part 2 of my mega mail day that encompasses a massive purchase where I got 29 cards from one seller. You can see the first post here. I got a massive steal and I want to thank the people at JB Sports Memorabilia for a hassle free transaction. Every card collector has an Ebay horror story, or ten, and a purchase like this really gave me fear of another one. That was not the case at all.

Between the two posts, you have now seen all 29 cards of the lot. The grand total for 19 cards shipped was $35.56; an absolute steal. Again, they could have easily squeezed me on shipping but they didn’t, as shipping was only $6.50. The total for all the cards was $29.06. Some cards were sold for lower than 40 cents. The reason why I bought so much was I had my eye on the Prestige pieces. All of those went for at least a buck with the Boris Diaw autograph tilting the scale at $7.50. The lot was so giving that I got a Yu Darvish patch for under a buck. The only other card I paid more than a dollar for was a Jay Austin autograph in his Jethawks jersey; a huge PC item as I used to live within walking distance of the stadium before I moved to a safer neighborhood.

Prestige Boxes 5, 6, & 7 of 12

While the rest of you were arguing over who’s favorite politician had a bigger man tool this week (I wish that I was joking on that front), I was pretty busy.
On top of applying for my dream job and working hard on the job front, I found time to open up a few of my Prestige boxes. Job hunting can be pretty stressful and there is nothing better than unwinding with a box of your favorite card product.

Since the page view count on the Prestige posts has been low, I don’t blame you guys, I am just going to combine all the highlights from 3 boxes into 1.

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Prestige Boxes 3 & 4 of 12

Continuing my quest to complete insert sets, I am still opening my Prestige basketball 2013/14 case. The last post on this topic didn’t get as many views so I put the hits in bold. Again, I would never be able to afford a case if it wasn’t for saving up my Swagbucks, token referral link here: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/pandanwh, which enabled me to earn a big Ebay gift card after 2 years worth of surveys. If this pattern continues, I will combine more boxes into a post – although I really am this slow; I am trying to keep my card buying to a minimum so I am trying to spread it out because I have no extra income as I am currently in the after college no man’s land of not having a job or financial aid to help me out. 

Box 3 hits:

Every autograph and jersey was Bonus Shots
Steve Novak
Richard Jefferson
Luc MbahAMoute – I have a ton of his Prestige autographs. At first it was nice because he is a UCLA product but now its laughable – perhaps I should toss one into my giveaway pile. 
Zaza Pachulia jersey
Victor Oladipo jersey

Box 4 hits
Tony Mitchell Prestigious Premiers Signatures – aleady have

Kendrick Perkins Bonus Shots autograph – needed
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist True Colors jersey – needed
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Bonus Shots jersey – needed

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Prestige Boxes 1 & 2 of 12

I finally cracked open a few boxes of my Prestige case. It will probably take me a few weeks to go through every box but at least I finally started.

Box 1
Old School Sidney Moncrief autograph /99, needed
Prestigious Premieres Erik Murphy autograph, already had
Pau Gasol Bonus Shots jersey, already had
Carmelo Anthony True Colors jersey, needed

Connections- pre-box total 14/20, 3 pulled, 1 needed, 2 duplicates
Williams/Pierce need, Barry/Lee, King/Anthony 15/20

Franchise Favorites – pre-box total 18/30, 5 pulled, 2 needed
Lopez, Faried needed
Durant, Curry, Dirk duplicates

Hardcourt Heroes pre-box total 11/20, pulled 1 needed, 2 duplicates
Chris Paul need, Rajon Rondo, Dirk 12/20

Prestigious Pioneers – Current total 11/20, 3 pulled, all duplicates in my collection
Vern Mikkelsen, Wes Unseld, Lenny Wilkens

Prestigious Posts – Current total 8/10 with one damaged that I would like to replace, all duplicates
Roy Hibbert Dwight Howard

Not a bad box. I can’t argue with the quality of players for the jersey and autographs.
Overall 6.5 of 10, a good start but I expected better

Box 2
Danny Ainge True Colors jersey, need
Solomon Hill Prestigious Premiers auto, need
Ricky Davis Bonus Shots autograph, already have
Carlos Boozer True Colors jersey, need

Hardcourt Heroes pre-box total 12/20
Lillard, Westbrook, Pierce have all 3

Prestigious Pioneers 11/20, 3 pulled, 2 needed 13/20
Wilt Chamberlain need, Al Attles need
Walt Frazier, have

Connections- pre-box total 15/20,
Parish/Sullinger, Magic/Kobe, Drexler/Harden, have all 3

Prestigious Posts – Current total 8/10 with one damaged that I would like to replace
Tim Duncan- duplicate

Franchise Favorites – pre-box total 20/30
Kobe, Larry Sanders, Hibbert 3 needed
Hortford, Kyrie 2 duplicates

Overall 6.5 again. Nothing to flashy but I got a lot of needed cards.

