This is what’s great about the hobby: My uncle has a card

As some readers may know, my Uncle is a pretty awesome guy. He may not know it but I am proud to be his nephew. Buried in my email, I found a gift card with credit on it. I turned that into some awesome cards. My favorite of the bunch is a base card.
So why would a base card be one of my new favorite cards? It has my Uncle’s picture on it. The front of the card also featured his artwork. For a whole $1.60, I was able to get a card that is now untradeable in my collection. I’ll post the rest of the haul later, but I did not want this to get lost in the shuffle.

I never cared for Star Wars but Lando is now one of my favorite characters.

Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day to the majority of the world. I personally could care less. I am a 30 year old man who has never seen any of the movies. As a teenager, I bragged how I was a non-conformist for not seeing it. Once I matured though, I had no reason for not seeing the movies. I was going to see the movies with a girl that I was dating who was super into the movie but that relationship didn’t last.  Maybe I will wait until another girl makes me see it because as of right now, I am kind of annoyed by Star Wars.
The amount of promotion that they are putting into the movie is insane. At every chain store in my area, there is merchandise being promoted like crazy. Is Disney trying to justify its investment or do they just know that people will buy this stuff? Star Wars has even crept into my school merchandise.

What is the point in having California State University Northridge Star Wars gear?  Students surely don’t need to be reminded that Star Wars exists. In all of my classes, current events are a regular discussion. Furthermore Professors are inevitably going to be Star Wars fans. When I was taking script writing, my Professor said that the first movie is the single best script ever written; this was a man who wrote 2 very successful movies himself. My religious studies Professor this semester took the class’ temperature to see if he could do a Star Wars week; we didn’t.

I am making this sound like I have something against Star Wars. I don’t anymore; it just isn’t my cup of tea. I was never into science fiction. I love sports. I just thought it was too funny and insane that there were Star Wars CSUN shirts.