Random Review: Absolute Basketball 2016/17

It was broken up into 4 mini packs/boxes.

How many limited Diamond Stone cards have a pulled? It feels like the card Gods have directed those cards to packs that I open.

The Thon Maker auto saved this box from having a dollar bin relic in every pack. I know that you never know with rookie based products but I was hoping for better. Individual cards for this product are amongst my favorite cards so I was hoping for a bunch of cards for my personal collection. I am in the boat of collectors that hate balls in cards so I was hoping for a decent ‘Tools of the Trade’ relic. You can’t win them all, and I have had good boxes recently. If you have $60 to $75 to burn then you might like this rip. If it was in the $50 range then I could see myself recommending this product.