Undervalued? : 2008 MLS Soccer

My sister got rid of her storage and I had a few boxes of cards in there. One thing that caught my eye was a full hobby box of 2008 MLS soccer. Most would consider this a forgettable product. As I was looking at comps, it looks like one that the whole card community didn’t pay attention to it. However as I was going through it, I found a great undervalued product.

Any box that you can get a full set of base cards from is good in my book.

The base set has some great cards. I was pleasantly surprised to come across a player that I legitimately have in my personal collection in Sean Franklin. A player named Stephen King had a card made. Jozy Altidore, David Beckham, Landon Donovan, and Carlos Ruiz made an appearance.

Also the Young Guns inserts were stellar. I didn’t hit any names but I love having them as their own insert set.

My two jersey cards from the box weren’t too shabby either as I hit Jimmy Conrad and Taylor Twellman. I wish that I sleeved them but this was really my first few years back in collecting.

I remember that I bought this box for under the $30 that it sells for now.

Soccer is not for everyone, especially in North America. It has it’s place though and cannot be overlooked. We are seeing a lot of high end soccer released lately but this is a great low end product that will undoubtedly age well over time.