Why I am angry

August 2018:

This site was started because in 2014, I wrote an open letter to card companies and the card community. You can find that here, but I also published below: https://angrycardcollector.com/2014/04/17/dear-card-companies-card-store-owners-and-collectors-etc/

In the years that followed and as I have grown in the hobby, my eyes have been open. The following is a significant portion from the ‘Who’ portion of the site, but I feel that it is worth adding here: When I started this site, I started it out of frustration with the sports card community. This was the basic level of frustration that any consumer experiences if they take a step back to breathe. I felt like I was caught in an endless cycle of buying, not being appreciated, buying again, and; well you get the point. I felt like every person in the cycle was not appreciated. Now as someone who has grown and matured in the community, I still have those opinions but they are not thorny as they used to. The system is still messed up but now that I have seen how the system works, I can tell you why and have better opinions on how to fix it.
That said, I try to limit my ramblings about the negativity on here. I try to target my negativity to things that are controllable: who we break with, which online stores to avoid, people scamming people.
If you came here expecting me to slam every card company under the sun, then you came to wrong place. The bad part is that I started this site as an average collector and have now become more than that. If there is a blatant grievance about something then feel free to share it with me; especially on social media. If even an ounce of me agree with you, I usually re-Tweet it or share it on Facebook.
Over the years since I have started this site, Angry Card Collector has become my identity. It is funny, I did not strive for that. It is just something that organically happened as I tried to grow the site and its entities. I could have taken the site in a lot of directions but I am happy with the direction it is in now, posting things that I feel the average collector and member of the card community would care about. It truly is a blog of the average collector. Angry has somehow got lost in the shuffle and as someone who strives on levelheadedness, I am okay with that.


The Letter

Originally written in April of 2014

I have been collecting cards all my life and am at the point where I want to quit but I can’t. I am sick and tired of wasting what little money, I have on a hobby that views me as a cash cow and not a human being. I feel like cards are drugs and collectors are the addicts. We chase the illusive autograph or game used card instead of the drug induced high. As far as I am concerned, it is all the same.

I am convinced that card companies don’t care about us. I know that they are just trying to survive in a bad economy. We all are. Card companies just go about it, the wrong way. To me card companies and the middle men who sell them are just like the drug dealer who doesn’t care about his buyer. They give you just enough to come back for more. I am sick of walking into a card store and getting laughed out when I tell them my budget.

There are a few good guys in this hobby. (Alex and his wife at Valley Sports Cards, you are the best.) For the most part however this hobby is saddled with people who trying to screw you over just like the card companies do. The only difference is that instead of calling it screwing you over, people call it good business. Unless you are building a set, the average person buys a pack of cards like they do as if they would gamble. They put that money down in the hopes getting a good card in return. How often does that happen though? How often does a collector say that he got his money worth? It happens when you buy cards on ebay, but I guarantee you the seller is cursing out the world for getting 10 cents on the dollar. I feel like I am better playing off the lotto. You hear of these amazing pulls but the fact is, the people that get these pulls are not the average collector. They are people who are cracking open cases. How many people really have the money to buy a case? I barely have the money to buy packs.

I am sick of it. I am sick of spending 20 or 40 dollars worth of money on packs and getting nothing in return. I kick myself because I could have put that money towards a good book, gas money, or one of the teams that I coach. I am in this hobby because I love sports and cards are a connection to it. I have been collecting cards all my life and am at the point where I want to quit but I can’t. As a kid, there was nothing better than opening a pack and pulling a rookie card of my new favorite Dodger who debuted that season. I will gladly take any suggestions on a new hobby that I can devote my time and energy to, that will reward me.

2 thoughts on “Why I am angry

    1. Yeah. A lot of people shared this sentiment. I have been shocked at the positive feedback from this – the reason why I kept it up. My opinions have changed a little though, as I see that card companies are making an effort.

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