I was able to put together a set of base cards. This is my 2nd set. I have yet to put together a set where all of the cards were in near pristine condition. Cards in box 2 were all mint but there were a few packs in box 1 that had dinged corners.

I am not getting my money’s worth but I am getting what I need. I am glad that I used Swagbucks to pay for this – shameless plug so I could put a referral link with a hint of truth. I doubt that I will finish an insert set with this case but I have hope that I will have them near completion. I am only 2 boxes of 12 in so we will see.


Bid Board Finds #11

When I went to pick up this haul, a nostalgic tear came to my eyes. I have been attacking the bid board at Northridge Sports Collectibles for the past 2 years because it was so close to my University. This semester was my last as I have officially earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from California State University Northridge. Unless I get a job or move close by, I probably won’t be going there as much.

Knowing this was potentially my last visit, I loaded up – probably not my last, I will just be infrequent.


The haul for $14:

Wade Boggs 1986 slabbed by Fanatics
Markel Brown Panini Threads auto
Stephon Marbury & Allan Houston dual warm ups
Kevin Garnett & Sam Cassell dual warm ups
Kendall Marshall Prestige autograph
Paul Lo Duca Prizm autograph
Isiah Thomas autograph from NFL Pro Line 1992
Laken Tomlinson Contenders autograph
Cobi Hamilton Magic autograph
Jeff Fuller Contenders autograph
Tony Boselli autograph

Probably a bit more than I should’ve paid but I wanted to go out with a lot. My favorite and possibly favorite card that I got all year is the Isiah Thomas autograph. I love how it’s an NBA Hall of Famer in an early NFL set. I come away with another Boselli autograph from the bid board.
In all this is the perfect way to go out as I came away with a little of everything. A prospect autograph in Markel Brown, a few autographs who are nobodies in Fuller and Hamilton, a Dodgers autograph in Lo Duca, and some great dual cards. If you have read past Bid Board Finds segments, this has almost everything that I have encountered; very fitting.


Why I love collecting basketball

When it comes to the NBA, I am not a fanatic. I may not be a big NBA fan but I love basketball. I follow UCONN hoops religiously and while I am going to a division 1 basketball right now, I go to as many of their games as possible. Unfortunately California State University Northridge doesn’t have many household names and our biggest tie to the NBA is a point guard named Landon Drew, who’s father Larry Drew is a coach you might’ve heard of-note I may be a little biased about Landon’s ability because he shares the same major as myself, but he has a good chance to star in Europe. I also love coaching basketball.

Anyway, off the tangent, basketball cards are my favorite to collect. I may not be a fan of teams but I am a fan of the players. I do collect current Memphis Grizzlies because they are my team, just not diehard; and old school Lakers like Eddie Jones, Kurt Rambis, and Michael Cooper because I grew up watching them. I also like how the NBA has only 2 rounds in their draft. This means that you don’t have to deal with too much junk. No offense to players like Joe Adams and Stefan Lefors but I have way too many of your cards to justify your NFL career. That is not to say that the market isn’t as flooded as other sports but some 2nd round picks do stick. One of my all time favorite pulls was a Paul Milsap autograph; a 2nd rounder who has carved a great career for himself. Realistically we are talking about 35 players who are worthless to collectors, whereas sports like baseball and football have double that amount. You have to love 15 man rosters.

Also, I like collecting foreign players. As I said, I am a basketball fan. I seek out cards of the guys who are tearing up Europe, even if they already flamed out in the NBA. This is why I have a few Fran Vazquez and Juan Carlos Navarro autographs in my collection. I want to know who the good players are on the powerhouse teams like Maccabi Tel Aviv and Olympiacos.

(My current kick is Prestige from 2013/14. As a lot of people know, I have been buying autograph cards from that set left and right.)