Bid Board Finds: Vintage Players & Steroid Era Sluggers 

Quick post for a lot of loot that put a smile to my face when I needed it. $6 for 5 vintage cards ranging from 1960 to 1970, Palmeiro stamp card, graded Sosa rookie, and a graded Mantle. It felt like value to me but upon inspection of sales on COMC, I got what I paid. As for some site housekeeping, look for a different kind of contest starting tomorrow on Twitter.


From the Northridge Sports Collectibles bid board.

Pickups #1

I didn’t mean to go to the card shop on Sunday. I was in the area for a funeral and one of the last things I even told my friend that was that I wasn’t going there. I was supposed to go straight to a coffee shop to meet another friend. The card shop was so close that when my brain drifted to autopilot it took me there. By the time I realized where I was going, I was pretty much there. I didn’t fight it and turn back. I am not in the area of the card shop enough as it is.

My haul only cost me two bucks but they are all good complementary pieces to my, or any collection.


Top Row: Hall of Famer Paul Warfield, Hall of Famer Nick Bioniconti, OJ Simpson, Legendary Lineman Ray Mansfield
Bottom Row: 1960 Sam Jones that appears to have been folded in half at one point, Pro Bowl Lineman Fred Hoaglin, Johnny Podres that has top cop corner folded and writing on back, Ken Reaves.

All of these are cards that I am more than happy to place in my personal collection. My brain did good in getting two legendary lineman; my favorite football position to collect because they are so undervalued for all they do.  Also picked up two legendary Dolphins from their great early Super Bowl teams. Even the 1960 Sam Jones was a steal as you would have to beat people with a stick at that price to buy that at another card shop I go to; it just goes to show you the customers places attract. These cards were all priced to sell because people didn’t bid on them from the bid board.

As for meeting that other friend? Even though I should have been running late, I was 20 minutes early despite my detour.

Bid board finds #8

Compared to last week’s haul this week’s offers little in value; but then again that was a huge haul.
Only 4 cards today, and I paid $6.75. $3 of that went to the vintage 1951 Bowman card and another $2.25 to the Bryce Brentz autograph flier that I took. The other 2 cards were a dual UFC card and Billy Butler uncirculated rookie. This was my 2nd uncirculated card in as many weeks. I said before and I will say it again, they are under appreciated in today’s market. The UFC card had Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez, limited to just 188 cards.


Bid Board Finds #7

This week’s Bid Board Finds has to be the mother-load compared to past posts. A lot of it has to do with bidding 28 hours before the bid board ended; as opposed to the usually 100 or so hours that I normally do.

This weeks haul was $16.25 for 14 cards. These cards are best broken up in 2 categories: Steelers and non Steelers. I am not a Steelers fan but in comparison with others this is my favorite load because of the value. Steelers players have a lot of trade value because of how popular they are. There is really only 1 card in the Steelers lot that I would consider untouchable in terms of my PC. The 3 non Steelers are all PC cards.

The Haul:
The non Steelers:
Kony Ealy autograph – love it because he is Panthers player
Brandon Barnes autograph – PC item because he was with the Lancaster Jethawks when I lived near their stadium and went to a ton of games
1953 Topps – Jim Rivera – a solid starter for his time

The Steelers:
David DeCastro autograph, limited to 99 – my PC item because I love offensive lineman
2 Terry Bradshaw Triple Threads #ed cards, one to 199 and the other to 1199
Kordell Stewart/ Jerome Bettis dual jersey, limited to 400 – you have to love Slash. I will be honest, I am not a Bettis fan
Duce Staley  prime jersey #ed to 50- big jersey piece with a sliver of a patch
Antwaan Randle El autograph
Cameron Heyward autograph
Lawrence Timmons autograph – this is the second Timmons autograph in my collection and I am not a fan of them. I hate how he took the easy way out and only signed LT.
Lamarr Woodley autograph – the owner of the shop thought that this was the steal of the haul
Ben Roethlisberger uncirculated, limited to 750 – uncirculated cards under appreciated in today’s card market. I wasn’t a fan of them when they were around but now that they are gone, I miss them.
Rashard Mendenhall autographed letter ‘E,’ limited to 20 – this was the most expensive item in the lot at $3



Bid Board Finds #1

Right next to my college campus is a card shop. It has an amazing bid board that is perfect for a low end collector like myself. Nothing fancy but tons of good stuff. School is not in session so I won’t post a lot of these, as I won’t be able to regularly stop in there. I went out of my way because if I had winnings, I didn’t want to lose them as the bid board rules are that you must pay before 2 weeks is up.
Today’s haul:
– a 1954 Topps Gair Allie in beat up condition but that is to be expected for a card of this age
– HIT Allen Hurns autograph
– SAGE Brian Leonard autograph
– National Treasures Chimdi Chekwa autograph
Total cost: $4.50. Over half of that was for the 1954 card as the owner has been posting a lot of vintage and I wanted one. I don’t know what any of the cards are worth or if any of the players besides Allen Hurns are good but I really don’t care. I looked at them as lottery tickets anyway. I always bid on the autographs on the board that are under a dollar, and occasionally I get some. I am happy because I basically paid the cost of a single pack of cards and got all of this.