Angry: Why I am burned out

How I was screwed on Ebay:

Auction: Pokemon codes.
Order of Events: Seller doesn’t want to pay shipping and says to message him the codes via Ebay messaging. I do that and even follow up two weeks later making sure all the codes work in case I messed up transcribing them. He never replies back.
Two weeks after that, I he opens up a case saying that he never received the item. No big deal I think. He can’t screw me. I send the codes in the case message and say that he can pay shipping to get the physical cards. He never replies.
The case closed yesterday and found in favor of the seller so I lost my money. I have no idea how to check if he used the codes without using the codes myself. So now I have an unsellable product on me.
Ebay’s Twitter, @AskEbay never replied back to me when I told them the situation.

Now today, a seller says the cards got damaged in transit. So now I will probably lose the money and have to pay for them to be returned. Where is the seller protection? I have sold 9 items, 3 have caused problems. I am unemployed and can’t afford to pay for everyone’s stuff. I wish that I could. I am selling stuff that I don’t appreciate so I want it to find a better home.

And while we are at it: I am blocking everyone on Twitter who tags me in sales and never thought to ReTweet my Ebay auctions or card sales. I am over selfish people. Feel free to tag me in your blog posts to ReTweet though. I love hearing everyone’s stories. This will be my post for the week because I am really over things and need a breather. Pardon me if I am distant on social media this week as I really need to recoup my sanity.

How was your day: My Thursdays

My days the past few months have been pretty hectic at times. In spite of the madness, I have learned to take for myself in order to stay sane. I have one time where I cut myself off and sit down and relax no matter what: every Thursday at 6pm my time. So what is so special about Thursdays at 6 pm? It is when GoGtsLive broadcasts their livestream.

For those unfamiliar, its basically 2 hours of what is happening in the card world. They talk product releases and break products. The best part, they give away the cards they get. They have pulled some good stuff, and given it away in the chat room that night. I love it because I can watch breaks of the latest product without feeling like a creeper for not buying into it.

I don’t just watch it for the giveaways; why should I, as I never win. I keep coming back because the hosts are awesome people. Ivan, who you may know from his YouTube show ‘The Breaks‘ is one of the greatest people in the hobby –  seriously if he only knew how high I thought of him. We are bound to bump into each other one day since we live in the same area, and I look forward to it. Rob usually does the breaks, and he is a great genuine person as well. You have to be a pretty special person to hold a thousand dollar card in your hand and give it away to a random person in the chat room.

I have boasted enough about the show, just like Rob does with every hit. They are doing a massive Twitter giveaway when they hit 10,000 followers. Actually massive is an understatement. They aren’t there yet, so lets help get them there.

GoGts Livestream – Thursdays at 6pm Pacific time:

Go GTS Distribution – full of hobby news:

Pickups: Freecycle Hockey Cards

The other day, I saw a post on a Freecycle Facebook where someone was giving away hockey cards. By some miracle, I was the first to chime in and the next day, they were in my possession. If you are unfamiliar with Freecycle, I suggest checking them out. The whole point of Freecycle groups is to keep items that may be useful to others out of the landfill; it is not a site where people can get a free item and then turn around and sell it. Actually my local group filters that out pretty good because those people are so obvious as they say that they are interested in every item posted. If you are one of those people who don’t know what to do with your base cards, a Freecycle group would be a good way to find a better home for them.

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, I posted the finds on there. If you don’t follow, look for a post tomorrow giving you a reason to. Here is the recap of the Freecycle cards, some other sports sneaked in:

This is what’s great about the hobby: SportsNerdz

Thanks to my active presence winner on Twitter, I have won a few contests – side note follow me and the site here if you don’t: These contests allow me to learn about some great people and websites. This time, I got a card from; a website that has a lot of great sports content overall. Check them out. They are definitely worth a follow on Twitter, and not just because of their great contests –


This is what’s great about the hobby: Loot Locker

And now the article that I wanted to write this week. In the short time that they have been around Loot Locker have made a name for themselves. They have been the first annual mail day place in the hobby that has stuck around. Despite thinking about buying one ten times over, I have never pulled the trigger.

I lucked into one in a Twitter contest. I chose basketball because that is the sport that I prefer to buy packs from. Despite a hiccup where I worried about it getting ‘lost in the mail,’ it did come. ALLSWEATY is actually running another contest this month for a Loot Locker.

The ‘loot:’
SP Authentic 2014-15 pack
SPx 2014-15 pack
Panini Totally Certified 2014-15 pack
top loaders of two different sizes, penny sleeves, candy, and the most important perk of all: lots of BUBBLE WRAP

Despite pulling a ‘board of death’ in one of the three packs, I did pretty well. The Dirk card is numbered to 299 and came from the same Totally Certified pack as the Griffin hit. The autograph is Jordan Adams, made more beautiful and trade-able where I live by the fact that he is in his UCLA attire. My personal favorite, and one that is going on my PC wall, is the Reggie Theus base card with his huge Afro from his playing days. For those unaware, Theus is the coach of CSUN- my now alma mater.

Sunday Funday Contest 3/13/16

Hope that everyone is adjusting positively to the time change. I posted a little contest on Twitter that ends at 9pm Pacific tonight. Check out the pinned tweet on my Twitter:



Twitter Mailday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a long wait for the game. As Panthers fan the game can’t come soon enough. In meantime, here is something for your reading pleasure:
As I always do, whenever I make buy something off a Twitter user, I highlight them because trusted traders are always good for the hobby. Today’s highlight is a deal that I made with Goldy’s Cardboard: @Goldcollectible

And now for the eye candy: a Panthers Armanti Edwards relic that I needed, Manziel relic, and Jake Locker patch. All for $4.


Check him out, he is having a huge relic sale on Tuesday. Sometimes he does shipping deals.

Twitter Finds #1

Buying cards on Twitter can be a dangerous game. Unlike places like Ebay or, you really don’t have much quality control in place of con artists. For every ten good seeds, there is a dozen bad ones. That is why when people who made trades or sales on Twitter, they are encouraged to post a picture of the items in their hand immediately.
As a low end collector on a tight budget, I don’t like to take chances. That didn’t stop me a few weeks ago when I impulsively bought a card; something I never do online. The item was shipped right away and came in the mail pretty fast.
When @Double_Z_Sports posted a card that I wouldn’t otherwise normally acquire in my price range, I impulsively grabbed it.

For $8 , I acquired this beauty. It is not often that I get material from top quarterbacks, so this was the reason for my impulse. I would definitely buy from @Double_Z_Sports again.


This is what’s great about the hobby #8

A couple of weeks ago, I came across someone who was spreading the word about mental health and giving away cards in the process. As someone who has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – no, I was not in the military – and suffers from mental health issues as a result of that, I helped spread the word. I didn’t win the contest but the amazing person behind the account insisted on sending me something. After some back and forth where I refused to accept anything, I conceded – I have dealt with a lot of stubborn people in my life and Tom wasn’t going to back down from this.

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This is what’s great about the hobby #5

Contest is now over

Just a reminder, you can comment with your Twitter handle or email address on ‘This is what’s great about the hobby 2-7′ to be entered into the contest.

Today’s highlight is a quad card from Derek Carr that I got from Curtis at We The People.

20150729_115025I am ecstatic to add this to my collection. As a small time collector, I don’t own many quad pieces. This is probably my first of a starting quarterback.

Judging by all of these contest wins that I am posting, it may look like I enter a lot of Twitter contests. Truth is, while I do enter some, I don’t enter a lot. I see people entering every contest that comes across their timeline. That is not me. Continue reading “This is what’s great about the hobby #5”