This is what’s great about the hobby #4

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Today’s winning highlights winnings from someone who I have been following on Twitter for about a year. Dave Palagi is someone the hobby holds in high regard. There are 2 times that show just how amazing he is: 1. When his Twitter got deleted, #FindPalagi was trending until he turned up (&) 2. I will never forget how awesome it was of him when on his birthday he did a Twitter giveaway because he said that is what he loves doing. After a a year of following him, I finally won one of his giveaways. It was a nice mix of autographs, game used, inserts, and a pack of Upper Deck 1990 baseball cards. I loved it because it the exact type of lot that I buy all the time on Ebay; and realistically, I would’ve bid $15 to $18 on something like this. Dave is definitely worth a follow: @DPcards. Thanks Dave, I am saving your address so if I ever come across a Dre card, I can pay it forward to you. Continue reading “This is what’s great about the hobby #4”

This is what’s great about the hobby #3

Contest is now over

Today’s contest win, highlights a mini lot that I won on Twitter from @markscards20150727_124632This marks the second straight contest that I received an Adrian Beltre numbered card. The reason why I entered this contest, besides the fact that I didn’t own any numbered mini numbered cards, was because of the mini Jose Bautista jersey. It is a beautiful card. If companies are going to give smaller swatches, mini cards are the way to go for them because the size doesn’t take away from the card. The 3 Larry Walker cards are simply a toss in because he is an awesome guy. Thanks Mark.

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This is what’s great about the hobby #2

Contest is now over

As I said, I have been on fire when it comes to winning cards lately. I wish that the luck translated into winning the lotto but in the meantime I will take it for what it is: great people in the hobby being generous. The next handful of posts will highlight that. I do want to note that for every 3 contests I win, there is 1 person who does not send anything. I don’t get what people gain out of picking a winner for these contests and not sending the winner anything.  Continue reading “This is what’s great about the hobby #2”

Thanks MLBPA Players Choice

You know those contests on Twitter where you ‘retweet’ to win something that you know that you will never get. Well this is the story of how I won, one of those contests. A few months ago, I was having a really bad day. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Some days are better than others. This was one of those extreme days where I had to put everything on hold and say ‘I need a time out for a little bit.’ So I did something that no one can get away with in this day and age of technology, I turned my phone off and didn’t go on my computer. I watched Netflix while I studied until it was time to get my nephews from school. It was in the car waiting for them at around 1:30 and a little bored. Consequently I finally turned my phone on. My phone blew up with notifications. This wasn’t normal, as I don’t get a lot of messages. It was all people congratulating me on winning a contest. I won a beautiful signed Clay Bucholz jersey. As a low end collector, I own only one other autographed jersey and it is that of an NBA journeyman that I paid $12 for; so this was a nice surprise.

They didn’t say which jersey that I was getting until I won it, but I was so happy that it was Clay Bucholz. He is one of those of those player who I accidentally started collecting. The type of collection where you suddenly look one day and go ‘I sure have a lot of his stuff,’ so you actually start collecting more of that player.

With depression you need every win that you can get. This wasn’t just a win, this was like adding a championship. It was great. The package arrived within 2 days and I waited about a month to open it for when I was having another bad day. Below are the pictures. I would like to thank MLB Players Choice again and I suggest following them@MLBPAClubhouse. I regret not posting the pictures on my Twitter earlier.