Random Review: 2019/20 NBA Panini Prizm blaster

A few weeks ago, I found Prizm in the wild. Yes, I grabbed them all but that was to give to my local hobby shop because they can’t get them from their distributor. As I was leaving, someone else came to the card aisle looking for it. I gave him a box.

Random Review: Target Repack product with piece of Floor

We all have a love hate relationship with repack products that promise hits. I am not going to dwell on that, as I covered that enough in the past. So a month and a half ago, I was in Target with a graduation gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Something new caught my eye, that wasn’t the standard repack or guarantee product that you see at Target. This one promised a hit, a Kevin Durant rookie, had packs, and a floor piece for less than $20 price point similar boxes fall on. At $12.99, I grabbed two to kill my gift card. This is one of the boxes:


The Floor Piece was from the all star game that took place at the Staples Center, so my go to venue being that I live in the LA suburbs.


The Kevin Durant rookie card was not in my product. I don’t know if that was an oversight or if it was because I hit a jersey that came one in four boxes, but I am bummed. In my mind the Durant rookie was one of the bigger selling points for me – over the memorabilia card and packs. It was nice to see Prizm packs inserted, where my best hit was a Sam Jones parallel. The Rick Fox hit was decent to me. He is still relevant as he does a ton of acting now, so I occasionally see him on television.

Even without the Durant rookie card, it was worth the $12.99. I would take this over an underwhelming blaster box any day. I will review my other box soon. I have it sitting on my desk for when I have an appetite to open packs.

Update: Someone on Twitter who pulled a mini jersey in this product, got his Durant rookie card so it looks like my box in an anomaly.

Per a request, here is a picture of the floor piece with a card used for size reference. 

Bid Board Finds #11

When I went to pick up this haul, a nostalgic tear came to my eyes. I have been attacking the bid board at Northridge Sports Collectibles for the past 2 years because it was so close to my University. This semester was my last as I have officially earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from California State University Northridge. Unless I get a job or move close by, I probably won’t be going there as much.

Knowing this was potentially my last visit, I loaded up – probably not my last, I will just be infrequent.


The haul for $14:

Wade Boggs 1986 slabbed by Fanatics
Markel Brown Panini Threads auto
Stephon Marbury & Allan Houston dual warm ups
Kevin Garnett & Sam Cassell dual warm ups
Kendall Marshall Prestige autograph
Paul Lo Duca Prizm autograph
Isiah Thomas autograph from NFL Pro Line 1992
Laken Tomlinson Contenders autograph
Cobi Hamilton Magic autograph
Jeff Fuller Contenders autograph
Tony Boselli autograph

Probably a bit more than I should’ve paid but I wanted to go out with a lot. My favorite and possibly favorite card that I got all year is the Isiah Thomas autograph. I love how it’s an NBA Hall of Famer in an early NFL set. I come away with another Boselli autograph from the bid board.
In all this is the perfect way to go out as I came away with a little of everything. A prospect autograph in Markel Brown, a few autographs who are nobodies in Fuller and Hamilton, a Dodgers autograph in Lo Duca, and some great dual cards. If you have read past Bid Board Finds segments, this has almost everything that I have encountered; very fitting.


Random Review: junk from Target

For my birthday, I recieved $50 to Target from my sister. I annihilated it in one purchase. I bought 4 blaster boxes and 1 Fairfield box.
The haul:
Fairfield $7.99 baseball box – got me with the Bowman Platinum pack
Topps Allen & Ginter 2013 World Champions
2013 Panini Prizm football
2013 Bowman football
2013 Topps Archives football

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